0_o Legitimate Excuses o_0 #NewProject

I know, I know. What’s with the long breaks between chapters?!? Well…..besides the fact that 2 of our editors are imprisoned in RL, we actually have a legitimate reason.

A New Adventure: Project 9 introduces a New TL!!!!!!!!!!! o_0


We have spent the last few days working out the specifics of this project, but we have done it. In keeping with 9’s fetishes, the MC is female. The Project is Manowa. The TLer is mllhild (from Brazil).

So, 3 things will be presented in this message:

  1. Introduce Manowa (also known as Kill-Steal-Grow)
  2. Introduce mllhild
  3. Gob and Kansu stuffs

First, check out this link (Manowa Ch1-31). This TLer has the first 31 chapters of Manowa, so please catch up on that if y’all are interested. The synopsis is here.

We will create a page on our site; 9 and mllhild will share the TLing (mostly mllhild), and I (IcedTea) will do the editing. There is no release schedule, but hopefully 3 per week (which may just be 3 chapters all at once on Saturdays, who know…). Everything else (formatting etc) should be the same as Kansu and Gob.

We (I will post, most likely) will release Chapter 32 of Manowa either Saturday or Sunday in order for readers to catch up to the previous chapters. I promise you, Manowa will be a great story.

Second, introducing our first new translator. Please read mllhild’s self introduction:

“Hello I’m mllhild
I’m 23 years old and in my last year of college. This first year is going to have a lots ups and down. I hope that I get a job after graduating, and then I will have more time for translating.
Well, I’m addicted to WN’s(otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing) and after reading a lot of them I decided to try and translate some as to bring more of them to outside of japan.
Obviously, I also like manga, anime and Japanese culture and am working towards a chance to go to japan.
Originally I was planning on asking at bureidanworks if they let me help with Half Dragon Slave Girl, but then I saw the notice on novelupdates that NinetH was searching for someone to divide TLing MaNoWa. So, as you can see I like strong female MC, slavery, politics and economics combined with some slice of live and comedy. Also no dougbag MC’s please, have a bit of op-esse(noblesse) oblige. If you have similar tastes and want my reading list just let me know.
Then please take care of me.
PS: You can also find me on futanaripalace’s SlaveMaker3.5 forum as mllhild, there I program some events for the game.”

mllhild is a really nice guy. And he’s doing some good work, especially for being new to this. I hope you all get to know him well.

So, please welcome our new TLer!!! (We seem to attract people with fetishes here……sigh…..)

Lastly, I think 9 is TLing a new Kansu chapter. I am currently editing Gob 17, 18, and 19. Please look forward to these in the next 2-3 days. Maybe even today! Who know….

Thanks for waiting! Please look forward to all the new chapters!!!


IcedTea (PS: Like my post!!!!!!!! I need some love right now……)


  1. How rare to see our fellow brazillians into translations, I just hope to see myself into this some time soon.

    I just finished latest chapters of Chen Wang Fei, and now a new WN with strong female lead appears.

    Thanks guys.

    Liked by 1 person

    Thank you also for all of your kind translation works to this date~
    Best Regards!!!


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