apologies, gratitude, and the explosive(lol) 9

ok lets end it with this. I’m already tired of this crap, i almost didn’t
have any motivation to anything yesterday due to depression.
i never thought of making you a bad guy, mostly I’m being the bad guy
(well, i won’t go into detail with this, it’s just that there sure are a
lot of *comments*). since this is the end, i will say this first, I’m
sorry. I’m sorry that I didn’t reply to those 2 messages, i was being a
child for trying to get your attention through silence, i wanted you to
ask me “why I was doing it”. well it’s probably already too late. I’m sorry
that i did not talk to you about it. xant, and the readers, I’m sorry for
being unreliable, irresponsible, and being lazy. It has been a part of my
nature since i fell in my life. and once again for everything else, i’m

and since this is also the end of this let me also say this, Thank you.
Xant, it was really really really fun working with you, from chapter 1-
40+. It’s not an exaggeration that the days that i did those, I really felt
alive and happy doing it. so thank you. also to the readers, reading your
comments was fun, good thing there wasn’t any jerk, or assholes who came
to the wordpress, well actually there was one guy
1/comment-page-1/#comment-1447 but he was awesomely ignored. and so thank
you readers. also let me tell you this readers, TLs doesn’t really enjoy
that much seeing something like “thanks for the translation”, you should
say more than that, talk more about the series and etc. you don’t know how
much it motivates the TLs. well, there are probably more stuffs to thank
about, though i probably just forgot about it. and once again, thank you

well, enough being the pessimistic “me” and its time to pass the baton to
the optimistic and crazy “9”.

even though the “me” says it’s the end. it’s not the end of everything i
will still continue TLing and doing my stuffs. actually there was another
reason that i was translating other than to learn JP. the reason was you
could say it as “trying move forward, from the place i fell to” basically,
making the “me” a manlier man and also a yuri-er yuri-fan muwahahahahaha.
though, as I expected it’s not that easy to take some steps forward without
activating the traps on the way. I should’ve improve my trap detection and
trap deactivation skills. so with the words above, lets hope it won’t
continue anymore.

And xant, don’t do “it”. you know full well, on how to me make me hate
you. and as i said in the comments “i don’t want to hate” especially you.
so please don’t do it. if you do its war.

anyway, it kinda felt good saying that. it felt like i was finally able to
take a shit that i was holding in for months.

so i will still continue TLing kansu.
also will look for another project.
my criteria for it is:
different world
Female MC.
(optional) Interesting personality, (ex, Anri, Kazane, Yuna and etc)
Either Yuri or No romance.
light-hearted(not too dark)
not too long chapters. (Like kansu)
either action or no action.

so if you guys have any recommendations that fit these, please rec it to

also to those guy that said they want to help me with editing, i will be
contacting you once, some chapters are done.


    1. Found something interesting.
      Haven’t checked if someone’s working on it already, though…


      I’ll read a bit of it and see what it’s like~

      Genres: Fantasy, Reincarnation, Genderbend
      Piece of the summary: “This is a heartwarming story of a young girl living slow and leisurely”

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        1. well, since you have recommended it , i might as well read it to investigate it.
          I-Its not that i wanna slack off okay , i’m just gonna r-read it wether i should translate or not okay!

          Liked by 4 people

    1. what’s with the happy face? well, I’m kina quite happy. though the 9 can’t just stay “quite happy” so laugh XD!! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA laugh as if the world is in the palm of your hand!! Ruling everything and anything, make men into lolis, make girls go yuri!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa

      Liked by 2 people

        1. fumu, you got a point, then reconstruct all men’s existence to female loli. basically replace their existance!!! muwahahahahahahahahahA!


        1. fumu, its quite hard to explain, but yuri can be found here and there disguised as something else, those who are not a fan of yuri might not be able to find, though if you are asking when their relationship will change, its around 80+, i won’t say the exact chapter to not kill the fun, since the confession scene was quite awesome

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  1. >i never thought of making you a bad guy, mostly I’m being the bad guy

    LOL I’ve gone through that phase too two years ago, and II sure felt like shit.
    Now I can look back at those time and laugh at my past self; you were a fvcking idiot, me. :)

    Will wait for the next release. Godspeed, ⑨


  2. If I may, good sir. the new novel “A wild last boss appeared” requires a translation that isn’t a teaser. The first three chapters have been translated here:
    and the raw form is here:

    reminder: this is a new novel that has about 10 chapters at the moment.

    also this is only a suggestion. I just truly enjoy this novel so far and would love to see it being translated regularly. please give it a try even if you aren’t going to translate!


      1. yeah, i read the raws, it was good and interesting. though first i would like to observe the author first, honestly there authors who are good but sometimes they suddenly stop or go into hiatus or rarely update. I would like to see first, if he is dedicated

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  3. I’ll be doing ‘it’ regardless since this has been in motion since mid August when things became unbearable.

    If you want war, fine, but you of all people should know I don’t pull punches if push comes to shove.

    Remember your original goal of translating? Keep at it. It’ll make your life easier.
    ‘Translating to get better at it’, if I remember right.


    1. so in the end my words were useless.
      you know i have this thing called “pride” , it may be little but i have it. btw who said i wanted a war, are you kidding me!? i was practically begging for you not to do it. All of my apologies will turn to scrap, all of my gratitude will turn into scrap. i thought you were a better person, until the end i believed that you will not do it, but it looks like it was all useless.

      If you steal kansu from me i won’t ever forgive you, Kansutoppu is my project i won’t allow you to just take it from me.

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      1. Hate to say this but taking a 3 month hiatus makes people wonder if you’re going to continue.. and considering you gave no news they probably thought you quit. But….. if you return to translating kansu at a steady pace and decent quality like immediately and keep ahead, well other people probably won’t have any reason to translate it. Pretty much depends on your dedication and how much other people want to translate the series. Just my opinion mind you.

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        1. well, everyone just wana read the chapters, well, i can understand that, though isn’t rude to assume someone of what they aren’t, I have never once said that i will drop the project. well, who cares anymore, I’ll just crush anyone who stands in my way, I’ll crush them and crush(fair and square) them until they have given up, i won’t accept any poor excuses, of course that is towards myself too. even if i lose i’ll just have to challenge again and again, until they are crushed to bits. you guys want dedication then i will give you my dedication. I’ll show you the lazy 9, the crazy 9 the explosive 9!! you guys better prepare your refuges as the i shall bring hell upon you


          1. Meh, getting upset it someone with the name and site name of Lazy9 is kinda silly. For me it was just “Eh, lives up to his name.” Whatev’s. He”ll do it when he wants. Not like he calls himself ‘Speedy9’ lol. We’re it me going into translating, I’d probably name the site or myself ‘Quiteranonomous’, or ‘PROcrastinator’ lol. Cause I sure as shot know I’m gunna get tired of it fast.

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  4. I check you up after quite a while and black knight gone… and you want to start translating homosexual stuff… long sigh…… too each their own more so when they are doing their own business with the kindness of letting others see. (and I don’t mean that in any perverted context, mainly philosophical and literal)


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