HTG: CH 5 – A Rival Appears

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A Rival Appears

The next morning, the two ate an early breakfast and began checking the equipment that they had on hand.
Reeve had a thin cotton padding under her chainmail, as well as leather breast armor with her boots and gauntlets which were not in use.
The weapons she had included a Shamshir that didn’t seem to have any magical effects.

Ellis had a jet-black costume, which was originally tailored leather. Because Ellis was still growing every day, cloth had been used instead. Although she had only been equipped with a single multi-purpose dagger as her weapon at the start, she now also had the high quality dagger that Angus left behind for her use. Due to her lack of physical strength, Ellis’ daggers are mostly for self-defense since she can’t stab and kill a monster.

“In the case of a labyrinth search, some tools will be necessary.”

“Well then, should we go out to the marketplace?”

Ellis and Reeve nodded to each other, and headed out to the market.
That said, bringing proper funds is essential.
Although Angus left behind some assets to be used, they couldn’t squander them since they are to be used only when needed.
Ellis had 100,000 Rill on hand, and to ensure they had enough, she also carried the «Earrings of Intelligence» to sell.
They did not want to rely on Reeve’s purse, her sighing from the Treasure Hunt quest earlier rang fresh in their minds.

The two of them put on casual wear.
Reeve had a snug-fitting, indigo dyed, three-quarter-sleeved pants and an unbleached colored pullover shirt.
However, she had not forgotten to hang the Shamshir from her waist.
Ellis was wearing a white blouse with a red short jacket and a red knee-length flared skirt.
Reeve sighed at Ellis’ appearance, then muttered ‘She really is a doll’ in a low voice so Ellis couldn’t hear her.
The two held hands and set out to the marketplace.


The first street stall had various secondhand goods lined up. Ellis noticed miscellaneous goods were emitting a faint light, though there were very few of those items.
In this world, magic tool appraisal is done via a special magic. The use of this magic employs the magic power of 5 people and consumes half a normal person’s magic power while doing so, and the appraiser still charges a reasonable price.
Ellis was muttering in a low voice.
Reeve quietly asked ‘What’s up, Ellis?’
Ellis stood on her toes to bring her lips close to Reeve’s ear, and whispered ‘If I see something, I want to haggle’.

Reeve nodded in confirmation, and Ellis handed over the wallet stuffed with Rill to Reeve.
The two of them continued to peruse the items emitting a faint light.

The first item was a small, light brown leather bag used by children. It did not look out of place in Ellis’ hand.
«Bag of Gluttony. Ability: Swallows every item put into it. MP required: 0. Command Phrase to put item in: [Time of Meal]. Command Phrase to take item out: [Time of Turn].»
‘I suddenly hit the jackpot’ Ellis mumbled in a low voice. Then with a louder voice so the shopkeeper could hear she pleaded to Reeve.

“Reeve, I want this bag.”

The shopkeeper intervened immediately.

“You have an expert eye, ojou-chan. Look at these if you like trying on clothes.”

It’s a diagonal shoulder bag. It has a pleasant feeling to it.

“It suits you, ojou-chan. If you like it I can sell it for 10,000 Rill.”

Reeve gave an exaggerated response.

“We don’t have 10,000 Rill to pull out!”

Relying on her acting skills, Ellis unwillingly puts down the shoulder bag.

“I understand onee-san, how does 7500 Rill sound?”

Reeve peeped unnaturally into the purse, then faced the shopkeeper and whispered in a sweet tone:

“If it’s 5000 Rill, would that be no good?”

When being stared at by Ellis’ set of emerald doll-like eyes, and Reeve’s green slitted eyes simultaneously, the shopkeep had no chance to refuse.

With Ellis swinging the bag about in a good mood, Reeve asked:

“Although it certainly suits you, why did you want it so badly?”

“It’s a secret for now, I’ll teach you when we get home.”

It was then recommended that a bag should be purchased for Reeve as well.
She got a cloth pouch for 1000 Rill.

Next was an old dagger that shined.
«Dagger of the Flying Swallow. Ability: For a certain amount of time, damage done to the enemy will be doubled. MP required: 1. Command Phrase: [Coming of the Swallow]»
Ellis held the old looking dagger in her right hand and the other dagger in her left to compare them.
«Magic Tool Duplication»
When she muttered the phrase under her breath, the effect was transferred to Ellis’ dagger.
Reeve was then shown the dagger in her right hand.
The dagger she held became the «Dagger of the Flying Swallow».

“How about this dagger?” Speaking to Reeve in such a way that the shopkeep could overhear, then touching Reeve’s Shamshir and muttering the same phrase again.
Reeve’s Shamshir became «Shamshir of the Flying Swallow».
The ability of the old looking dagger then disappeared.
Ellis mumbled ‘As I thought, it’s not sufficient’, and the dagger was returned to its former place.
As she did so, she was deep in thought.
‘Does the reproduction only work up to 2 times or is it random?’.

The next object to shine was a small silver ring. It was buried in a pile of rings costing about 2000 Rill each.
«Ring of Detoxification. Ability: To neutralize poisons in an object. MP required: 3. Command Phrase: [Wish Detox].»
Ellis decided to experiment with this.

“Reeve, let’s each pick our favourite ring from among the ones here.”

They looked through the pile and chose rings to their preference.
Are the two shopkeepers sisters? They kept up pleasant smiles while helping the two find rings that matched their sizes.
With the rings decided on, Ellis used «Magic Tool Duplication». Like before, the original ring lost its ability when the second ring was given the treatment.
Next, the same experiment was performed. Holding the duplicate ring in her right hand, Ellis used the ability twice more. As expected, the source ring lost the ability when it was given to the second item.

“Although it takes time, the restriction can be avoided without a limit.”

Ellis, finally satisfied, said “This is mine, this one is Reeve’s” while handing over the ring with the copied ability.
Reeve paid the shopkeepers 4000 rill with a smile, and they accepted the money with an equally pleased smile. Ellis’ smile was that of a sleazebag.

Lastly, a small doll about the size of a thumb was discovered.
«Doll of Sacrifice. When the wearer receives an attack where their physical strength becomes 0 or lower, all damage from the attack is absorbed by the doll. The doll is then destroyed. MP required: 0. Command Phrase: Not applicable, automated type.»
Finally. A big shot item has shown up.
There aren’t any items nearby that the ability can be copied onto, is the only choice to purchase it?

“Reeve, I want this doll.”

Reeve inquired for the price.

“You could buy it for 1000 Rill”, the shopkeeper had a happy yet calm expression on his face. Ellis was giving a look that screamed ‘Buy it’.

Reeve made the payment without hesitation after seeing that. Ellis tied the doll to the frill of her skirt like a charm. Two matching dolls are then purchased at another shop for 1000 Rill. Ellis tied one onto the belt loop of Reeve’s pants.



Ellis put another one away into her bag.
Shopping had only used up 12,000 of their Rill.

Next was potions and adventurer’s tools. Incidentally, those can be bought from Frau at the Adventurer’s Guild.
The two people proceeded into the building holding hands.

“Frau, hello.”

Although Frau welcomed Ellis with a smile, a tight gaze was thrown briefly towards Reeve, her bright red pupils locking on.
Reeve noticed this right away and glared back with her emerald stare.
Frau took her eyes off of Reeve as if ignoring it, and faced Ellis who was opposite of her.

“How are you doing today, Ellis?”

“I came to purchase some recovery potions and a standard exploration meal set.”

“Going somewhere?”

“Yeah, I’m going to the Aida Labyrinth with Reeve.”

Frau once again stared at Reeve.

“Reeve-san, I am aware you are somehow related to Ellis, but do you intend to put her in danger?”

“I think that’s rude towards a full-fledged thief.”

“Ellis is still only 8 years old.”

“Do you pick and choose your customers here?”

A nearby older man was displaying a dangerous expression towards Reeve and Frau who were creating an awkward atmosphere.
Ellis decided to salvage the conversation.

“I decided to go to Adia Labyrinth because I rewrote my position from Infiltration Unit to Adventurer.”

This surprised Frau.

“Ellis, you became an Adventurer?”

“Although I don’t understand it yet, I intend to put some distance between the Thief Guild and myself.”

Ellis answered in a low voice.
“So please sell me the potions and the meal set.”

Frau nodded reluctantly and asked how many days they will be gone.
I bought 10 potions at 1000 Rill a piece.
The meal set was 1000 Rill for a single day, and we need enough to last for 3 days between 2 people. 16,000 Rill total.
Because one Aida Mushroom sells for 4000 Rill, 4 of them are needed for us to break even.
If we get less than that, we’re in the red.
Frau turned to Ellis.

“Ellis, you must never act rashly.”

Before Ellis could answer, Reeve interjected.

“It’s okay, I will protect her.”

“I wasn’t talking to you!”

Watching their backs as they left the Guild, Frau grew nervous.
“What guardian acts like that? And for Ellis to be so emotionally attached…perhaps she is being deceived? Yah…it may just be like that! I must protect her!”

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  1. Being able to identify magic items at a glance, I love this cheat. About the doll of sacrifice, when it says ‘physical strength becomes 0 or lower’ I assume it means it protects against deadly attacks and not strength debuffs, right?


  2. Finally~! I’ve been waiting for this~! Really amusing and interesting~!
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        1. Man I think Darren is scared to click on links I send these days. May have gotten him good with the last dance cancer. Poor guy ain’t expecting round 3…


  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    “The meal set was 1000 Rill for a single day, and we need enough to last for 3 days between 2 people. 16,000 Rill total.”
    Should be 6,000 Rill total?


  4. Thanks for the chapter translation and editing!
    Xant, I was watching your youtube vid-
    “Reeve had a snug-fitting, indigo dyed, three-quarter-sleeved pants and an unbleached colored pullover shirt.”
    You were right to laugh but it should just be “three quarter pants”(google it!). The sleeves bit made it sound like a shirt, when she’s already wearing a pullover.
    Cheerios and keep up the great job!


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