the demon lord hath descended from his bed

YO! everyone, 9 here!!!
well actually, on nov 2 it was my birthday, so i wanted to bomb out some chapters. I wanted to release 10 chapters but one of the editor had RL problems. so because of that i am looking for one more editor(one with lots of free time). and also we have an edited HTG chapter and the test

here you go GOB TENSEI!!

chapter 1
chapter 2
chapter 3
chapter 4
chapter 5

if you are asking “9! where is my yuri!!?” well, yuri will happen after the beginning chapters. also i will be taking this one. and about lolibabarobo, i will still make some teaser chapters for it. for the reason why i chose gob tensei it’s becuase……………it has shorter chapters. btw i am thinking of retranslating some old kansu chapters also, the construction sure is taking a lot of time and i don’t know what to say anymore. so enjoy ^^


    1. i had aged too much, i don’t know how many years it has been since i was reincarnated but the only thing i remember was my birthday.

      oh right, i went to an eat all you can restaurant(vikings), honestly i forgot to eat some meat buns. so can i have some?? fufufufufufu

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    MORE PLEASE !!!!!!!
    the mc, the comedy, the violence, the sexual scenes it all blends into the making of a great story.

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