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Happy Holidays and A Happy New Year,

Editor IcedTea here with a completely spontaneous message that was not sanctioned by 9. I hope that’s OK with him…..

If you haven’t noticed, this is not a chapter post. Sorry to destroy expectations (if there were any). BUT, there will be some soon. So, expect some Gob action. And I mean some very questionable action.

I, talking for the group I suppose, apologize for the extended break after the previous break. This winter has been particularly tough:

The two other ED’s are working on college related apps and such. I’ve had exams and concerts and other miscellaneous time absorbing activities. As all of us are Asian (I think….), we have a multitude of “family obligations”, of which 9, our only TLer, has a particularly large amount. Our schedules rarely coincide too.

Also, Kansu chapters are getting long, and Gob chapters are, well……..odd. Doesn’t help the TLing or EDing.

I know we don’t work at the pace other sites might, since this truly is just for fun, but it’s great to have readers who come back and enjoy the work every once in a while.

So, I thank you for your patience.



  1. Times have been tough for translation sites since the last fourth of 2015. Hell I have to work as translator and editor for two series until my partner’s RL work load lightens, so take all the time you guys need cause some of use are going to be drowning in kanji the next few weeks.

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    1. we would inform you if we went out of business. while i dont really appreciate being told to “get to work”, we should definitely put out some chapters. you guys deserve it. thanks for not deleting!


          1. lordsaucy it is their right to say or not to say there gender besides this is the internet they can pretend to be male yet in actuality be female so you aren’t getting the gender either way

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