Kansutoppu! Chapter 9 – One Dungeon After the Another, and Then…

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Chapter 9 – One Dungeon After the Another, and Then…

We ended up hitting a lot of dead ends on our way, so we ended up getting our hands on lots of items from inside the treasure boxes.
But most of it was recovery medicine.

“Isn’t it mysterious? I wonder who left those behind…”

It seems to be one of the 7 wonders of the Adventurers.
Inside a dungeon there are treasure boxes. Some adventurers get nothing from it, some adventurers find weapons, and another adventurer finding the same treasure box in the same place gets something random.
I wonder who established this system and when they placed these boxes.
I wonder why the contents are different for each adventurer…
Thing is, it’s only a profit for adventurers to get items like this, so some are pursuing the mystery.

【Ghost Bat appeared! HP 13】
【Killer Mole appeared! HP 21】

On our way we were attacked by monsters here and there.
I wonder if my encouragement from earlier was effective, it seems like Roel was properly able to heal me.
I haven’t really received any major injuries but I won’t say something cruel like ‘the healing is not needed’.
I’m not sorry for slaughtering the monsters, but it’s bothersome to draw my sword out every time. That’s why I’ve been using my bare hands to finish them.

“I-Is that it?”

The narrow path opened into a large circular area, and in the middle of it clean water was gushing out.
We were following the path to the left and went past here before, somehow we didn’t notice it.

“Isn’t this such clean and pure water?”

Roel drank the water with her hand.

“It’s so refreshing and it tastes good! I wonder why it’s cold~?”

“Let me see…….”

I tried drinking it, the cold water was really pleasant and delicious.
Let’s immediately start drawing the water.
Right then,
I heard a hissing cry of a monster to our left.
I see 2 lights glaring from the darkness, then after a moment it started to crawl on the ground, with a long body that can freely bend and slither it came towards us.

【A Large Ravenous Cobra appeared! HP212】

“Wa-wah! Ryua-chan, what should we do?!”

Roel who was in a daze drinking the water quickly spat it out and shakily wielded her staff.
I understood that this monster was different from the monsters we had encountered here up till now.
I don’t really know how strong beginner adventurers are, but most likely they would have a hard time against this.
The <Cobra> seemed to want to intimidate us. It started to stretch upwards, showing its large body.
It was taller than me.

“Roel don’t move from there.”

The <Cobra> was moving smoothly along the ground. It decided to aim at my neck and bite it.
Not happening. Let’s counter attack it by seizing it.
However, the <Cobra>’s true aim was the one behind me, Roel.
While I was thinking, it was wiggling its body back and forth. Suddenly it dashed straight towards Roel.
I wonder if it instinctively understood that it couldn’t win against me. It successfully used feint on me.
But, I won’t allow this.
Because I promised Roel that I would protect her.

【Ryua attacked!】

I cut the the <Cobra> from behind.
Its neck sprung up, and then its large body twisted as it fell on the ground.

【Large Ravenous Cobra HP 0/212】
【Large Ravenous Cobra received 312297 damage!】
【Large Ravenous Cobra was defeated!】


She was shaken because of what happened, but Roel quickly gained her composure.
For some reason she mistakenly hit the <Cobra>’s head that happened to roll to her feet.

“Thank you, Ryua-chan.”

“That surprised me a bit, I didn’t think it was that smart.”

“That monster, It may have been this floor’s boss. Being a boss monster, it’s terribly strong and has high intelligence. Furthermore, for some reason when it’s defeated it will reappear in the dungeon after a while. This is also one of the Adventurer’s 7 Wonders.”

Then it’s possible that this monster was defeated before.
Perhaps it was learning…? No way, that’s impossible.
Nevertheless, I wonder if this <Cobra> possesses poison.
If that’s the case, the spring water might be hazardous.

“Let me see, I wonder which part of this monster will sell for a high price…”

Just like the <Poison Salamander>, one part of the monster can be sold for a high price.
Last time, I didn’t know the true price of the whiskers because the Guild raised its price.
But now I wonder how much this would sell for?

“For now lets take its fangs and scales.”

Roel seemed familiar with doing things like this.
While I was admiring her, she started talking to me.
(TL: 感心しているとロエルがボクの疑問を汲み取った。)

“You know, I, because I’m not that usually helpful in the party I can only be so when I do this. That’s why I’m good at this, ehehe……..even though I’m a healer.”

While looking embarrassed, Roel continued working.
I took a glimpse at her after she was done, she was wearing a gloomy expression on her face.

“Sorry, I was a burden……..that’s why next time I will do my best.”

“It’s because Roel is still level 3, don’t worry about such things.”

When starting something, no one can do it well.
Even I, at the <Caves of Hell>, wasn’t able to win against the rabbits we fought earlier.
At that time my body was ragged and the blood wouldn’t stop leaking…….hmmm, I can’t remember what I did after that.

“I will certainly do my best to get strong to give Ryua-chan peace of mind.”

She rubbed her face, and then her left hand was raised high and struck a guts pose.
I’m really curious, what’s my level?
I wonder if the machine is fixed yet. Let’s try it out when we get back.


When the 2 adventurers left, a shadow came out from a hole somewhere to the left of the cave.

“Oi oi, there’s no way right? What’s with that?”

While taking the cap that was covered in dirt, that ‘shadow’ was praising Ryua.
On its left hand was the <Cobra>. It turned into light and it was sucked in its arm.

“It should be impossible to react to that feint……they may be a hindrance to us. Should I kill them right now before its too late?”

The shadow stayed there as pondered for a short while, but it reconsidered its choices. The shadow slowly melted in to the background  and then vanished without a trace.


TL and ED note version: http://pastebin.com/jgbz4rw7

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    The title of the chapter made me think they would fast forward through a couple dungeons and raise their rank.

    Looking forward to more.


  2. So what is her current lv I wonder? At least she really is OP but I want to know beside slashing and have a few magic spells(mention before), does she gain any skill from defeating bosses or something special? Thanks for the chapter by the way


    1. I assume 9998 since that’s what the iron scanning box originally had as her #. We aren’t 100% sure yet.

      Also regarding gaining skills from bosses, we are not sure of that either. I’m guessing no, since she gained nothing but experience from killing the .

      And as always, you’re most welcome for the chapter.


      1. We got this…
        【Ryua receive 999999 experience value!】
        【Ryua level went up to 2216!】

        And then this…
        “Roel, how do you read this? 9998 level?”

        So, 2216 seems to be her level, but the iron box says otherwise. Hrm~


        1. 9998 is not her level, its 2200+. 9998 is an error that the box showed which meant “overlow”. Overflow meant that it can’t measure beyond 100 and Ryua’s level is 2200+ so it showed error 9998

          Liked by 2 people

          1. It seems weird that the programmer would make overflow error 9998, because that means whoever programmed it figured 9997 different errors could occur before deciding to fix overflow.

            But yeah, officially her level is 2216 (or higher due to her questing).

            Liked by 1 person

          2. 9998 makes more sense than you’d think. If you have an unsigned 4 digit readout (though why would a device capped at 100 have one?) Then you might start numbering errors at 9999 and work down, since they’d not be confused with real output. Same logic for negative numbers being an error when returning the length or size of something.


  3. “Should I kill them before it’s too late?” yeah, man, sorry to break it to you but your waaaay to late to even think of harming them. She’s damn powerful


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