HTG: CH 6 – The First Victim

This is…well. A shitshow.

Sneak: Sorry for delay guys, been busy with RL, but also been debating on this latest chapter, as I find it… well inappropriate to say the least. For now I will do a few more chapters, but if there is any more chapters like this I will not continue the series. If you have any suggestions for other projects feel free to post in comments to this post.

Xant: Holy shit. I can’t…what? 8 year old and a 16 year old? I’m sorry, no.

So, Sneak and I had a talk about this series.

[12:31:21 PM] Sneak Thief: wasn’t expecting this
[12:31:43 PM] Sneak Thief: caught me off guard also
[12:32:10 PM] Sneak Thief: if it keeps like this I’ll prob end up with a different project, cause I didn’t expect the series to go down the rabbit hole like this
[12:32:25 PM] Sneak Thief: still ch 6 so I’ll keep it a few more chapters before i decide on this or not
[12:32:51 PM] Sneak Thief: how u think i felt translating it
[12:33:16 PM] Adrian (Xant): my god
[12:33:17 PM] Adrian (Xant): so like
[12:33:21 PM] Adrian (Xant): this might need to be dropped
[12:33:29 PM] Adrian (Xant): lest we end up in jail for translating kiddy pr0n
[12:33:31 PM] Adrian (Xant): fuck
[12:33:39 PM] Adrian (Xant): if it
[12:33:40 PM] Adrian (Xant): ever
[12:33:42 PM] Adrian (Xant): gets graphic
[12:33:45 PM] Adrian (Xant): I am done
[12:33:59 PM] Sneak Thief: dude, if it got graphic it woulda never reached you

[12:34:50 PM] Sneak Thief: even i debated dropping it
[12:35:01 PM] Sneak Thief: i thought it was gonna be about the mc tormenting the demon lord and the hero
[12:35:06 PM] Sneak Thief: but doesn’t appear so

Sneak Thief: help me find another project in case this shit continues

Grand summary: We are at best going to try a few more chapters. If this pops up again, we’re done with this series and will drop it. I am not about to keep having a TL do this, nor do I want to edit shitty child porn yuri. Not my thing.

Btw, I really didn’t want to edit this. There will be flaws. I just lost all drive when  I saw the yuri. I still did a cursory job, so it’s readable.

Chapter 6 – The First Victim

Ellis and Reeve went directly to the Thieves guild.

Their application should have been processed by now, so their renewed guild identification should be ready for pickup.

“Hello, Cathy”

When Ellis greets the cat eared girl, unlike usual, Cathy speaks to Ellis with a somehow dark expression.

“Hello Ellis. I’m sorry but the application renewal has been put on hold nya.”

Cathy disregards Reeve and calls Ellis closer and whispers.

“Are you sure that woman isn’t deceiving you nya?”

“I think so, why?”

“It was with great pains that it was arranged to get you into the infiltration unit, it is funny that you are purposely transferring to an adventurer nya.”

“Does Cathy think so?”

“I think so nya. In addition the deferment this time is the result of Kevin’s strong resistance nya.”

A rat has begun to move?

“Well Cathy, thinking calmly. At 8 years old I am being assigned to infiltrate alone, or with Reeve, where we are two people living and searching beginner’s class labyrinths, which do you think is dangerous?”

Cathy had considered it. Though, it was frozen probably because I was in the Thieves Guild for a long time, the infiltration unit was the most elite, but also had the most dangerous work. Though Angus had been protecting Ellis till now, and most of the risk had been forgotten.

Ellis continued:

“Say that Kevin declares to protect me and you add me into his intelligence unit, he’ll still teach me ‘things’.”

And to strike home with Kathy:

“And bringing me into his unit for ‘protection’? The point of a woman in an Infiltration unit is to use her charm to maximum, totally the opposite of his declaration.”

“I understand Ellis nya. This is a secret of two people nya.”

“Please, Kathy”

Ellis and Reeve left the Thieves Guild.

“This is Ellis’s secret for only those two people.”

Kathy breaks into a grin.

That’s true. Ellis is correct to be suspicious of Kevin.

Come to think of it, the request that  Angus lost his life on was accepted by Kevin

This is worth looking into.

“We were busy all day long.”

Reeve called out to Ellis, while Ellis seems to be lost in thought.

Ellis agrees with it being a busy day while Reeve remains silent after saying that.

The two girls arrive at the house.

“Trouble seems to have appeared earlier than expected.”

The HikiNEET thinks up an idea.

“In the end it’s best to fill Reeve in by the end of the night.” (ED: too close to an innuendo)

“Hey Reeve, since we are sweaty how about we bathe before dinner?”

Reeve greatly nods to Ellis’ suggestion.

The two girls stripped and bathed like yesterday.


Reeve stares at Ellis who appears that she would break if embraced too tightly.

“Reeve, it’s embarrassing.”

Ellis’ cheeks blush as though understanding the meaning of Reeve’s stare.

Then in front of Reeve who is sitting, Ellis suddenly stands up bringing their faces to the same height.


Ellis brings her face close to Reeve.

Then embraces her while giving her a kiss.

The inside of Reeve’s head becomes blank.


Using the techniques that the hikiNEET learned from the professional home delivery sex service company, Reeve is attacked by an 8 year old girl whose body looks like a doll.

It wasn’t a stimulation that could be withstood by a 16 year old girl.

After several hours, all that remains of Reeve is her twitching body after having been wrung out.

“Ellis, are you the devil?”

“You could say that. Now then, it’s time to teach you about today’s purchased goods. Reeve, please wipe my body and put pajamas on”

Reeve nods, and Ellis is wrapped with a towel and pajamas are put on.

Ellis wipes Reeve’s body with a towel.

The wiped places remind me of the intense pleasure from a little while ago.

Reeve was unable to stand up for a while.

Dinner is a sandwich and herbal tea that was bought along the way.

While the two girls ate in a languid manner, Ellis explained her ability to Reeve.

Reeve admired obediently.

Today we obtained 4 magic tools.

The first was the <Bag of Gluttony>, where Ellis had the original and Reeve had the first copy of the item.

The second item was the <Dagger of the Flying Swallow> and <Shamshir of the Flying Swallow>, where both were first copies of the item.

The third item was the <Ring of Detoxification>, where again both items were first copies.

The fourth item was <Doll of Sacrifice>, where Ellis had the original, and Reeve had the second copy, where the first copy was in Ellis’ bag.

It is necessary to keep track of the original and the second copy because the ability gets lost on the second copy.

Ellis passed Reeve the <Earrings of Intelligence>. This way if by chance Ellis and Reeve are pulled apart Reeve can hear Ellis’ conversation.

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin’s story is then told.

Reeve gets angry but Ellis calms her as there is no proof.

Because the transfer from the Thief guild was exposed sooner than expected, Ellis requested to continue as they were with a smiling face.

Reeve suddenly thinks.

This 8 year old girl has been driven into such a situation

I will at least become the shield of this girl.

I believe myself to have been carried away.

During that Ellis is doing something like an experiment.

“I see”

“It should be similar”

When Ellis is heard talking to herself she begins to clean up.

“Now, because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, let’s go to bed”

Ellis leads Reeve by the hand like it’s natural and heads to Reeve’s bedroom.

Reeve couldn’t resist.

In the same position as yesterday Ellis looks up at Reeve with upturned eyes.

However, her expression belonged to the King of Sleazebags.

The smile of the Devil was reflected in front of Reeve.

“Reeve, are you asleep?”

Whispers the devil.

“Can we please try to continue from earlier?”

Ellis whispers while burying her face in Reeve’s chest.

Reeve feels Ellis hit the tip of her breasts and leaks out a sigh.

“Already? Boring child.”

Ellis stares at Reeve’s face again

She twists her body as she climbs up and faces the front of Reeve.

Reeve instinctively buries her face under the pillow

The sadistic Ellis pushes her way through Reeve’s hair and starts to lightly bite on Reeve’s ear and once more commands:

“Please. Reeve.”

While nibbling on Reeve’s earlobe ensnaring her.

“Please… Ellis…”

The Devil’s Night.

After this, Reeve becomes Ellis’ for the night, and Reeve comes to desire it herself.


A new morning came.

“Good morning, Reeve” says Ellis with a refreshing smile floating on her face.

“Good morning, young lady” says Reeve after breaking into a smile.

The way she calls me is different from yesterday, probably has something to do with last night, but I don’t mind.

When I was preparing breakfast for two, a delivery was made from the Thief guild

They were work orders stating to go to the guild tonight.

“Are you showing your true colors…”

Reeve asks what it is in response to Ellis talking to herself.

“Isn’t it normally abnormal for infiltration work to come to an eight year old girl?”

And I continue.

“This job is probably a dummy meant to restrain me, and main purpose is to dispose of you Reeve.”

Reeve understood immediately.

“Is it Mr. and Mrs Kevin?”


When the two people finish breakfast they head out to the market. Today’s purpose is assassination countermeasures for Reeve.

Today several new items were put up shedding a faint light.

I am searching for a particular important item.

And having found it, it is the following item.

<Ring of Spirit. Ability: +10 MP to the wearer, MP can be continuously restored by the ring. MP Required: 0. Command Phrase: [MP Backflow]>

MP replenishing is possible

It is determined to be for Reeve’s personal use, and is confirmed that Ellis can replenish the MP without limits.

Reeve has the original, and Ellis puts the first copy away in the bag.

<Flash Bracelet. Ability: Emits a flash of light centered on the wearer. MP Required: 5. Command Phrase: [Let There be Light].>

Reeve puts on the original and Ellis puts on the second copy. The first copy is put in Ellis’ bag.

<Camouflage Brooch. Ability: Raises concealment value of the wearer. MP Required: 3 Command Phrase: [Chameleon].>

This is given the same treatment as the Flash Bracelet.

And today’s lucky find is this.

<Needle of Life Drain. Ability: When attacking it restores health equal to damage dealt by this needle. MP Required: 0. Command Phrase: Not Applicable, Automated type.>

Yesterday’s experiment was the copy experiment. Because there was room on the <Ring of Detoxification>, With various attempts, it was determined that copies could can’t be made from the same system, in other words, I can’t have two command phrase or automated on an item. Even when the copy fails, it counts as the copy effect having been used once.

Well I was worried if the effects of the needle would transfer to the Shamshir properly, but there were no problems.

The needle was put in the bag as it is.

Is it because it is a command type and an autonomous type that both the Flying Swallow and Life Drain effects remained? This needs to be experimented separately.

Well,  I was worried about the effects of the needle transferring to the Shamshir properly, but there were no problems.

The needle was put in the bag as it is.

“With this we should be fine even if attacked by several people.”

“Miss, I would like to act violently soon.”

The 2 girls laugh together while facing each other.

The preparations for the boobytrap are flawless.

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    1. I would recommend Guild no Cheat na Uketsukejou (The cheat receptionist girl of a guild) well I havent read it but arcording to the Synopsy it Sounds interesting

      The god mistaking someone name with the protagonist making him dead young. As apologize, the god offer him reincarnated with the cheat as much as he like. The protagonist happily accept the god offer, but he forget something… The god carried the clumsy girl attribute.

      He born again in a world of sword and magic. Several year pass he live as an elf. Today too he began to work in a guild branch. But…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Umm, google-fuing a few things here n there.

        It has “R15 ‘just in case'”…

        I’m not sure that’s a good sign, unless the R15 is for some other stuffs…but being receptionist would mean she doesn’t go on adventure…


          1. The problem here is that the 8 year old has a mental age of like twice Reeve’s, and so it’s really not quite as odd as it seems, but it still feels so weird and wrong.


          1. Oh ok, in that case “Nekama Shiyou to Omottara, Isekai Tensei Shite Onna ni Natta n da ga!” It appears to have been dropped by the previous translator. It’s a gender bender so if you don’t like those then ignore this. You can also read what is translated to see if it is something you would like to translate. I’m sure I will think of something else later.


          2. Thx, ill look it up when i go to lunch (usually read lns and stuff on lunch break) as said any suggestions are good and ill pick what in interested, ill make my decision by Thursday (im off and will be translating a bit that day), i just dont anything like this where they are talking about children like this


          3. I totally understand. Honestly the only time I’m ok with it is if it’s a false loli or its just kissing with someone close in age. But ya the story is good so far, I posted the link to the baka-updates page further down.


  1. Spoiler alert! It does keep up.

    So… what kind of story/protagonist are you looking for? If you want to keep up with the female protagonists there’s the one about the girl with the bear costume which doesn’t have any yuri.


    1. probably something more serious probably, probably going to go as far away from anything like this as its just kinda, well, creepy the direction it went.

      Male or female mc doesn’t matter much to me so long as its a good story, but dont plan on it being yuri or anything like that


      1. Hm~.
        GM logs in to work in his VRMMO, finds himself summoned to another world. The king tries to enslave him, but he still has his GM powers…

        Another one that’s a bit more on the serious side (but has humorous points):
        A high school classroom is summoned to another world. Each individual has a special talent, but the combat-talented individuals take charge. MC is in the “village NPC” group, but he has a secret: Only he can return to the real world!


      2. If you do’t mind picking up after someone else, there’s this on Fluffy’s.

        A girl die and finds herself reincarnated as the villain in the novel she really liked.

        In an attempt to not-spoiler anything, there’s some heavy stuffs in there, in the sense of ‘that’s rather depressing if you think about it’ heavy.


        1. It has good points and bad points like anything else. Just depends on whether you like the good points more than you dislike the bad points. Both webnovels have a bit of uniqueness within the genre of “transported to another world” so they’re at the least worth checking out, and neither stars a loli rapist, so they fit the criteria the translator requested.


  2. oha, that took me byy surprise that it happened so soon. creepy loli. I’d prefer some good adult funny yuri, there isn’t much of it out there. as to recomendations, I’ll ask around.


  3. Thanks for the update

    If you want give up this project, personally I would want that turn ID your main project

    But if you need a new project, I suggest the nexts:

    World’s End Online

    Guild no Cheat na Uketsukejou

    Ragweed princess of Lybithium Empire

    Anyway, If you want to finish some halted project I would like suggest the nexts

    Alice Tale

    Le Festin de Vampire

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I said ID because It was in your Project list, and I’ve read the manga many times. I would want the change to read the original novel

        Thanks for answer me so fast


  4. There will be more stuffs like this chapter, so if sneak will drop it, i will once again continue it. and if xant won’t be editing it, then i will wait for an editor willing to do it. I will be translating it secretly and won’t post a chapter until an editor edits it. of course since i am going to translate it again, some stuff will be delayed. also, honestly i am keeping some chapters in hostage. I don’t feel like giving it to xant yet, cause lately i have been in a really bad mood. annoying stuffs keeps happening at the worst timings.

    also, as for why i will translate this again it is because “yuri is yuri” , understand what it means by yourselves, I am too lazy to explain it and honestly not in the mood.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. think of it this way it’s a person in a child’s body easily manipulating someone older then him and frankly I find the story hilarious


  5. I was also going to recommend Alice tale that was being done by krytykal, a personal favorite. Though if you do decide on this I recommend contacting them, though it’s been awhile since the last update they’ve continued to say it hasn’t been abandoned. Thanks for the translations and looking forward to whatever you guys pick currently all your series interest me so I’m sure whatever you pick I’ll like anyway.


      1. For this reason I’ve suggested

        A reason similar to this and Black Knight we have “Le Festin de Vampire”. This just have a few chapters to finish to translate


        1. In all fairness it does say he welcomes anybody to pick it up, im not gonna make that my main project though as author dropped it and its not overly interesting, though its been mentioned several times and not many chapters left so i may finish it as a side project or something, ill think on it


          1. All I’m saying is please do tell them if you’re picking it up. If they don’t reply within a week then they don’t care enough or aren’t free enough to care, so it’s fair game.


          2. K, was already going to if i did, though i am leaning towards starting a whole knew project instead of picking up where someone else left off atm


          3. Hero summons or reincarnations are interesting, somewhat twisted or darker personality MC (like shield hero before it went all happy go lucky route where he wanted revenge)
            Good plot and stable story, by twisted doesnt necessarily need to be revenge, just unique and not the whole wussy mc route)
            Magic or something similar (chi magic or anything along those lines)

            And no mecha (looks at xant)


  6. Thanks for the chapter~!
    Yummy~! Ellis is so great! Kukukuku…~! And Reeve really got hook, line and sinker~!

    — Thanks again for the chapter~ ^^


  7. Speaking of reincarnatiom

    Someone know a story whose MC is a reincarnated, and try to return in his/her previous world, even probably anyone recognise him/her (other body, even other race and/or gender)?


  8. loli wartales? By its discription it may not have child yuri…… If somone is already translating then dont bother :P but i dont think so.


  9. This light novel had a lot of potential to turn out really interesting… Too bad there’s kiddie p0rn! xD
    Ps: was expecting op thief harassing hero and demonking :sadface:


  10. well my though, yuri scene probably appear again, but for harassing(toying with) the hero and demon lord will have to wait


  11. welp when I first started this I thought it would focus more on him/her being playful and making the lives of the demon lord and the hero go haywire, I guess I’ll just silently wait for counter stop


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