Kansutoppu! Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – The Circumstances of the 3 Sisters Part 3

“T-that person! Could he possibly be Seigel-san the Dragon Hunter?!”

As we were finishing the settling of our quest at the counter, Roel had suddenly pointed her finger at a silver-haired man.
His weapon was really unusual, it was a gigantic blade. I never even thought of a weapon like that.

“Cutie-pie did you just call me…? Woah?!”

Seigel pointed at us while doing an exaggerated pose.
‘Cutie-pie’? I don’t understand what that means but I think it’s a word that only this person would use.

“Oou! 5 cuties?! Are you all by any chance my fans?! What do I do? I want to give you my signature but there doesn’t seem to be any time for you to get some paper…so then, how about letting me write it on your weapons?”

“No, its fine”

Seigel who was rambling on and on was completely stopped by that short phrase from Ai.
A no is definitely a no, the reliable older sister clearly said it.
I think its reassuring for the 2 younger sisters.

“You’re the dragon hunter Seigel, right? I didn’t think that you would be here at Kwimill.”

“Roel, is this person famous?”

“Of course he’s famous. He holds the position of one of the top 3 adventurers! There was an article where he was interviewed by the Dungeon Diving Rascals Magazine, you know. It’s impossible for him not to be well known. When he trekked through the Giginja dungeon with a danger level of 60, he was the first in the world able to defeat the <Volcanic Dawn Dragon> alone.”
(TL:  my first try of the name was “Explosive Flame Dragon” but when i talked with it with my ED it turned into Volcanic Dawn Dragon if you have any better name for this this is its jp name 暁の爆炎竜) (ED: Explosive Flame = Volcano, and Dawn was in the name. Seems straight forward to me :I)

I wonder if Roel is a fan of this person?
At any rate, it seems he really is famous…but he’s way too overconfident a person.

“So~ what quest are you cuties going to take together? Aaaah, I’d like to teach you a lot of things but unfortunately I have other plans. I’m really sorry, please don’t feel bad.”

“We won’t need that. Ryua-san, Roel-san. How about this quest?”

Seigel was cruelly ignored by Ai and hung his head while she was pretending to continue as usual.
The quest was:
[I want you to collect honey from the <Terror Bee>s in the <Bees Forest>]
[Client: Tool shop Cynthia]
[Reward: 1100G + extra for more honey]

“The <Bees Forest> and <Bear Forest> are related forests, right…? But I’m sure its Danger level is 5…”

“I know that we’re aiming a little too high, but we want to get stronger quickly.”

“I understand, leave it to me.”

By no means was this a promise with no consideration to it. I’m serious about wanting to lend my power to them. Helping them is what I want to do.

“A <Terror Bee> huh…I wonder if I’ll be able to hit them with my arrows?”

Mai looks like she was insecure about the bow and arrows she was carrying.
Mi was cheering Mai on by patting her lower back with her small hand.

“That’s right…mom and dad aren’t here anymore so we promised that we’ll do our best.”

Mi did a strong, encouraging nod.
Her short and fluffy chestnut-colored hair was bouncing as she nodded.
Mai’s waist-length hair was moving in harmony with Mi.
The 3 of them combining their strengths to persists and live on…it’s rather praiseworthy. Seeing them like this makes me want to help them more and more.

“<Bees Forest>! The <Terror Bee> on its own is not a big deal but be careful of swarms. You really need to be careful. The floor monster is called <Violent Nectar Mother>, and it will require extra attention to deal with. You can consider this monster to be the queen of the <Terror Bee>s, it’s rarely seen but if by chance you encounter it, retreat. It’s not something that you girls should fight.”

“Thank you very much.”

“No, I’ll accept your thanks once you come back alive. Just like how it was at Zenbei.”

“Ryua-san, Roel-san. If you’re prepared, should we go?”

The lively and energetic Ai lead us.
I pitied Siegel just a little bit.


It’s shallower than <Bear Forest>, it would be more fitting to call this place <Bee’s forest>.
But I don’t think I’d even call it a forest. <Bee’s Woods> is more appropriate.
The monsters living here aren’t only <Terror Bees> though.

【<Flying Squirrel of Gale> x2 appeared! HP:34】

Suddenly a flying squirrel came down from a tree.
While it was gliding it fired wind magic at us.

【<Flying Squirrel of Gale> cast Wind Cutter!】

One of the wind blades flew at Mai.
I wouldn’t let something like that reach her so I erased it with wind pressure from one of my hands.

“T-t-thank you………”

“I’ll absolutely protect you, so calm down and properly aim.”


Mai took a deep breath and took aim at the <Flying Squirrel> that was gliding from tree to tree.
When the <Flying Squirrel> stopped she released her arrow.

【Mai attacked! <Flying Squirrel of Gale> received 25 damage! HP:9/34】

The arrow was sticking out of the monster as it fell from the tree. Ai struck at it with her axe, not showing any mercy.

【Ai Attacked! <Flying Squirrel of Gale> received 52 damage!】
【<Flying Squirrel of Gale> was defeated! HP:0/34】
“W-we did it!”

“There are still some left! Don’t relax yet!”

Just as those words were spoken, one of the <Flying Squirrel>s retaliated and charged at Ai.

【<Flying Squirrel of Gale> attacked! Ai received 11 damage! HP:20/31】


It was tunnel visioning on Ai who had fallen down and started to chant wind magic.
I shouldn’t let her be in such a defenseless state any longer. I drove away the squirrel and quickly slashed it to defeat it.

“Mi-chan, please use recovery magic on your sister.”

Roel gently urged Mi who was getting flustered.
Using both of her small hands she cast <Heal> on Ai.

“Yeah, you did a good job.”

Mi blushed when she heard Roel praising her.

“Thank you…Mi from the start was a shy child, so how…”

“Children tend to get flustered much faster since they don’t know what to do. But Mi-chan, you need to make sure that your sisters can hear your voice, okay? Don’t feel shy and just say what you need to say.”


Her voice was as quiet as a mouse.
Using all her strength she had shown her determination to us.
Roel was somehow able to handle this shy little girl.

“Thank you very much. Sorry for the trouble…”

Ai stabbed her axe into the ground and her posture faltered.
She was sighing as she was apologizing.

“In combat, you need to stay calm and not be careless. I want you to understand that.”


They seemed to be encouraged by those words, and if these 3 follow our advice when they fight…I don’t think we’ll need the recovery items.
There are many nimble monsters that Ai’s axe won’t be able to hit easily, like those squirrels.
I’m not going to suggest she stops being an Axe fighter, but we need to find a way to utilize her strengths effectively.

We advanced by pushing through the plants until we encountered a group of bees as big as a human head.
There was something dangling from a nearby tree…if I’m not mistaken that would be the nest of the <Terror Bees>.
We finally reached our goal, but the number of opponents is…

“T-those are <Terror Bee>s? So many…”

Mai swallowed hard.
I was curious as to why the honey had such a high price. It seems it’s because of this.
There’s probably a trick to gathering the honey but I don’t have the patience to think about it.
I recklessly charged the beehive.

【Terror Bee x20 appeared ! HP:36】

The bees came at me all at once.
The countless stingers that came to stab me looked identical to the scorpion’s tail from the cave…I’m not willing to get stung.
The bees rotated around me to cut me off from the group.
(TL:  ボクは回転しながら周囲のハチを斬り捨てる。)
I don’t feel even the tiniest bit of fear as they surrounded me and tried to pierce my skin. I cut them all down and some scattered to pieces as they fell.

【Terror Bee x17 was defeated!】

Mere seconds had passed since the fight started, and only 3 were left of the initial swarm.
I wonder how many bees the girls can handle…
It can poison whoever it stings, but maybe like the squirrel from the plantation they might be easy to deal with in very small numbers.

“Hey, it’s your turn now!”

“Fuei?! Ah, yes!”

Ai was surprised by my sudden order, but prepared her axe and ran toward the remaining bees with a determined look in her eye.

“Don’t just swing randomly! Aim at them when they’re in range as they come to sting you.”

Ai silently nodded and seriously focused on the bee as it approached.
The <Terror Bee> moved here and there, circling around as it prepared to attack, and at the last moment as it flew at Ai, she brought down her axe.
Ai only grazed the bee and it counter-attacked Ai who left herself open.
An arrow pierced the <Terror Bee> as it flew at her.

【Mai Attacked! <Terror Bee> received 36 damage!】
【<Terror Bee> was defeated! HP:0/36】

Ai was amazed that Mai was able to bring down the bee with her bow.
Their party is simple, but very well matched.
Only 2 bees were left, and one of them flew at Mai.

“Hiii! I-It’s coming this way!”

“Ai-san! Now!”

The <Terror Bee> didn’t notice Ai who had been slowly closing in behind it, and Ai swung in a straight line.
The bee was magnificently cut into two parts.
Immediately after that the remaining bee stung Ai from behind.

【Terror Bee Attacked! Ai received 6 damage!】
【Ai is poisoned! HP:25/31】


Ai began to stumble due to the poison.
This time it’s Mi’s turn to shine.
…is what I thought, but she still hasn’t learned any antidote magic.


Mai shot an arrow at the bee out of desperation.
Honestly, that shot was better than her previous one.
The bee wouldn’t have died from a single arrow, but this is the one that had been injured earlier and Mai had landed a direct hit this time.

【Terror Bee was defeated! HP:0/36】

“W-won…we won…”

Feeling weak, Mai sat on the ground.
Ai was out of breath and staring at the corpse of the bee.

“You two are stronger than I thought…if it’s like this I think you can probably handle the 2nd floor.”

“It was thanks to you, Ryua-san. If it wasn’t for your precise instructions we wouldn’t have defeated them.”

“That’s true…I was really surprised. Ryua-san, why are you a C rank with such amazing skills?”

“I’ve only been an adventurer for a short while…”

Rather than explaining everything I just gave a vague answer.
(TL: 説明するには長すぎる経緯なのもあって曖昧な返答になってしまった。)

“Ryua, I’m not really in any position to say this but I think you would’ve already become an A rank if you weren’t paired with me.”

“That isn’t true, you know. I need you with me, Roel. I’ve been saved by you a lot. You’ve also been levelling up at a quick pace recently.”

Everything I said was the truth. Especially about her levelling, I’m really surprised by how fast she’s grown from level 2 to 10.
I think she was supposed to be like that from the start.


I’m not sure if she’s happy or embarrassed, but Roel was smiling while looking down.

“Roel-san is already at Level 10…We will also need to work hard.”

Ai stirred and Mai was grasping her Bow tightly.
Mi is…hmm? Mi is?

“Hey, where’s Mi?”

As I said that, the atmosphere froze.


“Oh? Boy, what are you doing here?”

Seigel spoke to a child who was crying on the roadside.
The child was crying so hard he wasn’t able to talk well.

“Did someone make you cry?”

Seigel knelt down so that they would see eye to eye.
It seemed to give the child peace of mind and he started to talk.

“Papa are Mama were at home, then scary people came…my home…breaking…many things…*hic*…*hic*”

“Scary people…”

Seigel thought about what he heard for a brief moment and then stroked the child’s head.

“Boy, this Onii-san will save you. Onii-san may look like this but I am an A rank adventurer. That means I’m unbelievably strong, you know.”

Now, there are S rank monsters in existence, but Siegel planned on suppressing them one by one.

“Really? Ojisan will?”

“Ah, Onii-san will absolutely save you.”

Siegel was stubbornly emphasizing the “Onii-san” part.
The child lead Siegel to his house. Calling this place destroyed was putting it lightly, the house would be better described as completely demolished.
The walls were in small pieces without any connection to the neighbouring rooms. The pieces were numerous and very spread out.
(TL:  壁がこま切れになり、床や壁も関係なくいくつにもバラバラにされている。)
Strangely enough there wasn’t any furniture.
Seeing both the first floor and the 2nd floor, the house was really in a miserable state.
I think that’s the entrance? Approaching what was left of the door were the child’s parents, tears falling down their faces.

“Can you tell me just what in the world happened here?”

“It’s already the end…everyone we had is now completely gone. Our home was the last thing we could cling on to, but this time it was taken from us as well…”

Siegel wasn’t able to get the reason from them but he was able to make a guess.
He understood that this wasn’t just a normal robbery.

“Is it possibly…debt?”

“W-why do you care!?”

As one would expect, these people weren’t in a state to talk properly after having something like this happen to them.
Giving up on having them tell him, he decided to pry it out of them himself.

“Gametts Firm.”

Just that one word made both the parents flinch and tremble.
Gametts Firm was just recently started up by a guy named Gametts, it’s a rather corrupt company.
It had gathered capable adventurers, had strict security, and was based here in the sticks.

“Be at ease. I will settle all of this. Just be patient.”


‘The crying face of a mother isn’t beautiful’.
That secret thought from Siegel had no relation to his decision. He ran towards the Gametts Firm.

Monster Book

【<Flying Squirrel of Gale> HP:34】

It watches adventurers from above, in the trees.
It attacks those that enter its range, and glides towards them to begin its assault.
Since it can use Wind Magic, beginner adventurers wouldn’t have an easy time dealing with it.

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  1. Thanks for the chapters.

    “By no means that was not a promise without consideration. i am serious about wanting to lend my power to them Because i helping them is my desire.”
    “By no means was this a promise with no consideration to it. I’m serious about wanting to lend my power to them. Helping them is what I want to do.”
    A double sentence.

    “thank you, Mi from the start was shy child, so how…………….”
    “Thank you…Mi from the start was a shy child, so how…”
    Another double sentence.

    “due to the loss of strengt Mai sat down.”
    “Feeling weak, Mai sat on the ground.”
    Another double sentence.


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