Gob Tensei Chapter 14

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9: Rusty……..


Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 14
I hate recklessness

≪Rusty/Gesugob’s perspective≫

「Are you….going to rape me?」

「You……..would you want it, for any reason?」

……..This is strange.

In front of me is a first-rate target.

Her honey-colored hair properly cut to the shoulder, she has a style that is extraordinarily like a beautiful woman’s: like that of a goddess of war who is exposing her naked body.

Her nipples are exposed, her panties are lowered down to her plump thighs–it’s a really obscene picture. (9: okay, those of you who imagined it, raise your hands *raise hand*)

My nether regions usually work in sync with my instincts…… and yet……..

The knight onee-san lifted up her head, begging, her eyes full of despair….and slowly she squeezed out her trembling voice.

「That is….it’s fine to….rape me. So please….if you are done, release me, please. I have something that I must do…」

「It’s impossible for you. Didn’t you just lose to this level of guys?」

「Wha…..e-even so, I’m a knight! I can not think of living while twisting from path of the knight!」

After hearing that, I realized that my questions had been answered.

「……Aah…so it’s like that……」

「Look I’m a goblin, right? We have a strong instinct for lust and usually go wild like idiots. And right now, as I’m watching you naked, my instinct is making it stand up. But, you know…..my right hand won’t move.」


「My reasoning is denying it, you know. Your conduct and thoughts put me in a bad mood; it can even wither a goblin’s lust in a mental way, do you understand?」

「Di-disgusti-….wh-why in the world do I have to get insulted like that by a goblin!?」

Saying that it would make even a goblin’s wither, it would obviously wound a woman’s pride.

「It’s ‘cause of your actions up until now. Why did you come to this place alone? Did you even try consulting with someone? Why did you start fighting even though there are 10 opponents? Is this “path of the knight” wearing justice and brandishing their swords without thinking? Hmph. To me, those are just people volunteering for suicide and forgetting their survival instincts. I can only see them as simply stupid monkeys.」

「Whaa! To us…the resolve to throw everything is-」

「Then that resolve, why don’t you try to tempt the goblin who has withered? If you can properly satisfy me, then I will quickly release you.」


「Your breasts are big, and your nipples are small and cherry-colored, right? It’s to my liking, ya know. C’mon, try shaking it!」


「Even your panties are falling down; are you an exhibitionist? You need to open up your plump thighs: I can’t properly see onee-san’s important part, you know.」

「……………….huu…guuguu – hii – eku – hii – fuen – ee…….」*trying not to cry*

(IcedTea: Trying, and failing, to make this sound realistic while sticking to the original text…..)

And so, she reached the limit of humiliation.

Doesn’t her crying face look unexpectedly cute….

I instantly drew my hatchet and then cut the rope binding her.


Arishia, surprised, stopped crying. She had on a silly face as she looked at both of her hands.

Together with that young looking face, I acted on my urge to rub Arishia’s head.



「Well, you see, I kinda wanted to destroy that useless resolve.  Frankly, I can’t just help draft a rescue strategy with someone who is willing to kill herself, right?」

「Eeh? Uu….eeh……eeeeeeeh? Y-you’re going to help me? A goblin is? Why?」

「The answer is simple. Trafficking lolis is unforgivable!!!! Lolis are not something you touch! They are something to be gazed upon and worshipped from afar!!!」 (9: Gentlemen, you need to learn!) (IcedTea: Sensei……..)

「…..You, are you really a goblin?」

Arishia, dipping her head from being rubbed, looks like she even forgot to resist.

And before long, she wore a face that was both smiling and crying, and said:

「This must absolutely be some kind of new species. I won’t be able to bear it if there is another goblin like this one…」


Yeah, right now, if it’s this onee-san, I can properly draw it out.

…..The heck, isn’t she a beauty akin to a goddess of war!? And aren’t her breasts exposed!? And her pants are just hanging down like no big deal!!

Uoooooooooooooooooooooo~~!! I had already acted all cool, so can’t say now that I want to releaase iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!

Kuuuuu, my right hand is aching.

*sigh*……..what a waste………



  1. I wonder if [Goblin Gentleman], [Goblin Fappist] or [Goblin Gentleman Fappist] would be a good name for Rusty’s species…
    Thanks for the chapter

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