Kansutoppu! Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – The Circumstances of the 3 Sisters Part 2

We found ourselves at the <Strange Plains> where we had fought the <Poison Salamander>.
We came here after accepting a quest from the Tool Shop to gather materials, I hadn’t realized how large the plains were.
I think someone could get lost in here and never find their way out…
Even though the danger level is 6, the sheer size alone looks like it would be enough to finish you.
There were certain flowers that only bloomed here.
We came here to collect drug ingredients. The Tool Shop seems to hire adventurers for this quest every time the flowers bloom.
I know how many we need to gather, but the amount is rather large.

【Man-Eating Flower appeared! HP:44】

In addition to that, unneeded flowers come by every so often.
Although it eats people, why does it bloom at such a remote place…?
‘It’s going to be burned by Roel’, and as soon as I thought that, the monster caught fire.

【Roel used Fire Rod!】
【Man-Eating Flower received 233 damage!】
【Man-Eating Flower was defeated! HP:0/44】

“Roel, amazing…”

When we stopped by the weapon shop yesterday, we had asked Kozow about the Fire Rod and from what he said it seems the flame effect is only a low grade magic. The monsters shouldn’t be defeated by a low grade magic though, even if it is exploiting a weakness…but Roel was still mercilessly burning the monsters.

“It’s because these monsters are really weak to fire.”

Roel said that, but there isn’t even an ash left where the monster burned.
Because she’s controlling her magic so well, I think she just has naturally high magic power.
As we left the scene of the crime Roel was happily humming a song.
For a girl to sing after burning something so mercilessly…is a unique scene.
Though I can’t speak, pot calling the kettle black.

“Hey, isn’t there a lot of flowers that way? Let’s gather over there.

“We can gather flowers while taking care of the monsters.”

Saying those words, Roel was tightly holding onto her Fire Rod and anxiously waiting for a monster to appear.
I unexpectedly saw her make an aggressive face…I shouldn’t tease her too much.

“Ok, is this much fine? Adding Roel’s amount to mine, we have quite a bit.”

“I can’t carry any more than this. Cynthia-chan from the Tool Shop will surely be pleased with this much.”

“T-that is!”

In the distance I saw 3 adventurers fighting a Tiger-like monster.
It was the 3 sisters.
As the tiger got close, I realized I hadn’t seen it yet. It’s probably a floor monster.
If that the case, it’s not an opponent that those 3 can take on.

【<Plains Runner> appeared! HP:565】


【Ai attacked! <Plains Runner> quickly evaded!】

The large tiger evaded Ai’s large axe and didn’t miss the chance presented by her backswing.
The beast attacked Ai with its sharp fangs.

【Mai fired Double shot! <Plains Runner> quickly evaded!】

Ai approached the <Plains Runner> and aimed at it while Mai released arrows towards its face, but the attacks ended up being evaded and made a dry sound as they hit the ground.
The <Plains Runner> changed its target to the one who was releasing the arrows.

“W-what should we do!? How can we win against this!?”

Mai was shouting and lost her composure. The <Plains Runner> ignored her yelling and rushed at her with a speed she couldn’t react to.
Just as it began to bite Mai’s head off it realized something was wrong with its body.
The <Plains Runner> had been cut into two, and it gushed blood as it collapsed onto the ground.

【Ryua fired Sonic Ripper!】
【<Plains Runner> received 224028 damage!】
【<Plains Runner> was defeated! HP:0/565】

“Good thing I made it in time.”

I’m glad I hit the monster from that distance.
Mai fell to the ground as her strength left her.

“Ryua-san! For you to come to our aid…”

Ai rushed over to me full of thanks but out of breath.
It seems the youngest one, Mi, was really scared. She was just sitting on the ground.

“That monster is a floor monster right?”

“Yes, if Ryua-san hadn’t come to help us, we would have been in trouble…”

“You’re unbelievably strong…Ryua-san, just what are you…?”

Mai was surprised when she looked at the corpse of the tiger that had been cut in two.

“Are the 3 of you here for a quest?”

“Yes, we came here for the flowers that the Tool Shop wanted.”

“Really? We’re doing the same quest then. So, did you find some?”

“We got a fair amount…hey, for you two to gather that much, just as I thought you’re really amazing…”

Taking a quick look around, there doesn’t seem to be much left we could gather.
I don’t know if it was that monster’s fault, but these girls seem to be having a really difficult time.


After we went to the guild to deliver the items and settle the quest, the 3 sisters invited us to their house as a thank you for saving them.
We walked through the streetways of Kwimill for a while until we reached a one-story house made of bricks.
It seems a little large for just the 3 sisters to live in.

“Sorry, it’s not much but…”

As she said that, we were presented with Poporu juice and a pancake as dessert for later.
I was entranced by the sweetness of this juice, I didn’t expect it to be this delicious.
Roel looks like she wanted to ask for another one, but it seem she still she has some restraint.

“Ryua-san, why are you so strong? I can’t believe that you are just a C rank.”

“Mm, I wonder why?”

It’s because I trained at the <Caves of Hell>. I wonder if I should tell them about it?
Tolppo believed my story easily, but I wonder if these girls will as well?

“My mother thought I would achieve great things and gave me her bow, but it seems I’m not that good with it.”

“As for me, my father gave me his axe…but the size is absurd. This is too big for a woman to swing comfortably.”

I heard “Teehee” come from the mouths of those 2, it seems they were bashful.
It seems the youngest is done mulling over what had happened. She unsteadily approached Roel and I.
(TL: 末っ子は失禁の処理を終えたのか、ひょこひょことボク達のところへ来る。)

“…………thank you.”

She bowed and quickly retreated behind her sisters who were sitting on their chairs and completely hid herself.
I think that a child being an adventurer is just unreasonable…
Are her older sisters okay with her going through the scary situations an adventurer faces?
Well, I say that but I was even younger than her when I was surviving in the <Caves of Hell>…
At that time I was…huh? I wonder what I did back then.
I…wonder why I can’t even remember a little bit about when I was that young?

“That was delicious! Thanks for the meal!”

“You’re welcome. Even though you are the ones that saves our lives, this is all we can do for you. Sorry…”

“I didn’t save you for this, so don’t worry about it. Though, why did the 3 of you become adventurers?”


Suddenly we heard an angry yell from outside.
I realized that the 3 girls had frozen expressions on their faces.

“This months quota, are you able to pay it?”


Mai was looking to Ai for help, but Ai was calm.
No, that’s wrong. She probably just appears like that on the outside.
Ai thought about something for a short while and then slowly opened the door.
Outside was a middle aged man with a white writing brush-like beard and several armed men.
Next to Brushbeard stood an expressionless guy with a slender sword.
I was thinking about how much you would need to bend the slender sword to break it…
I was excited by the sword since it was really interesting to look at, but I should be focusing on the situation right now.

“Oh! Oh! Since you’re here, quickly come out and pay. I came here to receive this month’s quota.”


“Oooh, well done, well done!…Hmmm? Oh my, oh my! It’s not enough!”

“We’ll definitely pay the rest to you soon.”

“It’s a quota, you know? I understand that you’re having a hard time with your livelihood, but there is a agreement.”

“We’re sorry.”

“Is there anything left from when your parents were alive? You need to take this more seriously…well, doesn’t look there is any other way.”
(TL: あなた達のご両親が生前、残したものですよ。)

Brushbeard stroked his beard while eyeing the 3 sisters like he was licking them.

“Since you can’t pay with money, it’ll have to be with your body.”

“T-that is…”

“If you won’t offer yourself, it’s fine if one of your sisters will.”

“Somehow! We will somehow pay it! Please let us go just this time!”

“Fuuun, no matter how many times you say ‘Just this time'”

Ai was frantically lowering her head.
The other sisters were silently watching what was happening.

“I may look like this, but in business we need to be precise and punctual when dealing with one another. A deadline is a deadline, and if we don’t keep it then we will lose the respect that people have towards us. That much should be obvious, do I even need to explain this to you?”

“Yes, it’s just as you said…”

“Well, I’m not a demon. Just this time, I will wait for 5 extra days. Farewell.”

Brushbeard lead the bad looking men away and they left as a group.

“Will we be able to manage within the 5 days?”

“Yes, somehow.”

“Those people just now, they’re  part of the Gametts Firm right? Could you girls possibly…?”

Roel wore a face showing she wanted an answer as she asked that.
I wonder what the Gametts Firm is?

“That’s right. When our parents died, we borrowed some money. Since we didn’t borrow too much the monthly payment quota is manageable, thankfully.”

Mai was worried about Ai and showed confusion as she tried to follow the conversation.
It’s not impossible she said, but she wasn’t even able to pay the quota just now.

“Did you girls become adventurers because of that?”

“Yes, you’re correct. Since our parents are no longer here we decided to cooperate to live. We tried other jobs unsuccessfully since not many places could employ us, so we eventually gave up and became adventurers.”

Their parents are no longer alive….
I know how hard it is to live alone as a child.
Having no one to rely on or confide in is more severe than you can imagine.

“But taking on that tiger was insane. It may have been a floor monster…even I got worried when I saw you.”

“We thought about getting strong quickly to get high paying quests…sorry for troubling you.”

“When we measured our levels today, we thought we could manage it as level 3’s.”

The danger level alone is 6, trying to take it on at level 3 is suicide.
If this goes on, these girls might really die someday.
Anyways, I can’t forgive the bearded guy.

“So how much money did you borrow?”

“About 2 million gold…”

“Two million!?”

Roel was shocked as she repeated that number, and I caught her as she fell.
2 million…even we wouldn’t be able to pay that off.
But that threat from earlier was too extreme for that amount of money.
(TL: でもいくら借りたお金とはいえ、さっきのはあんまりだ。)

“If the money was paid off, that guy won’t be complaining anymore right?”

“Yes, if we pay this month’s quota and then pay off the rest they will…”

“Roel, they’re in need of help.”

“Yes, you’re right…it’s fine to ask us if there is something we can do to help…Ah, that’s right! How about forming a party with us? Hey, Ryua-chan, it’s fine right?”


“We will support you to the best of our ability. So, will you let us help you?”


So it’s like that. Such a simple answer.
Even though these girls are inexperienced, if we support them then their skills will improve and they will grow stronger.
They’ll also be able to pay their debt off at the same time, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

“It’s fine. Since it’s something we can do to help, we’ll do it”

“Onee-chan, isn’t it fine to depend on them? Honestly, if it’s just us like earlier…we weren’t able to do it.”

“…Then, can you please help us out?”

“For sure!”

We ended up answering in an unusually tense tone for some reason.
Now that we’re a large party of 5, what quest should we take?


Monster Book

【<Plains Runner> HP:565】

A large tiger with a black and white fur pattern.
Its max speed is 300km/h when hunting game.
The jaw of this beast is strong enough to bite through a human instantly.
The only way to escape from this creature is to lure it away with food or use a comrade as bait.

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  1. Thanks for the chapters.

    “… and if we don’t keep it then we will lost the respect that people have towards us.”
    “lost” should be “lose”.


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