Gob Tensei Chapter 7 You’ll admire a elf loli if you see them.

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9: he is a gentleman. But still a goblin……….

IcedTea: Get ready for some MADNESS!!!!!!

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9: well, if you guys had read my review on the ‘bored’ page, it said that perspectives will change and this is the start of it.

Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~
Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~


Chapter 7

You’ll admire a elf loli if you see them.

≪Loli-sama’s Perspective≫

Right now, I am being carried away by a weird goblin into the forest. Weird…..this so-called weird goblin seems to be of a mutated species. A goblin with an appearance that’s close to that of a human’s is a high ranking creature–or so I’ve heard from my mother. Taking a glimpse at the goblin, he looks like a boy. I wonder what he wants to do with me.

From what just happened in the village right now, even the young me understands the situation. Just now, my chastity was protected by his appearance, and I narrowly escaped from being violated. When I felt that magic power and saw those sword skills that time, it showed that he was not a normal goblin. Maybe a goblin leader…….but his appearance is closer to that of a human’s….so then his young body will probably become that of a Goblin General’s.  Perhaps, he kidnapped me so that he could make me give birth to some kids? ………fu~un, but too bad. I’m still a 15 year old little girl, you know. No matter how long you wait, it will take many years for me to become a woman. (9: reminder she is an elf loli-sama) (Ren: I’m imagining her older but still a loli) O-or maybe…….at this rate, I….will just become a plaything….. Even though Mother warned that Elves are more likely to be lusted after by other races, she said it with a sour face. Just a small mistake and it has come to this…..Mother, I’m sorry! I want to see mother…….I want to be snuggled by mother’s chest ……I miss mother’s scent……I want to be spoiled even if she gets mad at me…..It would’ve been fine if I had acted more and more like a spoiled child, right?(Ren: I wanna join in the snuggle too, ne?)

……….No! I must absolutely return home! I must not let mother be left alone.  No matter what hardships I go through, I will return home without fail. That’s why mother………please don’t cry too much.


Even though I have to endure, I became unable to stop my tears while remembering mother.

The goblin that was carrying me panicked and looked left and right. He heaved a big sigh and once again walked into the darkness.

Right now, we are advancing on a path where light doesn’t reach in the darkness inside a cave.

I, who was being carried and unable to do anything, was only able to tremble in fear. It’s a bit chilly. After a short while, it seems that we have finally reached the intended destination. He finally let me down from his shoulder.

It seems like I was laid on something soft. (Ren: laid on something soft you say…)
He rummaged around in the dark, tampering with something. Before long, a red fire was lit and illuminated the inside of the cave. It was a lamplight magic tool. How……Oh. No need to think about it. He clearly just stole it from some humans.

I mustered up all of my courage, and glared at this weird goblin.

The goblin stepped back a certain distance from me, and opened his mouth.

「There is no need to worry. I won’t harm to you.」

「It talked!?」

He fluently started to introduced himself to me who was frozen in shock.

「My name is Rusty. As you can see, I am a Goblin bastard child, still a 2 year old kid.」

「2 year–!?…..I’m Sherina. 15 years old…….」

「Okay. By the way Sherina, right now, I am in a bind due to my racial instincts, so I won’t be able to continue talking to you in this state. Please never ever pass this line. So please wait a bit for me to untie you from these ropes.」 (9: grins) (IcedTea: Oh god….)

(9: please prepare yourselves) (IcedTea: Please do. In all seriousness.)

「?….Eh, that’s fine.」

「Thank you. First of all, 3 ‘shots’ should be fine, so ‘it’ should calm down after that.」

「3 shots?….Whaa, your right hand….w-what in the world are you….」

The goblin who called himself Rusty had bloodshot eyes while staring at me. His right hand was holding something on his nether region, and the hand movement was accelerating. (9: c-can’t stop laughing) (IcedTea: This is so ridiculous….)
My sharp senses are able to perceive those eyes looking at certain places.
Rising from my thighs, to my chest, to the nape of my neck, and then…..–you must be joking right—why the ears!? (9: HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *died from laughter*) (Ren: Imagine a bright red loli trying to cover parts of her body with her arms)

「Wait a minute. HEY! Don’t look at me with those eyes! I-it really feels like I am being violated!」

Rusty’s right hand is somehow machine-like. It’s scary. I absolutely don’t ever want to know what’s happening below that loincloth. (Ren: kinda makes me remember what someone said about beatboxers once “I wonder whats going on inside there”)

But still, does my voice even reach his ears? And then he started muttering in monologues as if he was drunk on something. (IcedTea: I’ve warned you once, now I warn you twice. It gets really weird from here on. Enjoy….)

「Aaa……the scent of a loli elf. *sniff* *sniff* ….it’s like a sweet milk…..」

「Kyaaaa! Don’t smell it, hentaaaaaii!」 (9: somehow hentai sounds more insulting than pervert)

I think that my pleas ironically gave him more pow—-
His right hand started to move faster–now, I can only see the blurred afterimage. (9: just how fast are you!!?) (IcedTea: those stats at work here….) (Ren: goblin vigour is quite something. His ‘thing’ didn’t break from this)

And then, the vigour that rose without limits finally seemed to reach its peak.

「Haa, haa…..I-I’m sure that I was born for this one DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!」 (9: already on the floor laughing) (IcedTea: ………………………………)

「No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I hate this, nooo….it kind of feels….Reaally Disgustiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!」(Ren: it’s alright. It’s alright. It’s alright. Nope *bursts out laughing*)

The perverted goblin bastard’s body bent backwards; his right hand stopped; and his hips twitched, releasing something. I don’t really understand, but it is absolutely repulsive.  But, for some reason, the goblin bastard’s eyes brightened as if he had reach some sort of enlightenment….

「I-it stinks! What is with this smell!!?」

「OOOO! A loli elf reacted to my ○○○!」

Just while I was instinctively alerted to the danger of the stimulating stench, the pervert’s right hand revived. (9: Rusty used phoenix down on his right hand.) (IcedTea: He used f**king Monster Reborn….)
That wildness–it’s as if a wild beast were in disguise as a boy.

「C-cut it out! It feels disgusting, you know. You low life goblin bastard!!!」

「Aaa, a loli’s insultsssss! Thank you very much!!」 (9: its actually gottsan desu!! which is a shorten version of gochisousama which is thank you for the food.) (IcedTea: An M?)

「Fueeeen! No matter what I say, nothing woooooooorks!!」 (Ren: why do I see risha so many times. “Fuueeeeee!”)

Was it because I was frantically wriggling around? The bindings on my legs had begun to loosen. Pulling out my legs and losing myself to anger, I took off my right shoe and threw it with all my strength.

「Die! Enemy of little girls!!」


The shoe splendidly smacked the perverted goblin’s nether region. Looking at the pervert who groaning in pain, his satisfaction seemed to have lessened……..but only for a short moment.

「Uuuooooooooooooooooooo! A loli’s critical!!」(IcedTea: It’s m*therf**king super effective….) (Ren: she might of just hit it on the —–)


After looking again, the goblin bastard bent backwards and met his second time.

I began to doubt my eyes; my shoe was hanging on something beyond the loincloth.

「Noooooooooooooooo! MY shoe is being staaaaaaaiiiiiiiined!!!」 (Ren: I feel like Rusty will make her wear it again… just the intuition of a loli-con)

And below the loincloth, something white dripped, becoming a puddle of liquid. And right then, my shoe fell and made a splattering sound.

All emotion deep inside my heart died there and then–and I came to one resolution.

―――――I will absolutely burn that shoe.

Afterwards, while I blanked out, I heard something from far away exclaim「Raped eyed loli elf has appeeaaaared!」 while waiting for the third time to come. (Ren: I would enjoy experiencing Rusty’s and Sherina’s perspective first hand)

(IcedTea: I apologize deeply for that last double entendre and for any discomfort while reading. I hope everyone who read this far has enjoyed their meal.)

(Ren: It wasn’t THAT bad. It’s just like reading a slight porno book that’s trying to be funny about ecchi stuff. However, like IcedTea said, don’t read this while eating. You’ll get a phantom foul smell or taste when you do so. You’ve been warned)

(9: that was fun XD)



  1. I think this web novel is already made to LN. And yes he got elf and dark elf loli. I would like to share those images if I found them on mountain of moon rune post on my twitter.

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