Kansutoppu! Chapter 7 – As Adventurers


TL: Name change! Abangalt Kingdom is actually Avangard Kingdom
(uuuuh TT_TT i wonder how i read dat as abangalt)
ED: The name change game is real. This is why I wanted to do the polls.

The polls are still going for a couple more chapters, it would be awesome to see more participants! Here’s a link.

Chapter 7 – As Adventurers

We went back to the town’s Guild to settle our completed quest.
Because Roel and I are in a party, the 2000G reward was divided between us.
That Aude, he isn’t content on receiving just the 2000G reward.
Even though he was only following us.
Gantetsu and Etolam received 3500G as the reward for the Subjugation.
Since the 2 of them were in a party as well, they also split their 3500G reward.

Gantetsu looked towards the faces of all members.

“Gantetsu-san brought down the <Poison Salamander>, I’m glad I saw it. As expected of a person at A rank”
Saying that, Keitz compared his own bow to Gantetsu’s Axe. However, Gantetsu didn’t react to the words of praise.

“Yeah, I probably wasn’t any use back there.”

“That isn’t true, Etolam-san.”

“The truth is I was the one that defeated it.”

The peaceful mood turned into silence.
And then everyone looked at me.
Gantetsu had been staring at me before I even opened my mouth.

“If I hadn’t fired my <Sonic Ripper>, you would’ve been done in. Yet you’re hiding it?”

“Ryu-Ryua-chan . . . . . .”

Roel was nervously pulling me back.
Gantetsu didn’t say anything. He didn’t even show an unpleasant face.
All he did was stare at me.

“Are you sure you aren’t mistaken?”
(TL: 「それじゃ、オレから一つ話がある。それは」)

“Don’t ignore me!”

I yelled at Gantetsu.
Nevertheless he was still staring at me.

“Why? It was supposed to be my achievement! You coward!”

“Let’s stop it, Ryua-chan…….”

I brushed aside Roel who was trying to pull me hard, then I grabbed Gantetsu.
Taken back, the Adventurers quickly started to criticize me.

“You, what the heck are you saying? Stop saying irresponsible things.”
Etolam tried to restrain me with his angry, heavy voice.

“Answer me! Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!”

My vexation started to rise while Gantetsu continued staring at me.
Stopping the silence Gantetsu opened his mouth.

“Sorry, I’ll hear you out later. Can we not speak about this matter right now? If you raise a commotion here, your Adventurer Registry will be deleted and your reward will be reduced to 0”


“No…please stop…..Ryua-chan”

When I tried to grab Gantetsu, Roel stopped me with me her feeble strength.
Tears started to flow from her face while talking to me.

“Let’s stop……I, because I believe you…..Ryua-chan attacking…..”

Then I looked around the area.
Angry, amazed, ridiculing, various glares were pouring onto me.
I turned around and stepped back, dejected.

“Aren’t I an idiot?”

I was told that it was a Boss around here.
I don’t even have any more energy to talk back.
All I did was stay silent, I didn’t even understand what Gantetsu was saying.
Gantetsu coughed to clear his throat and continued to talk.

“Anyways, moving on, about the <Poison Salamander>. That guy is a very tenacious monster. That creature will never forget a grudge it received.
He must have fought with an adventurer that escaped, and chased him all the way here to town. So, basically what I’m trying to say is that somebody entered the <Bear Forest> without informing anyone and provoked that guy.”

“Well that means……in the <Bear Forest> there are scary monsters besides the Hellbear. Rather, I heard that the <Poison Salamander> is more troublesome.
Its strength is not as strong as a Hellbear’s, but I’m afraid they weren’t able to kill the tenacious <Poison Salamander> at that time.”

Etolam supported his chin with his thumb and index finger while nodding, and muttered “Uh-huh”.

“That’s all. I don’t want to start pointing fingers.”

Gantetsu was implying that someone provoked the <Poison Salamander> and pointed that out for the other adventurers to understand.

“Wa-wasn’t it you!?”

“I wouldn’t go to the <Bear Forest>……that place is for A ranked members, and by no means would I try to fight it.”

The Adventurers in the room caused a commotion. And as far as I’m concerned, I don’t care what they do.
Earlier, I can’t say I was calm but even so, I still wasn’t okay with talking later.
After the group dispersed, Gantetsu called us out.
We went to talk at a bar near the guild.
Nighttime at a bar, it was already filled with adventurers who just finished their jobs.
There were already people drinking alcohol and drunk people singing.
We sip the melon soda with a straw that Gantetsu treated us to.
I wonder how long it’s been since I was able to experience a powerful stimulus of a carbonated drink, I was totally choked by the bubbles.

“Yo, about earlier, it was my bad. but first of all thank you for saving me. Please accept this.”

He handed over 1750G.it looked like it was the reward from earlier, part of the 3500G.
Though now that I think of it, he had shared half of it with Etolam.

“Umm, I can’t accept this…”

Roel was indifferent about it and shoved the gold on top of the table back to Gantetsu.
However, Gantetsu blocked it with his arm.

“Well, my life was saved. Something like that, at least to me, isn’t nothing. Please, I beg of you to take it.”

Placing his hands on the table, Gantetsu lowered his head.
I thought it was no longer productive to try and fight it, so Roel took the money.

“There are 2 reasons why I wasn’t able to fess up in front of everyone:
First of all they would have checked your rank. You wouldn’t have been recognized as the quest clearer and no reward would have been given.
And second, no matter how many you guys kill, the quest details are absolute.
There are ways to resolve these kinds of things, like what I did, but other methods are more troublesome.”

After have a drink of cold water, Gantetsu continued.

“There is a meaning why adventurers are divided into ranks.”

“What do you mean?”

There are still a lot of things that I want to ask.

“I’m not good at explaining. Let me say it like this:
There is a job for low ranks in itself.
Some adventurers will take a higher ranked quest than they should.
Afterwards, the client will panic when seeing the adventurer is a lower rank than expected.
There are people that can be saved depending on the reliability of the adventurer.
It may be searching for a pet, or guarding, or escorting, but it’s necessary to understand worries like that.”

We just stayed quiet, listening to Gantetsu talk.
We tuned out the commotion from the drunk guys.

“About that, the upper ranks do things that you don’t get to see. As in, you won’t know if they reported the right thing.
Towards those people who are thickheaded I have nothing but disdain.
For example even if they ranked up to a higher rank, those type of guys will do something completely irresponsible in their jobs.
It only gets as good as that, I’m afraid. I wonder if just taking a part of the reward is good enough compensation.”
(TL: このくらいでいいだろう、報酬分だけやればいいかなんてな)

“Fuuu~”, Gantetsu took a breath and downed another glass of water.

“After all, there are some serious cases that leads to accidents.
Even you should’ve seen that from Aude, what an example.
I don’t think he learned his lesson, to be honest. It may not end well for him the next time.
That’s why I brought Aude to this bar earlier, to thoroughly speak to him.
Even though he was picking his nose, he was probably listening…”

“Is that so. . . . ”

Gantetsu’s word deeply resounded in my chest.
We need to raise up our rank, but the fact about the client didn’t completely get through to me.

“There may be those of the lower status and the so called ‘unrefined’ that you have heard of, but I want you guys to learn about this.
For example, you defeated a <Poison Salamander> in one hit. A rank, D rank, does it matter? Each and every person that gives their all is great.”

“Gantetsu-san, I’m sorry. . . . ”

I apologized from the bottom of my heart.

“Well, I didn’t plan to do a lecture but you guys just listened to me speak.”

Gantetsu was laughing.

I’ll do what I can do. I’m still at D rank.
For a novice beginner, what can I do? Let’s think about that.

“And, let’s end this talk here. I’m sure you guys haven’t had dinner right? Today will be my treat so go and order lots!”

Considering the mood we had earlier, it’s totally the opposite now. Gantetsu excitedly ordered a beer.

“You already gave us the reward money…and to go as far as treat us…this is obviously too much!”

Roel panicked as she refused to receive the treat but it was already too late.
Gantetsu’s head was already filled with alcohol.
Proof of this was that he was firmly looking at the menu.
With writings and pictures of beer.
And just now, he even ordered another beer.

“Of course, since you guys are underage, no beers ok?”

Suddenly Gantetsu took his beer and chugged it in seconds.
Roel and I also received the food that we ordered.

“If you feel like it, come to the Avangard Kingdom <Castle Town> whenever you like. I’ll always welcome you.”

Gantetsu’s face was already red with alcohol. Not wanting to lose, I drank the melon soda directly.
For 10 years, I haven’t drank any carbonated drinks. It popped and fizzed inside my throat as if scolding me for being conceited and drinking too fast.


TL and ED note version: http://pastebin.com/htExNpRJ

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  1. Fumu, nice chapter , you dont usually see this scenes if the MCs are OP. Ryua is really such a childish MC but thats what makes her lovable. Well, i honestly felt bad about Roel and at the same time proud of her, she didnt abandon ryua at all. Well, Ryua shouldve apologize to her first. Anyway i really thought Gantetsu-ossan was an ass but turns out he was such a nice guy.

    Anyway, beer versus melon soda totally made me lol. Hope you guys also enjoyed the chapter


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    I can’t help but wonder what’s going on in Roel’s head during this chapter, possibly switching from “noooo, my partner’s delusional and creating a scene” to “wait, whaaaat?” Or did she completely trust Ryua from the beginning?


    1. Well there are some things hinted at so far, but I have a feeling Roel has trusted Ryua from the start.

      And unlike the TL, I only know what’s been posted here. I can’t read the source language so I can’t get ahead.


      1. Nah, I doubt it’d really be much addressed anyways.

        But now that I think about it, Ryua must be the easiest person to read; ever.


          1. lol

            if she were considered to be a monster then she would end up being the Strongest secret final boss.

            Monster book

            a normal looking girl that lives in a certain house.
            she can easily be angered once you play with her pride
            but be careful if you do so, make sure to bring a certain person with you
            or else you will likely end up dead and scattered into pieces.

            well something like that

            Liked by 2 people

    2. well, from what i understood. in ch 6 it was said that Roel thought that it was Gantetsu who defeated monster but at that time Ryua didn’t tell anything about her defeating it to Roel at ch6. Then now at ch 7 Ryua spoke it a loud that she defeated it , and fought so hard over it. Roel then knew Ryua was telling the truth, how can she not believe in her friend who is so determined to say that she was the one who defeated it.

      well, i hope this satisfies your questions. well, if you have any other questions go ahead and bring it on(same for other readers). I’m bored anyway and please don’t ask spoilers since i read as i translate i don’t really know what will happen next.


  3. ugh another story to keep track of………….DANG YOU 9!

    but this awesome thank you


    1. the 9 is glad you find this series fun

      i don’t know about loli but she is childish like a loli. but appearance wise is probably something like a middleschooler or a freshmen highschooler. check the art page at bored you can find ma fanarts there


  4. I wonder how many chapters it will take her to realize that there’s absolutely no way for them to stop her from entering her village when that weakling is a representative of the vaunted A rank.


  5. (TL: 「それじゃ、オレから一つ話がある。それは」) = “Well, I have something to say too-”

    (TL:ガンテツにツバがかかるほど怒鳴った。) = “I yelled so furiously spittle was flying”


  6. I hope the mc will grow up a bit, being childish is fine and all, it’s a character trait here after all, but throwing tantrums and being annoying like some freaking spoiled child is really annoying.


  7. Um, none of G’s rubbish explanation made any sense to me…

    He’s still a dick that took the credit and ruined another person’s reputation (so what if he gave them the money)


  8. I don’t get what the hell Gantetsu was talking about can someone explain to me? What is wrong with revealing her true power and hand over the achievement to the one who truly deserves it?


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