Gob Tensei Chapter 15

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9: I also want a hugging pillow


Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 15

Somehow, it’s kinda complicated….


≪Arishia/Knight Onee-san’s perspective≫

From an astonishingly beautiful elf’s hand, warm magic essence flows into me.

After I was laid on a bed, she removed her hands from my stomach. The woman….Reivell-san, switched the flow towards my foot.

「…..Oh my, there was such a thing? Nice job, Rus-kun♡!」

「Hmph, it’s probably just Rusty wanting to see a female knight take a bath, or pick flowers and go “uhehe”….like that, and you were in the middle of search of your “okazu”, right?」

「Sheri…..y-you, can you read minds? It’s so accurate that it’s seriously scary…… also, please don’t expose my corrupted perversion in front of master!!」

「NBeee *sticks tongue out*」(IcedTea: That’s not what my tongue sounds like, no ma’am.)

「Ara, ara….Rus-kun might be a bit wicked, but no matter what, you’re still my adorable pupil, you know.」

「Mastteeeerr!! I’ll follow you forever!!」

*sigh*….I wonder why?

Looking at the shameful sight of my life’s benefactor, from the bottom of my heart, it feels quite complicated.


As my body was covered with bruises, Rusty carried me to this house to receive some healing.

Yeah, in a princess carry. As a woman, my body is a bit on the bigger side, but while he was carrying me in his arms, he covered the distance through the forest at night easily.

His appearance is that of a 10 year-old boy, but his battle strength is equal to, or more, than that of an ogre. But still, he’s obviously a goblin…..

Occasionally, my waist was hit by a third hand-like thing, and this time, as a woman, I guessed what “that” is. For some reason, we are ignoring it. All along the way, while embarrassed, we moved silently.

But that bittersweet atmosphere was blown away when the door opened and I saw an elf girl come out from the house.

The scene has a theme about the boundary between being an adult and a young lady. It was as if you were looking at a painting.

She was a beauty filled with moonlight-like mystery. And from below the neat and clean white negligee of the elf, ‘they’ were big….Without any complaints, the beautiful breasts were pushed up.

And then from that beauty’s absolute sacredness, which shouldn’t be blemished, was emitted a tremendous magic power.

I was subconsciously frightened. Just then, around my abdomen, a lukewarm feeling arouse.

Looking up, there was a large amount of blood overflowing from Rusty’s nose.

「Master is so pretty that it’s hard to live!!」(IcedTea: Lol. Death by lewd.)

…….There was an unknown scream, and when Reivell-san put on a shawl, his nosebleed finally stopped.

The very next thing, that little elf girl Sherina got up after being curious about what was happening.

「A negligee loli elf appeared!!」

And while saying that, an oversensitive reaction came.


From the feeling of “that” at my waist, I understood that I lost to a little girl.

To me who has been seen mostly naked…lost to a negligee.

Losing to Reivell-san is ordinary, but even losing to Sherina-chan, it wounds my heart deeply.


On that night, the bed that was given to me, I silently wept.

If everything is finished, I thought of polishing myself as a woman more.




The next day, thanks to the healing, I was able to have a fresh morning.

I went towards the well to wash my face, and then I opened the door. I saw many armor suits scattered on the ground.

「Yo, so you’re up. How are you feeling….it seems that you are well.」

「Aah, thanks. It’s thanks to you.」

「No need for thanks. It’s not yet over, after all.」

「…….You’re right. So what’s this?」

「Stolen goods. We may only be going to the nearby town, but we still need to pay for the lodging and the food expenses.」

Rusty washed the armor, which had blood on it, tidily, and from looking at the dried suits, I understood his motive.

Among them were my armor and helmet, and some parts lined up that were interchangeable with the pieces that were broken.

My baggage, sword, and tower shield were also there too.

From the cave to here……you shouldn’t be able to bring this much without going back and forth many times.

「………….I’m sure am always being helped out.」

「We are going to be comrades for a while after all, so we are equal in this regard.」

「That comrade thingy. I should give you the pleasure of being one of them!」

Looking behind us, there was a little girl folding her arms and purposefully sticking out her chest.

「*sigh*…..Sheri, we are not going out to play there, you know.」

「Shaddup! Back to you–what are you going to do with the commuting and the lodging without my illusion magic?」

「T-that is….」

「At some point, there will be places where they will at least check the faces of suspicious people. If you are found out as a goblin scum, then they will go straight to lynching…..until you die.」(IcedTea: Still uncomfortable with the word ‘lynch’, but it is the correct word to use….)

「Guu….but, even then, a child elf is also prey who will be kidnapped by drooling people, right? If we go with that strategy, then when it becomes a fight….」

「Fufu, you don’t have to worry about my safety. After all, I will be bringing my hugging pillow.」

「Hugging pillow?」

When I tilted my head, next to Sherina-chan, something phased into view and an image of her future self appeared.

She was wearing a robe, held a staff on one hand, and wore a triangular witch-style cap.

「Waa….master!? When did you become invisible woman-」

「Let’s see…..Reivell-san?」

「Hello. I am Reivell, my beloved daughter’s personal hugging pillow. I’m erasing my presence by using [Recognition Obstruction], so treat me as if I’m not here, okay? As long as it’s not the highest level Thief, then I believe I won’t have even the faintest presence. I will basically not interfere unless you are in trouble. At certain times, I will only appear when I will be used as a hugging pillow by Sheri.」

「Hey, isn’t this, for various reasons, a hugging pillow with broken abilities?」

「Mufu, if I change my pillow, I won’t be able sleep♡!」

「Hahaha….I feel stupid for still feeling nervous about yesterday….」

Sherina-chan = The strongest protection charm. It looks like we will even able to survive the most dangerous situations.


Rusty also said it. Don’t do it alone; consult with someone……

So, just having reliable comrades can make you feel this reassured. I am ashamed for being impatient and reducing my options.

When I arrive at the town, first of all, I will lead them to visit my friend.

With her job, she should have detailed information. Maybe, she would also ask us to take her along. If it comes to that…..it may not be bad to try and honestly thank her.

The image of her surprised face appears in my mind.



    1. That’s what happen if you don’t have enough intercourse in your life! Remember kid, sex is good! Responsibility don’t, so use a condom.


  1. I wonder which of these options Arishia is closer than he thought with the reaction of Rusty, the Reivell and Sherina-chan…
    (a) Prefers delicate women.
    (b) He is a lolicon .
    (c) He see Alicia as a tomboy…
    (D) He prefers women from a height near his own.
    (e) Has fetish by negligee.
    I choose the possibility (c) and you?
    Thanks for the chapter


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