plans from now on


man, I really do go kamikaze during depression.

anyway, plans from now on.
actually I didn’t really expect xant and the others to move first, and because of that “my plan was foiled”. I was actually planning to still contribute Kansu to xant as a solo TLer, since my editing is quite bad(or maybe too lazy to edit). but with how things turned out, I can’t really ask xant anymore and so because of it I may need to find an Editor for kansu. well I will slowly TL kansu chapters(their chapters are long compared to other WNs).

about the projects
will slow down with kansu. also I might re-translate some chapters.
the new series i was secretly translating was actually Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear(had only translated 3 chapters as of yet), as shinsori TLs had officially gotten it first, i decided to look for a new one, though it’s really hard to find a new one TT_TT,

if you guys would like to recommend some stuff, my criteria for  the project is Female MC, not too serious(or something like slice of life), different world, comedy, no romance or yuri(the MC having no male love interest or no male romance flags). examples would be KKKbear, evil god average, or manowa, (yes i wanted to translate these stuffs). also i would like to avoid long chapters, the project is mainly for building up a pace( or you can call it a combo that increases your attack power as the combo goes up), Kansu received a combo breaker (mainly because of my bro) which is one of the main reason it slowed down, defeating  a high level monster starting with 1 combo takes quite a long time.
as for HTG, i will take it as a side project, will also work slowly with it.
I might also do teasers.

as for editors
If possible I would really to do solo, but with my editing skills, I might be needing some help. though if possible I would like not to have something similar to how it was with lazy 9(team), I’d like to work freely without any shackles, I’m not interested in being an M, though I’d like to do S stuffs. so, basically you won’t have the same authority as xant, you can only edit and I will credit you with my head on the floor. also for quality reason i will check your edits for just in case(humans aint perfect)

a lastly, I will make a new wordpress, Lazy 9 will just serve as some kind of archive once the new wordpress is up. though I still have to find a new series orz, anyway have a nice day


  1. Well, I really liked your work with Kansu, and if I had to edit, I’d rather have no authority over a project anyway. I totally understand that you want to work at your own pace.
    I can’t really read anything but English, but my English is quite good. So, if you do need an editor, I’d be completely willing. You can email me at


    1. woah, fast!
      didn’t expect someone to quickly apply to be Kansu’s editor, my heart is not yet ready(lol).

      well yeah tnx, i will take note of it, as of now i’m still quite busy with stuffs and also as i said Kansu will be slowed down, and who knows when i will post a kansu chapter. if you are fine with that, then i will be glad to have you edit it, though really who knows when a wild kansu chapter will appear


    1. why the sad face? well, yeah i’m actually still kinda of depressed, though the 9 can’t just stay depressed forever, so laugh >: ) !!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA laugh as if the world is in the palm of your hand!!


    1. you would have to ask Xant’s minions about that, though probably translations of that will still continue(i think) so don’t worry!! Muwahahahahahahah


  2. Why not just keep the WordPress? It already has the large amount of followers that would read current/future releases. Wouldn’t switching just serve to confuse people who don’t follow developments like this that closely?


    1. fumu, you got a point, i guess i will just Rebuild this wordpress, I’ll copy out the past content to a back up wordpress, remove all content, then add the new content, and it will look like a brand new wordpress, yeah that works perfectly. tnx for the idea >: )

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      1. It’s a secret to practically everyone, and it’ll stay that way until it’s all announced, but I apologize in advance, 9. Perhaps in the future, better communication is in order? I would’ve liked to stay a team, but it’s hard to do that with one half not responding.


    1. pleased don’t make me hate you, i only got pissed at you but i didn’t hate you, i don’t really like hating, cause once i start really hating someone i rarely forgive them


        1. i was never AWOL, i would have responded if you have called for me.

          this may be cliche but
          Xant don’t do it, I don’t want hate you, i don’t want you to earn my resentment. do i need to prostrate for you not do it, do i have to do something for you not to do it? let me tell this once again, i don’t like hating, especially you since i kinda owe you a lot, so please don’t

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          1. I did call for you, bud. Let’s not keep talking about it. It’s something that is happening, we can discuss the aftermath when it happens.

            It’s not huge, persay, just something I started half a month ago as a backup.


  3. lol.. this is making meatbun laugh a lot.. you both really looked like husband and wife fighting about something and decided to sleep on a separate room
    and then a day later, saying sorry and makes up


    1. ops, correct that..
      and then a day later, plans for unleashing his wrath on the un-suspecting person..
      *a few days latter* ???
      *some more days later* ???
      BOOM! leechers is born.. i mean happy XD


  4. If its fine with you, I’d like to apply as an editor. I have way too much time on my hands right now for the upcoming year and cant find a job yet so im just stuck at home going through sites and reading


    1. lol XD, sure why not, though there won’t be any chapters yet, since i haven’t found any a new project yet. so is there anyway to contact you?


  5. Welp…… came on here really hoping for another chapter of kansu but knowing it wasn’t likely to appear but a chapter of black knight would be nice too and I found this….

    Well… might as well say this, both of you have my gratitude for all the wonderful translations so far, enjoyed all of them.

    But 9…. what were you hoping to achieve by effectively naming xant as the reason why? Oh I know you didn’t put his name out there but you gave anyone who’s been following this blog enough information to know exactly who you’re talking about. Should’ve just said I have problems with this team and sorry I want to go solo again if you wanted things to remain anonymous.

    Don’t know exactly what went on behind the scenes but communication is the key to everything in life. No one’s psychic… especially over the internet, face to face we can still guess what one or another person is thinking(somewhat) but over the internet… ahaha impossible.

    When I originally read your post I thought…. ‘what a douch not consulting you over major changes in the team’, but then I read xant’s post. Well… if what he says is true and you told him that he’s got full control cause you don’t want to deal with stuff….. well….. -makes a face- you made him the leader shouldn’t complain when he does what a leader should do, and if he’s been trying to contact you over the past month… well you really have even less of a reason to complain.

    May have offended you with this post but I feel like this needs to be said. Anyways again… I thank you for the wonderful Kansu translations and artwork. It was wonderful and it’s such a pity to see lazy9 team end up like this.

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    1. *sigh*
      I can’t really just say this “I have problems with this team and sorry I want to go solo again” , if i said it, it would just be the same as running away, i have the say “why” for the person to understand. and also I didn’t really want to use names for rants.

      you don’t need to tell me that “communication is the key to everything in life” i had already experience it, i know no one is a psychic, if everyone was then i might have been more of a better person or had a better life, i ain’t perfect, i’m bad at where i am bad at. I don’t expect someone to understand me or know what i am thinking.

      i gave him a big authority cause i trusted him with it, yes I didn’t want to deal with stuffs but mostly its minor(not major like making a new project). you know when I invited ash(TL of garudeina, astarte), i consulted with the team, when i invited sneak thief(htg and probably a new WN) , i once again consulted with the team, and even my announcements i consulted with xant. but xant when he invited the K TL he never told me “can this guy join?” and when i returned from that and i decided to let it pass by, but a few days after i returned he once again invited a new TL without consulting me. I thought working in this kind of team means treating each other as equal. I can’t help but feel betrayed. also yes i didn’t reply to him but you know he only contacted me twice, he didn’t really contact me last September(checked my skype)

      sorry it kinda turned into a rant, having a bad day, especially since xant started to threaten me(check comment above)


      1. For fucks sake, 9.

        You gave me authority to manage Lazy9. So I did. Also, I think I’m done listening to you try and bash my efforts to make this a good group when you were too lazy to do anything.

        I think, after trying and waiting from early July to the beginning of August, yeah, it’s understandable why I don’t mind breaking off from you. I tried to give you well offs as well, but here you are still trying to make me look like the bad guy in all this. I waited, the group waited, we all waited for you. You even had chapters but did not want to give them to us. FOR NO REASON BESIDES THE FACT YOU COULD GET AWAY WITH IT.

        I hate to say it as well, but you could have messaged me but you never once did during this. That is somehow my fault? That’s not how this works.

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  6. I love kansu… but if you want a new female mc novel to translate, ill look around… im sure I found a page with those a while back… not sure if they were japanese, korean or chinese tho… ill look into that


  7. btw… kansu and black knight was the only series I cares about, never understood why they started id (thats not even completed originaly since the autor died) and the rest that honestly just isnt my cup of tea….


  8. (死んで始
    まる異世界転生 – Shinde hajimaru isekai tensei)
    Arisu Gin is a boy with girlish look. One day, he
    died when chasing after a rabbit. After realized
    that he was reincarnated into another world, he
    lost his consciousness.
    The novel is the story about the daily life of a
    boy (now a girl) training magic, slaying goblins,
    killing ogres, making friends and get along with
    devil lord.
    for the raw


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