Gob Tensei Chapter 2 My First Friend is Erotic

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Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~


Chapter 2

My First Friend is Erotic


「Fua, Nnn! Aaahnn!」 (9: just let me remind you that this is a borderline hentai) (IcedTea: Fufufu)

Inside a crude hut, a woman’s voice resounded in irregular intervals. While circled up in the corner of the room, I waited for the other males who weren’t getting tired of doing it. This impregnation hut that I have been to has recently become a daily routine for me.

Currently, the ones being ‘fed’ here are two wild boars, one wolf……..and one human female. It has been half a year since that naked woman, who is currently being pressed down by a male, became a dweller of this hut. From my understanding of the woman’s inflated stomach, according to my estimates, after several months, a goblin with high intelligence will be born.  Honestly, these low-life deeds are unreasonably disgustingly, but the worst part is trying not to be affected by the reproductive instinct of the 3 month old me. The splendid male underneath my loincloth is being quite demanding.

Aa, but I won’t do it, ok? Certainly, she is quite a beautiful onee-san type, but according to my previous memories, having funfun time with a loli elf……..what is it called…..being a sleazebag. However, since I am a sleazebag, I am a gentleman! (9: i don’t get your logic but at the same time i get it) (IcedTea: this makes no sense to me whatsoever.) My only human part, that is my “identity”, is because of this noble intention.  my body and heart are already of a goblin ,But I am more terrible than that. Besides, the human woman is now in the possession of five adults from the hunting group; they are in a joint ownership. In this village, she is being handled as high class property. For goblins as creatures, it is their instinct to desire to impregnate creature of higher status. The survival rate of the group is greatly influenced by the “negotiation” between those with high ability. These guys’ final objectives are humans or beastfolk. Attacking elf villages, impregnating the elf ladies, and making them give birth, seems to result in a superior soldier who will probably become a goblin kin and then make a large army.

Man~ that sure sounds grand. Even though I call myself a gentleman, I wonder if I can keep my reason once we attack an elf village…..? If it’s just an elf and not a loli, it should be fine Dark elf or loli-baba is also okay.  A trap would probably do also? (9: …………..) (IcedTea: Wow……look no further for a prime example of the degradation of the soul…..) (ZeRenMi: I shall be the Rimuru of this site…)Well……I would like you to separate me from the normal guy.

And while rambling about my stupid elf obsession, the deed was finished. The male from the hunting group glanced at me in shock, and left the hut in haste. Before me, the woman was breathing roughly, and her nicely shaped twin hills were moving up and down.  Yeeah……to me who was also a virgin in my previous life, the stimulus is quite strong.

So that I wouldn’t look at her naked body too much, I covered her with a cloth. After a short while, the woman gave me a languid look, raised her body, tidied her hair……and smiled at me.

「Thanks, boya.」


「Hey, hey, just listen to what I have to say. You know, recently those awful guys thought that since my stomach only became a little bit bigger, they could still play around with me for a little longer. they think that my stomach just became bigger that it’s ok that they can a just play with me a little bit longer. If you don’t take care of your adorable pet, she will die, you know.」(ZeRenMi: repetition *clap clap clap* sixty-four *clap clap clap* no repeats or hesitation. does anyone remember this game?)


「Yeah, it’s Pet-san, you know.」(9: she is talking about herself) (IcedTea: Behold…further degradation of the human soul….this novel is darker than the original Grimm fairy tales….)

When I met her for the first time, she…….Raiza’s heart had already been broken. If she can make her hellish days slightly enjoyable, that will become her small happiness, I think. When she has free time, she makes herself wet for the males that embrace her. I myself became able to show a calm face while watching the act.

Recently, the males are taking care of the women and they end up not doing her much. Human women are delicate, so if the hunters overdo it, she will quickly die. I used that fact no one was doing her, and planned to get her teach me human words in exchange. Well, she might not recognize that she was teaching me, but I only need to give her some water, and then she’ll start talking a lot on her own. So, I became very greatful for her existence.  To her too, I’m just the right person to divert her from boredom and pain…..I hope. I’d be happy if she thinks of it being more than just a diversion.

I passed Raiza a wet cloth while asking her this and that about some difficult words, leading her to the subject.



  1. If a portion of his community are okay with / strive to impregnate ‘normal’ boars & wolves, then by all the gods, even I would go for a pretty trap instead if I was in the situation.

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  2. Damned iPhone reader removes formatting, so the TL: convo turns back black. I’m too lazy to not use reader mode. Oh well, back to sleep.


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