Kansutoppu! Chapter 13 – Mysterious Ghost Mansion Part 3

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Chapter 13 – Ghost Mansion of Mystery 3

I was shaking my hand trying to get her off, but her strength was like that of a vice, she wouldn’t let go.
I can’t think of her as a little girl with this much strength..
I knew that Roel was safe, but for some reason I couldn’t use my voice.
No, I wonder if it would even be a good idea to call her in this situation.

Even though the ghost was a kid, I didn’t hold back.
Since she wouldn’t stop clinging to me I slammed her body against the wall.
The wall made a crumbling sound as it collapsed, but she was still attached.
I don’t care about what has to be done in this situation.

“W-what are you? why are you doing this?”

“Le-s pl-y”

It seems like her vocal cords are broken, I was only able to hear a mumbling voice from her hollow face.
I can’t understand what she wants from me, and I shouldn’t try to.
In the first place I should be exterminating this child according to the quest.
It’s sad, but I have no choice.
I left my sword in our room, but my left hand was free since it wasn’t being gripped.
It’s a Ghost-type so a magic attack should be effective.

【Ryua cast Lightning Bolt!】

The little girl was directly hit by flash of lightning.
Being more or less attached to her I also took some damage,
I didn’t really have a choice. As expected she reflexively let go of me.

【Ryua received 3100 damage! HP 37363/ 40463 】
【Little Ghost Girl didn’t receive any damage HP ???/???】

“Le-s pl-y~ Onee-chan.”

*Crack* *Snap* Her head began to turn left and right, then her body began to shake as if rebelling.
Her head was slanted to the right, and then the right half of her body bent backward and lowered.
It was as if she doesn’t have any bones, it was such an ominous movement.
She kept repeating those movements as she came closer to me.
I heard a noise from my side, I just noticed Roel was running this way.


Being very scared, Roel wasn’t able to come to terms with the current situation.
Roel wasn’t moving her hand. Closing the distance, I hit the face of the <Little Ghost Girl> with my fist.
I saw the <Little Ghost Girl> get blown up into the air. As she landed her body swayed, recovering its ominous pose.

【Little Ghost Girl didn’t receive any damage HP ???/???】

She kept her posture but her body started to shake like it did before.
This was the first time I fought something like this…I don’t really know what I should do.
I wonder, could I fight back if I had my sword?
If I invoke its effect I’m sure……

“Le.t.. pl.a…y”

Fighting with me was playing to her it seems…but I wonder if it’s really like that.
For such an opponent to exist, I never considered I would encounter something like this.
Exiting from the 100th floor underground, I wonder if that place was actually just the starting point.
It’s been a long time since I tasted helplessness like that place. Before I noticed it, Roel was beside me.

“Ryua-chan, she hasn’t moved for a while now…”

Then the little girl stretched its withered branch-like arm towards us.
I covered Roel to protect her. The <Little Ghost Girl> stopped her movements, seeming timid unlike before.
(TL:ボクはロエルをかばったけど、彼女はさっきとは打って変わって物怖じせずにいた。 )

“Little girl…….enemy……..not……..”

Before I had noticed, Tolppo was behind me.

Roel hugged the little girl.


Roel said only one word and the little girl didn’t do anything.
From the hollow eyes of the little girl, a single tear fell.
While Roel was hugging her, the little girl disappeared.
I didn’t understand what was going on. I was only able to watch them.

“Roel, just now?”

“I don’t know, but that child was not evil. I just…felt it.”

“…….This one”

Tolppo was pointing to a man with blood coming out of his head.
He was crying as well, but it wasn’t the same as the little girl. His eye was bleeding and it looked like tears.
I don’t get it. I saw his tears flowing from there, just like the little girl.
The ghost guy didn’t move his legs, it just floated as it went down the stairs.
Tolppo chased after him, and we followed after Tolppo.

The ghost went through the living room, then dressing room, and then stopped at a door. It was the door that I broke during the day.
The ghost pointed at the door and then began turning transparent from his legs and finally his to his head, and he disappeared.

“Isn’t this place……”

I removed the barrier-like wall that had been inserted with my hand. It was somehow my role to do that it seems, and then the door behind it was quickly detached and moved.
(TL: ボクが手にかけると、壁にはめ込むようにしてなんとかその役目を果たしていたドアがあっさりと外れた。)

“Go down…….”

Tolppo continued to go down the dark stairway.
I wonder what the ghost meant when he pointed at this place.
That ghost wasn’t evil either. I wonder, are there any ghosts here with ill intentions…?
I hadn’t come to a conclusion before I reached the bottom of the stairs.

“It doesn’t look like the door has a lock.”

Tolppo opened the door, and it made a dull sound as it was opened.
It was so dark I couldn’t see anything.

【Tolppo cast Light!】

There was a light coming out from Tolppo’s palm.

“Dungeon exploring…….this is……..indispensable”

Why bring up a dungeon, I thought for a brief moment.
I thought that after being able to see we would be in a room underground but instead there was a long passageway.
I wonder why there’s such thing underneath the mansion.
That old lady got very mad last time we came here, but there is probably something that she doesn’t want us to see in this place.
When we started to walk down the passage, something floated in the air towards us.

【Mortal Ghost appeared! HP 322】

From its head to its chest were bones, and the lower half of its body wasn’t there.
It was splendidly big and was blocking our way, suddenly without saying anything it started to attack.

【Mortal Ghost cast Darkness!】

Mist started appearing in the air and we covered ourselves.
Roel and Tolppo were both completely bewildered from this, so they weren’t able to sense the preemptive attack or ready themselves so they received damage.

【Roel received 32 damage! HP 31/63】
【Tolppo received 22 damage! HP 74/96】
【Ryua didn’t receive any damage! HP 37363/40463】

I wasn’t able to completely defend Roel.
At the same time I remembered that I hadn’t recovered from the magic damaged I received from myself earlier.
Tolppo quickly did an aria-like magic and immediately counter attacked.

【Tolppo cast Blazeshot!】

The bundles of flame became something like a bullet and crashed into the bone monster.
The bone monster raised something like a roar as it was enduring the burning flames.

【Mortal Ghost was given 86 damage! HP 250/322】

The bone monster was still able to fight. It was making a knocking sound, bones hitting each other as it started to come this way as if provoked.

“Strong…….even though……..weakness………flame…….”

I think that Tolppo’s magic may not be that effective.
She stepped back and prepared again.
Roel cast <Heal> to cure Tolppo’s injury.
The bone monster brandished its arm and swung towards Tolppo.
However, it wasn’t able to hit her.
I had struck its arm first, attempting to break it.
I didn’t want to do it, but I followed up with a straight directly to the face of the skeleton.
The cranium of the skeleton was smashed into pieces, and I followed up with a kick to its ribcage.
The pieces of its body and head fell down on ground, and it started to slowly vanish. Before long it had completely disappeared.(TL: dude the body was literally by pieces 2 hit combo OVERKILL!! XD)

【Ryua’s attack gave the Mortal Ghost 3879 damage!】
【Mortal Ghost was defeated! HP 0/322】

“We finally came across a normal monster.”

I was the only that looked relieved. I might not be able to see Tolppo’s expression, but she seemed to be in shock about what had just happened.
While she was in the middle of chanting, she had completely stopped to watch me.
But since I forgot to bring my sword, I really shouldn’t bite off any more than I can chew.
I was thinking of going back to retrieve it, but I felt like I would have lost sight of the ghost. I’m really uneasy about the matter regarding the <Little Ghost Girl>.

“Ryua……..what are you…….?”

I don’t know how to answer, so I ignored it.
‘What are you’, huh?
I wonder what I am now, since I’ve lost absolutely everything.
I blink my eyes. Everything will be fine for now as long as I can walk together with Roel.

“It would be quite troublesome if monsters started appearing one after another like that ghost. Let’s continue before that happens.”

As if deceiving myself, we light up our way and started to walk.
I don’t know if Tolppo will believe me if I talked about what happened to me in the past 10 years.
Nevertheless, my attack against the little girl didn’t work even though it worked on the monster I just defeated now. I wonder how it works…
It seems like I still have a long way to go. There are a lot things I need to learn about the outside world.
Through this quest, I can understand a little bit more about it.
Rather than worrying, it would better to be proactive and think about these things.


TL and ED note version: http://pastebin.com/3f7caZDG

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    1. You’re welcome! Glad to see some regulars here and on reddit.

      She only took like half her hp in a single hit as a healer type. Not bad, all things considered.


  1. Thanks for the translation, and take as long as you need, please.

    And the skull getting smashed apart in one blow…. Don’t get on Ryua’s bad side, or that could be you….


  2. Yeah, magic little girl ghost or whatever with no hp limit, totally believable in a world where even ghosts can be killed. The author is currently pulling shit out of his ass for the fun of it. This ghost mansion bullshit was a really bad idea, not suitable at all, not scary at all, just boring as hell.


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