weeee!! :) Announcement from the 9

yo guys i have a very big news for you, I’m moving out from lazy 9 (this will be quite long)

yeah, i have been thinking for months whether i move out or stay in the team, though recently i chose to move out, but the next problem was how to message and so it took another month. yeah, I’m a type of person that can’t start anything once i’m 100% sure (yeah i was still hesitating)
well, yeah, i got quite a few or a lot(?) of them, one of the big reason was me being quite bad in teams i think.  well, if you guys remember me saying something like “Kinda pissed at someone”  it was actually someone in goup with a big authority(in the team). yeah, main reason why it really took me long to do this, I don’t really want to do any offense to this person ( well, I kinda owe this person a lot) but in the end i just decided to be honest and be myself.
why i got pissed?
just leme tell this, I’m really bad at telling my real thoughts to other people(trust-issues). well, basically, this person invited a new member without consulting us or me, though at first he told us he found a K translator, i thought that he would just help out that person and not invite in the group(well, i might be also at fault here not asking),  also leme tell you guys that i don’t like K manhua, novels and stuff, i won’t tell you guys why i don’t like it, i just don’t like it. well, that is one of the reason thats ticked me off but still the main thing was that person didn’t consult me, if had just consulted me , i would have 100% for sure would have allowed it without any resentment whether it be CH or K or maybe an original. though, i thought that i should just let this pass by but when i was about to return the person did it again and i was cornered. I’m also at fault for this, i was so taken back by the first one that i didn’t tell that person that i don’t like that sort of action which had cause the 2nd one,  I’m just that type of person, i enjoy doing stuff as a team, i enjoy chatting with teammates, thinking stuffs with them and etc, but this kind of thing really makes me feel betrayed. well, yeah, I may look like some drama lord like now but actually, I’m timid and a very negative person that easily gets depressed and it takes quite some time for me to stand-up again, I actually rant a lot, at how fucked up my life is or how fucked up i am and etc. well this is getting long so to summarize it i was being a child. also that “terrible” quite hurts, i love yuri a lot.

though really my choice was either to drive the person out but i didn’t really want that so i decide to drive myself out.

now as for why i got so lazy translating
every time i look at the lazy9 wordpress I lose my motivation. though, i already have low motivation which is because of rl stuff. I am also having a slump in drawing ,haven’t drawn anything in months. and honestly i really got addicted in reading wn raws.

actually i was not suppose to say this now, i was suppose to surprise you guys with a kansu chapter  but right now i’m actually really depressed, someone NTR’d a series that i was secretly translating and it surprisingly felt  really bad, i was suppose to translate the series as a main project as i take a break from kansu for a while, though i don’t any guts to say it to the translator that i was translating it OTL *looks at the skies with empty eyes*

anyway, being depressed makes me tired so that will be enough for now, i have a lot more reasons and stuff but yeah i’m tired. i’ll be making a new wordpress soon(?) though i still have to find another wn to translate orz. anyway see ya


  1. I’m not sure whether to express sorrow or excitement that you are moving on. I guess instead I will hope that we will see in increased speed and regularity. What can I say, I’m a leecher, hope springs eternal.

    Also, and maybe this isn’t my place to say, but I feel it needs to be said. Get over it. I can understand why a random invite to a stranger would frustrate, depress, and infuriate you all at the same time. That being said, get yourself some liquid courage and say what you need to say and then deal with the fallout. It may feel like it sometimes, but it’s really not the end of the world.

    I would like to take this moment now that I’ve judged you without knowing all the facts, to thank you for your time and effort translating thus far and the time and effort you will put into translating in the future. I appreciate it. Thank you. ……now give me more.


  2. This is a rather interesting move since it’s your blog. To leave it behind to pursue greener pastures is definitely a different way of doing things. Especially when stuff isn’t done yet and it’s still updated frequently.


  3. well everyone have their own problems, thing that we cant handle but to others it’s nothing much. we cant expect to please everyone or everyone else pleasing us(did i type that right?). there might not even be anybody that is in the wrong. anyway just do whatever u feel u should do(after thinking things through of coz). in the end, we will die alone.

    im not saying u are right or the other party is right coz i have no idea whats going on. im just saying my piece is all. seeing u down when u’ve brought much joy in my(our) life where almost everything else seems boring just dont sit well with me. so i would recommend that u just let go(of the things that troubling u). act as if nothing happened. one of the way to let go of the things troubling u is by appreciating the good things around u and be grateful of them. hope that helps.


  4. Woa, the world of translate light novel is dark and full of delays already. Sometimes, we leechers simply forgot the fact that translators are not machines. Thank you for your hard work and looking forward for new updates!
    Yeah, for some reasons, I can’t like K novels and C novels too. Just don’t like their naming sense.


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