Gob Tensei Chapter 13

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9: Ikemen DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!! everyone repeat with me! ikemen DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE


IcedTea: Editing this is both completely ridiculous and enjoyable at the same time. I think I’m being infected by the miasma that 9 exudes every chapter….so, I think this is necessary:


Also, do make sure to read the notes about Inherent Magic at the end.

Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~
Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 13
Holy Knight-sama is in a Pinch

≪Master Reivell’s perspective≫ [Half a year time skip]

On this particular evening, I was sitting on the bed wearing a white negligee and hugging my daughter, who also wore the same white negligee. Really, she is too cute.
Now that I think about it, a pure white [ne
gligee] sure is the best.

I puzzled over whether the color should be considered white or light pink; however, when I imagined us sleeping together while wearing pale pink negligees…..somehow it’s out.
Oh my, dear me, ever since ‘that’ happened, I have been strangely conscious……*sob*, I’m disqualified as a mother.

I brought this nightwear half a year ago at the elf village. At that time, when I found out about the tragedy that happened to Cassim the day before, I immediately knew that it was those kids who did it. For once, I made them experience a severe scolding, but from the bottom of my heart, I was truly thankful for them.
Cassim-san is still shutting himself inside his house.

[IcedTea: Now, on a completely unrelated note…]
In the past, nightwear that emphasized the chest was dangerous, and so, coupled with my trauma, I had sealed them in my drawer.
If you ask what’s so dangerous about it…..well, you can say it’s mainly about my chastity or my pride. It’s something like dignity as a mother.
Ever since that breast massage, no nipples! Absolutely not!

When I declared so, my daughter looked despondent, as if she lost all hope.
But still, this is the only thing I won’t allow. As a mother, I must never allow such a mistake to happen again.

………I tried to endure it for a while. I really tried.
Once I woke up and saw that my valleys were wet with the tears of my daughter, or another time, I saw her sucking on her fingers, trying to endure it. It’s quite cunning, but she is still just a 15-year old little elf girl. Pleasure and endurance–she is weak in both, a girl with immature heart and body.
That’s why, for a bit, I gave in.

My beloved Sheri, as always, was burying her face in my breasts, breathing in deeply a lot and thoroughly enjoying the feeling of rubbing against it.

And up to this point, everything was still the same as normal.

「Kaa-sama, is it fine if I sucky-sucky?」(IcedTea: Do you know how ridiculous this is to edit?!?)

「Fuu….only for 5 minutes ok.」(IcedTea: Are you kidding me?!?)


My cute daughter put on a big smile, and peeping through my nightwear, she started kissing my collar bone. She licks it and kisses it, satisfying herself on my skin.
If it’s just this, then I won’t get too sensitive, and my daughter won’t get weirdly excited, making this business just some fun skinship. Rather, there are lot of side benefits from this.

She won’t get mad if I hug her tightly because of my expanding affection; I get a feeling of great happiness from just knowing that I am loved by my beloved daughter.
“My daughter is the Cutest in the world!!!”

Is it OK if I scream that out loud?

There is one thing I am anxious about, though.
It’s just a short distance of a few millimeters, but it feels like she is slowly seveeral millimeters but, for a very short distance its like she is slowly approaching my nape…..I’m a bit sensitive there.

If I move even just a bit, she gets surprised and back away, but what if….what if I pretended to sleep……………….she would continue……..she would do that to me……..
Ah…ahaha, it’s just a joke, ok? A joke! Just a bit…for just a little while, I got a bit too curious, OK?
All of this is because of my short marriage. My sex drive is mostly unfulfilled. My husband is the one to blame, OK? (9: somehow i’m kinda starting to feel sorry for her husband)
Well, thanks to that, the skinship with my daughter…..kinda got a bit too far…..

Sheri was sleeping within my valley, and while I was thinking about the balance of happiness and unhappiness…..

「……Hmmm? This reaction is….」

The perception magic that is active during nighttime is reacting to one person, my favourite pupil.
However, near his signal, there is another one; it seems to be a human-like reaction.

「It seems like….I will not be able to sleep in that case.」


≪Gesugob/Rusty’s perspective≫

The skies were beginning to turn red when I finished my magic lecture and writing.
I informed Master in advance that I would be absent from tonight’s dinner, and so, I was also able to avoid Loli-sama’s questioning.
After that, I now just need to search with all my might.
The armored knight onee-san.

While running past the boundary towards the next forest, I searched for her scent.
This morning, when I was sleeping in the neighboring forest, I saw the Armored knight onee-san. 

It looks like she was heading towards the path to the Elf village. Halfway along the road was our blue sky classroom on the plains.

If I was lucky, we would have met during class………so I thought, but, if she somehow got lost along the way, I might profit too. I might be able to get near her and be her guide.
Maybe, I might be able to encounter her accidentally while she is bathing or picking flowers.
(IcedTea: What is this image?!?)

Well, i’m sure it’s just an unlucky accident, ok? I’m sure of it……..uhehehei.

Currently, I am feeling quite exuberant about the inception of my quasi-harem…the relationships are quite subtle.
Loli-sama, however, thinks of me as something to be wary about. Or actually, she had concluded that I am a creature like that, so there are no openings or flags at all. Well, for a pro like me, I’ll just burn away my image for her in my head, and it’ll all be good….though I still secretly release “it”.
But still, as someone who she thinks of as her friend, I’m starting to feel guilty about it.

Comparing Master to her though, it’s like Master is so full of vim and vigor that she gives a lot of freebies, or rather, she is full of openings.  Of course, she’s awe-inspiring; I’m not looking at her at a bad way. From the bottom of my heart, she is my Master who I respect; looking at her in that way would just be too ingracious. It’s something like…..you can’t look at someone like your mother in that way, right? (IcedTea: Sheri can tho???)
It’s just that she has the clumsy girl attribute. Getting wet due to washing laundry, making her own skirt flip up by her own wind magic, or tripping on nothing and then showing her pretty legs: Please no more. I try to avoid looking so desperately, it’s painful
Just why is she that cute!?

And because of that, I really need to get a new “okazu” (side-dish).
I’m really really really desperate, you know. Don’t you look down on a goblin’s lust!
Btw the elf village has a barrier, so to a monster like me, it’s still quite still the hurdle.
Someday…someday, I’ll show all of you that I’ll have a peeeking point!!

In 20 minutes, I had entered the neighboring forest.
Just a bit more and I should arrive at the place where I was sleeping yesterday. When I was about to arrive, I discovered the iron-like scent of the armored nee-san.
If i make a running jump, I could cross the stream in from of me and get to where the smell is. However, I also sensed the smell of many disgusting men.

「……You’ve gotta be kidding me! There is a damn unpleasant atmosphere here, you know….」


(IcedTea: Here we go…..*sigh*…..revel in my pain: I abhor this stuff. It does make for good plot conflicts though, so I gotta bare with it. I apologize beforehand for this bit right here. It gets really good later, I promise. )


「This bitch, she sure gave us a hard time. To be able to endure for about 2 hours against the 10 of us.」

「I guess this bitch is called the “Stronghold” for a good reason, right? Oh great knight prodigy~」

「……Guu….you bastards…we, do you know what ……..we are doing…..we are holy knights of the Sacred Church….to scheme of human trafficking….」(The men are ex-knights, hence the you and we switches.)

The female knight, who was severely ganged up on, had her hands tied up behind a tree.
Her clothes were torn up, and she was covered with blue-colored bruises. The only proper thing left was her underwear. But still, the injuries on her face were few, so even in a battle, they didn’t forget their sleazy intentions. Even though they are scum, they know the value of a beauty.

Now then, what should I do?
If I just peek as the gang rape play continues, I probably won’t be troubled by “okazu”(side-dish) for a while. Even if a wimp like me could help, I don’t think that I would be able to switch places with those guys and obtain some ecchi memories.
I’m a feminist, but if someone who means no harm to me, then as much as possible, I believe we should just mind our own business. I’m not naive enough to just save someone because she is a woman. And right now, that woman is just reaping what she sowed, since things didn’t go the way she expected it too.
And also, she really is a beauty, but in the end, she is not a loli. Aah…..this might be something serious

「Gyahahahahaha! It’s totally OK, right? Captain Arishia-san~」

(Armored Knight Nee-san = Arishia-san)

「Uuhyooooooo, so freakin’ hot! I-I’ll make this person my “Okazu” everyday!!」

「Hehe, that’s for sure, ‘cause we are going to have a flower who, as a company knight, is usually out of our reach. Well, starting from today, she will be our own personal sex slave.」

「Jest-san. C’mon! Hurry up and let’s do her already!」

This person who was being called Jest was rubbing the breast of the female knight Arishia and stripped her, showing off her breasts.
Her beautiful white breasts shook, and the men shouted in joy.
Arishia-san was grinding her teeth from the humiliation, and from the corner of her eye, tears were already starting to accumulate.
Ah, this person seems like a virgin. Let’s add a couple more points.

「He-hey wait a bit. A bitch like this–if we bang her all at once, she’ll break and show no reaction. So won’t it be more interesting if we let Boss, who is infatuated with Captain Arishia, tease her?」

「R-right! That’s for sure!」

Jest sat down on a nearby rock, and talked while enjoying the smell of Arishia’s breasts.

「Arishia. I admire you for exposing our human trafficking, but do you know who the hell you are trying to start a fight with?」

「……What do you mean by that?」

「The one who is backing us is Head Priest Barnal.」

「What!? That should be….be imposs-」

「You, who knows pretty much nothing about the world, probably won’t understand it, but the priests are more rotten the higher up you go.  Actually the merchandise we sent yesterday was special ordered by them. Three little girls. Two 12-year old girls and one 6-year old boy. I don’t know what they plan to do with ‘em, but there was one who requested a baby with a broken throat.」(IcedTea: WTF?!?!? Anyway, uhoh. He sold a loli. Oops….)


「Yea, we think so too. But still, in society, these kinds of guys are abundant. And it’s because there are guys like that that make profiteering so good………Now then, now that you know the truth, what will you do?」

「ins’t it obvious! I will make the Branch heads who hold the most responsibility meet the Archbishop and then make them receive severe punishment…..」

「I see….well, having a goal is good thing. Now matter how much we bang you, don’t get broken and someday, make your goal come true.」(IcedTea: How reassuring….*sarcasm*)

「Hii!? Kyaa!」

Jest put his knees in between Arishia’s thighs while sucking a defenseless breast. The other breast was massaged, and then, a hand slid down from between her thighs to her nether region. (9: Having various problems concentrating…….)
The other men started to swarm around her, locking up Arishia’s legs which were struggling.

「St-stop…No! Noooooooooooooo!」[Ya-yame…..Iya! Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa]

「Hihi, the gallant female knight raised such a lovely scream.」

「Aah, the resentment I had during the training, I will clear it up here—-gaa!?」

(9: Cockblocked!! Sorry to the guys who wanted the gang bang scene.)

(IcedTea: I cheer with all the people who were not really looking forward to the gang bang scene! Anyway, here we go with the power up!)

「What the….wait, this is blood….gebeh!?」


Suddenly, blood spouted from the necks of three people….that’s probably how the men saw it.
These guys are idiots. They got too into raping that all of them started to remove their armor. My tough nails are especially good for close range and will do its best now.

「Uwaah!? What the hell happened–….eh?」

「What’s with this fucker!?….A g-goblin!?」

The men turned around. They saw me and became anxious.

「Yeah, I’m the weakest monster, the oh-so-great Goblin-sama. Even though I went with the flow to just spectate. However….a loli and a baby? I ended up hearing that stuff. Now I can’t ignore it. As a gentleman….」

「It talked!? As I thought, it’s a mutated-type!」

Surprised by me being able to talk, in an instant, everyone drew out their knives or swords.

So seven of them…..since they are not perfectly equipped, I think I can do it somehow? And also, since there aren’t any projectiles…….
I casually took one step.
There were two who immediately reacted to it. I hit the one who’s coming from my left with the wind-type Inherent Magic* “Whip Shot” (tail whip reinforced with wind element magic essence clad on the tail itself) and then “Bachyiiin!”, the person got blown away and broke his neck. The one coming from the right, I caught his wrist with my high agility stat. (9: To those guys thinking this is a game-type story, it’s just rusty thinking of it like that.)
From the knight’s hand, smoke started to rise, as if it got burned, and it melted and fell onto the ground.

「Gyaaaaaaaaaaa! My hand is–!!」

Since I was accepted as a pupil by Master, it has been seven months. I have already awakened my own type of Inherent magic.

Fire-type Inherent Magic* “Blaze Claws”. It pours fire element magic essence into the opponent, and burns the enemy from the inside.
“Isn’t that just the same as poison claws?”–Don’t say that, ok?
After all, I think so too, you know!

I slashed the throat of the person who was screaming with my claws.
5 guys left.
In the next moment, I rotated around the three knights who were closing on me with a savate roll and brushed them away with “Whip Shot”. The 3 of them got blown away from the shockwave. Finally, I approached the person, Jest, who was hiding in the back, and stabbed him in the throat left and right with my claws.

Jest breathed out flames from his mouth and killed 2 guys. (9: basically used jest mouth as a flame thrower.)
Afterwards, I finished off the knights who were blown away and lying on the ground, groaning.

Yeah, using “Whip Shot”, for those who are seeing it for the first time in a small confined area, it seems like a cheat technique. Who would have thought that a goblin, with something like a tail, had such power from the Inherent Magic added onto the slender tail. It’s power is not something to laugh about.
I ended up winning too easily.
But still, if they were in complete equipment, with shield and armor, no matter how I think about it, I think that winning would’ve been impossible.
Let’s not get too ahead of myself.



9 and IcedTea: Inherent Magic is sorta like bloodline magic. Only members of a certain species, family, race, mutation, genetic formation, birth condition (etc.) can use it. Certain conditions that are met by birth, mutation, or transformation will result in being able to use Inherent magic.

This is different from ‘normal’ Magic, which are techniques that can be chanted by any qualified mage/magician with enough magic essence and skill.

This is also different from Unique Magic, albeit in a really thin way. Inherent Magic is determined only by birth or species conditions, no matter the strength, skill, or any differences among individuals of that bloodline. Vampiric Magic is Inherent to only the vampiric bloodline.

Unique Magic is specific to special individuals with certain special fulfilled conditions. The conditions are, obviously, harder to obtain than higher level ‘normal magic’, which can be achieved through practice or comprehension (studying). For example, Unique Magic [Executive Order] is only given to those who fulfill the conditions set out that allow one to be President of the USA (birth, age, experience, support, etc…). Presidential Magic is Unique by individual qualification, not by family or race or anything else.


IcedTea: Rusty’s Inherent Magic is being able to clad his body with a magic spell or directly activate (elemental) magic essence within himself and manipulate it (like transffering it into other beings). For others, magic essence can only be stored within the body, and magic spells must take form outside the body, otherwise the magic would not form correctly and hurt the caster. But because of his mutation causing his body to gain an affinity with magic essence, he can control magic essence with his entire body, allowing him to skip the “forming” state and cast magic using his own body as a medium. So instead of activating his magic essence and using it to form a fireball or something, Rusty can directly use the magic essence in his body wrapping it around himself or transferring it into others. I hope that makes sense.



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