Kansutoppu! Chapter 4: Forming the Beginner Party

Chapter 4 – Forming the Beginner Party

Roel was living alone.
I wonder how many rooms there are in one building, it’s said each and every person living here is different. As for me it was the first time I’ve seen this kind of place.
The room is reasonably wide with a bed and a kitchen connected to the bath.
On the bed, a lovely plush toy was there.

“Sorry that it’s quite small.”

“So, you live alone?”


Just like that I felt that Roel’s facial expression turned gloomy.
I don’t understand why, but let’s not pursue it any further.

“Is it fine for me to stay here? We just met today…”

“It’s lonely by myself.”

Roel turned her face away a little.
That gesture somehow resembles the moment whenever Kurinka was lying.
Just as I thought, I should change the topic.

“Roel, you are an adventurer right? Do you have a card?”

“Of course I have one.”

【Roel | Lv: 2 | Class: Healer | Rank: D】

Then she quickly gave me an explanation.

“I can only take simple quests and I can’t even complete some of them. I was only able to finish one quest today.”

Somehow it seems that I’ll start living like this.
Healer is a class that’s good with healing magic and originally a class that all kinds of adventurers want to form a party with.
However, I think it only became a hindrance to anybody who partied with her.

“Hey, Ryua-chan. . . . . . .”

Roel pleaded with teary eyes. I see, I understand the situation.

“It’s not that I’m shameless and taking advantage of you, but….umm…that….I wonder if it’s fine with you, would you like to form a party with me? Is it a no?”

Roel must have been right at her wits’ end, I think that must’ve been why she was kind to a stranger like me.
…That can’t be it though, she is not that kind of girl. I don’t really know why, but I’m sure of that fact.

“I don’t mind, since I probably don’t know anything at all.”

“Thank you!”

A smile appeared on her face, both of my hands were grasped and were swung up and down.
I became happy that I was thanked.
Though, it should actually be me who should be showing gratitude.
Today, if Roel didn’t show up at that time I wonder how things would have turned out.

【Ryua | Lv: Unknown | Class: Sword Fighter | Rank: D】
【Roel | Lv: 2 | Class: Healer | Rank: D】

And thus a new party was formed.
Just now, my stomach growled.

“Ahaha, my stomach is also empty. I wonder what I should make.”

Roel walked quickly to the kitchen.
I want to ask, I want to know about a lot of things.
10 years, it’s because I lived not knowing anything about the outside world.
I wonder what’s happening at the village, and about that one-winged demon.
I’ll try talking to Roel about it while eating.

“Here~, sorry I wasn’t able to make that much.”

There was a very nice smell.
I’ve only been eating monster meat. That being the case, a feast I haven’t seen before was placed on the table.
There’s egg with rice inside. I wonder what kind of food this is?

“It’s omurice, do you not like it?”

“It’s delicious!”

When I opened my mouth, the chance to ask slipped away. My whole body was enveloped in a pleasurable feeling.
The soft-boiled egg intertwined with enough rice, the ketchup’s sourness was skillfully neutralized leaving it with a tender flavor.
I unintentionally cried again. I never thought I would eat a mother’s cooking again, it was just as delicious. I almost forgot about this sensation.

“What should I do after this?”

“You wanted to know about your village?”

“Yeah but I can’t enter it, right?”

“You have to at least be A rank, only a few exceptional people can go into the village.”

“How can I become an A rank?”

“As adventurers, if we can easily handle quests naturally I think our value will rise. However to become an A rank adventurer, we have to do something HUGE. It may be very difficult.”

“HUGE”, Roel spread out both of her arms when she said that.

“There are only 100 A rank adventurers in the world. For example, they can exterminate a dragon that can destroy an entire army. Or they discover unknown dungeons. Moreover, I’m sure there will be an examination.”

“Then, all I need to do is defeat a strong monster.”

“Did you even understand a little bit of what I said……..”

Roel put her finger on her forehead and sighed.
She was completely surprised. But in short, ‘If you work hard your rank will rise’ is what I understood.
Now since that’s decided, starting right at the crack of dawn tomorrow, let’s kill a strong dragon.
I was able to fight a dragon at the 60th floor.
It was such a dreadful guy, it was able to stop my movement with just its roar.

“Thanks for the food, it was delicious.”

“Thank you, go take a bath first while I take care of the dishes.”

“A bath…..”

It was such a refreshing thing to hear.
When I was still in the cave there was a spring on the way which I used to wash my body.
Though I wasn’t able perfectly clean myself, since while I was bathing there was a monster that came and attacked me.

“Don’t worry I can properly wash myself.”


Roel looked at me with a blank expression.
That day there was only one bed and it wasn’t made for 2. I fell asleep quickly to prepare myself for tomorrow.


TL and ED note version: http://pastebin.com/aMgaWp8j

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  1. “It was such a dreadful guy, it was able to stop my movement with just its roar.”
    Wow she’s strong.
    I can’t wait to see what happens in her first fight.


  2. I have a feeling that since she fought dragons on floor 60 and one shotted the floor boss at floor 90(from my understanding at least), and at floor 100 she killed some super strong ultra demon with TWO FREAKING HITS, I have a feeling that a dragon is nothing more than food, similar to a pig or cow to her now…


  3. On that day all the high-ranking dragons felt and understood instinctively that they had BIG RED X on their head.


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