Kansutoppu! Chapter 5: First Mission

Xant: Just a note to the readers, the TL has expressed his wish to keep certain TL notes within the text posted here. Though you (the readers) have told us you dislike these notes, it is the best way for 9 to provide quality content. If you spot one of these notes and can inform the TL about the accuracy of his translating, that would be great. This is a learning experience for him and we should totally encourage this kind of behavior.

Chapter 5 – First Mission

When the 30 meter long <Poison Salamander> swung its long neck, the adventurers fighting it on the front row easily got blown away.

“Hey, hold on!”

“It’s useless, I already can’t breathe…….”

The corpse of the swordfighter twisted in an unnatural way and was covered in blood.
Seeing this, the priest guy was discouraged.
The <Poison Salamander> was merciless. Behind the priest there was an archer which was targeted by the beast.

“You think I’d allow that!? Double Shot!”

【Keitz|Lv: 13|Class: Archer|Rank: C】

【Keitz fired Double Shot!】

A pair of arrows were fired and consecutively hit the head of the lizard.
However, it looked like the arrows were stuck. The monster shook its head and then at that moment the arrows harmlessly fell to the ground.

【Poison Salamander received 11 damage!】
【Poison Salamander|HP:1509/1520】

The Poison Salamander glared at Keitz and Gilori.

“Tsk! What’s with this monster!?”

“Retreat! It’s literally taking no damage! If this goes on we will be annihilated!”

Keitz and Gilori ran away from the <Strange Plains> to survive.


It was in a noisy morning. Roel and I moved quickly to the guild.
Inside the guild, it was filled with the people I saw yesterday.

“It’s an emergency mission! Apparently living at the <Bear Forest> it lost its way and ended up at the <Strange Plains>! Subjugation members should at least be B rank! First-aid members are below C rank, but don’t worry!”

The Glasses wearing guild person from yesterday was loudly announcing the details.
A major uproar was happening inside the guild.
Normally, the ferocious monsters of <Bear Forest> don’t come out.
It seems for some reason that one appeared at the <Strange Plains> which has a danger level of 6.

“Roel, let’s join them!”

“B-but it’s subjugation! It’s useless. After all we are D rank”

“Anything is OK so let’s take it!”

I pulled the arm of the indecisive Roel, trying to volunteer as a First-aid member.
According to the explanation, the first-aid members are to give medicine to the injured adventurers at the <Strange Plains>.
Our role is to take care of them.
However, we were warned about fighting against the <Poison Salamander>.
The reward is 2000G. Ok, let’s do it!

“Roel, these short pants you gave me are very easy to move in.”

“There a was the time when I wanted to become a fighter but I didn’t. I’m glad that they didn’t go to waste.”

As for my upper half, I’m wearing a tank top and a thin jacket over it.
Thanks to the tattered and dusty appearance, it made me look like the adventurers that I got used to seeing.
Since I also received some underwear from Roel, I wonder if I look weird.
No, the underwear won’t affect that.
I wonder if it’s because our age is the same, but it perfectly fit me.
Although I say our age is the same, I don’t know what my true age is since I can’t remember much from before 10 years ago.

“Well then, it looks like you’re all gathered up.”

An old guy who was the leader clapped his hand to quiet the group.
It was the person that Speardude troubled the other day.
That man who was bothered by Speardude and who he went out with yesterday.

“I’m sorry if I sound insolent but on this occasion I, Gantetsu, have accepted the role of leader! You guys that I don’t know nice to meet you!”

【Gantetsu|Lv: 31|Class: Warrior|Rank: A】

“Gantetsu-san, it’s reassuring that there is an A ranking adventurer, however I think at your level you could do it alone. With this number of people are we even necessary?”

Keitz, the archer, asked that question while looking at the ten adventurers here.
“The B-rank priest Etolam and I will fight. After I receive Etolam’s support I will attack!”
(TL: im not sure about this one 後は救護に当たってもらう)
“I’ll be the rear-guard doing the supporting, I think that will increase the chance of winning. It’s not that we are doubting your strength, but I just feel concerned about our flank.”

【Etolam|Lv:22|Class: Priest|Rank: B】

The relief team that Roel and I are in contains 8 people.
It was explained that no matter how many people you rescued in a hurry it won’t change the reward money.
I wonder if it means that all I have to do is live and return to receive the 2000G.
Gantetsu will distract the <Poison Salamander>, at that moment we will rescue the injured. It’s as simple as that.
<Poison Salamander>, I wonder how strong it is.
I’m interested, but why is it that I must not fight it?

We went outside of the town towards the <Strange Plains>.
At the gate to the plains there was a small cabin. A person who seemed like they were management was going in and out, checking the place.
From the cabin a tall weir was spread out, making it something hard to get across to. (ED: a weir is pretty much a human made dam, pooling and altering water flow)
We set foot on the plains as Gantetsu lead us.

“It sure is wide…”

Roel seems to be curious about it. The green landscape stretched out as far as the eye could see. There were slightly elevated grounds here and there, and sometimes it stretched out to make a narrow path.
I asked about the plains and the hills. As far I’m concerned, that narrow paths and the hills can be used to our advantage.
(TL: not sure about this one 平原と聞いて平らな草原をイメージしていたボクにとってはその細道こそが曲者だと思った。)
If you are cornered by a monster somewhere with a tall wall such as a cliff or a hill, it will become a blind spot where no one will notice that you are in a pinch.
I thought that if the <Poison Salamander> were to attack there, you won’t be saved.
But from this place you won’t be noticed by the <Poison Salamander>.
So that means, it’s possible to hide in this type of blind spot.

“I’ll be going first, so we should put some distance between us until we arrive. As soon as the <Poison Salamander> appears, I will bait it.”

Gantetsu-san separated from us, and then he began walking normally again.
(TL: ガンテツはノシノシと大またで歩き出す。 not sure)
We walked about 10 meters behind Gantetsu-san.

“Roel, I noticed that earlier you were curiously looking around, is this your first time coming here?”

“Yeah, because I think it would be dangerous for a level 2 like me to be in a place with a danger level of 6.”

“Keh, why do I have to come along with these people to pick up some garbage.”

It was Speardude from yesterday who fought with Gantetsu-san that was talking like that.

“Yesterday I was drunk because of the alcohol, today this Aude will show his power”

【Aude|Lv: 3|Class: Lancer|Rank: D】

“The weak point of the <Poison Salamander> is ice. . . .ice. . . . .ice. . . .*mumbling*”

【Tolppo|Lv: 13|Class: Magician|Rank: C】

This guy seems somehow scary. Because of that we should put some distance between us as we walk.
We ended up walking a long while. It was really tedious doing the same thing for so long.

“Hey! Gantetsu-san, it’s the signal! It seems that the <Poison Salamander> has been discovered! Fall back!”

Keitz encouraged everyone in a low voice.
All the members simultaneously fell back, and then started to search for injured people.
We quickly found a person in the shadow of a boulder, he was crudely breathing and blood was pouring out.
Roel quickly used recovery magic on him.

“Thank you…..”

“This is only first-aid, you know. Ryua-chan, what should I do?”

“I only have to bring this person to the town right? Just wait a minute. I’ll go.”


Leaving Roel wearing a confused look, I carried the man while running and jumped over the the hill.
It took me 3 minutes to return to Roel who was dumbfounded.

“Ryua-chan. . . .”

“That person has been safely delivered to town. Now, let’s go find the rest.”

Disregarding Roel who was unable to understand what happened, we found injured people in rapid succession.
Among them there was a person who had already become a corpse.
It’s skull was pulverized and the brain was poking out.
The armor that was worn wasn’t able to accomplish its purpose, the whole body was splendidly broken.


Roel covered her mouth with her hands.

“A-are you alright?”

I lightly rubbed Roel’s back.
Roel looked like she was about to cry. I decided I should nod my head and try talking.

“Now that I think about it I’m not seeing any monsters around here.”

To calm Roel down I changed the subject.

“Probably, I think the <Poison Salamander> got scared and completely ran away”

I thought it couldn’t be that easy.
But monsters from the underground 30th floor were escaping one by one and running this way. At that moment, an enormous 4-headed dog came out from inside.
To anyone looking on, they would think I couldn’t win and run away.
Its because of this odd monster that the ecosystem of this place went mad. I want to exterminate it by all means.

Before I realized it, Aude was behind me.
Next time Chapter 6 Courage and Recklessness


9 here
fumu i guess instead of the start i should do it at the end. anyway, this chapter was longer than usual and harder too so it took me more time to finish it. Expect ch 6 within 48hrs or more, the length is the same but less dialogue and more talking

also, if you guys have any trouble imagining ryua-chan. I made an art page at “Bored” fufufufu before I’m a TL im an Artist(practicing). also if tell me if you want this at the start or at the end.

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  1. Thankyuu 9 for the chapter! Keep up the great work!

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  2. I liked the TL/ED notes too…

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  3. 【Poison Salamander received 11 damage!】
    【Poison Salamander|HP:1509/1520】

    The Poison Salamander glared at Keitz and Gilori.

    “Tsk! What’s with this monster!?”

    “Retreat! It’s literally taking no damage! If this goes on we will be annihilated!”

    Just a pet peeve of mine, but it took 11 damage, so “literally” it took 11 damage


    1. They can’t see damage values. To them, that <1% would be equal to no damage to the naked eye.

      Like if you punched someone as hard as possible in the jaw, they just glared you down without bleeding. You would be terrified since it looked like you did nothing, even if they're keeping the blood and broken teeth in their mouth.


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