Manowa Ch 33

IcedTea: These chapter are longer than I expected…….


第三十三話 山を下りよう

33th story – Descending the Mountain


<<Coral Temple – Guest Room>>

“I just realized: I did something unbelievable.”

Waking up in the morning, Kazane was astonished, having just noticed this fact.

“What even is this futon? Moffumoffuyan~~! (mllhild: This means that it’s very soft and comfortable, and it is being said in a moe way.) (IcedTea: WTF…….japanese.)

There is no one here to wash it, but there are no insects living in it, and it’s neither stiff nor stiff. Having experienced the comfort of this high-class bed, Kazane was surprised.

“Moreover, it can be put into the Item Box. It’s possible to carry it back home!”

Kazane leaves with the indestructible futon in the item box list. (IcedTea: LN writers come up with some ridiculous things……indestructible futons?!? I’m sure the MC of Lazy Dungeon Master would love this……)

“All right, I’ll also be taking Yumika’s part. With this, sleeping comfort advances.”

That morning, the figure of the joyful Kazane threw the futons into her Item Box without anyone to find fault with her actions. Furthermore, Kazane collected who-knows-how-many shining crystals, which had served as substitutes for torches in the artifact chambers, into her Item Box. By the way, there was no limitation over the selling of stolen items. (#LootingTheTemple)

Thus, when Kazane verified that her magic power had recovered completely, and that the Crimson Saint Coffin had saved up half of its magic power, she left the Coral Temple.


<<Argon Mountain Range – The Base of the Mountain>>


Mountain-kun’s results are terrific. It was specifically built for traveling this distance in these conditions, but it have absolutely no problem executing its job at all, it was terrific to this extent. Also, the size is terrific. The grey golems around here are smaller than it is, plus it’s carrying walking sticks. It’s something frighteningly strong.

For this reason, right near the exit of the mountain climbing path some people raised screams as they saw Mountain-kun. Kazane had, with her [Dog’s Sense of Smell], known before hand that there were people, but had forgotten that, generally speaking, Mountain-kun couldn’t be seen as anything more than a monster.

“Eh? Wai-? Uw~~!?”

The outcome: numerous arrows were shot as a preemptive strike and stabbed into Mountain-kun.

Uwaa, it will collapse!?

And thus Mountain-kun collapsed at once. It has a higher defence than Hippo-kun, but it was not made battle and so Mountain-kun was rather brittle.

The result: Kazane was buried inside Mountain-kun which had changed back into simple rocks and dirt.

“[Skill – Killing Leg!]” (Kazane)

Out of necessity, she fired her skill at once, removing the dirt and such.

“Oh~, from the insides of the golem came a small girl.” (IcedTea: What’s with the nonchalant tone??? Shouldn’t it be “AAAAAAAH!!! THERE’S A GIRL IN THERE!!!!)

“Do golems eat humans?” (Adventurer)

Two people came rushing over to the collapsed Mountain-kun and encountered Kazane, who had collapsed and was making “A~~a” sounds while regretting the destruction of her golem.

“Oh, little miss. This was a dangerous situation.”

“Still fine after being eaten by a monster….you sure have good luck, little miss.”

Well, I think you could say they did a good job, right?

So, Kazane, understanding that being angry was rather unreasonable, meekly thanked them as one would expect.

“Oh–how should I say it–thank you, misters.” (Kazane)

“Of course, we are adventurers.”

“We are waiting here for one person, who is unrelated to you. It’s just a coincidence, a coincidence.”

Both people answer respectively to Kazane’s thanks. And then, looking at Kazane’s short height, a faint “?” appears on their faces.

“Naa, Bob-aniki. It just came to mind, but…” (Chris)

“What, Chris?” (Bob)

The man called Chris takes out a piece of paper from his breast pocket.

“Isn’t this girl-san the missing Ogre Killer Princess?” (Chris)

“Ogre Killer Princess?” (Bob)

Kazane, hearing this title for the first time, tilts her head and asks Chris.

“What are you saying, Chris! They say the person called Ogre Killing Princess flies over Ogres’ heads; her kicks break the Ogres’ skulls, with her shout, she can send 300 Ogres into flight.” (Bob)

Aa, that’s roughly the truth.

Thinks Kazane just as if it were someone else’s problem.

“But hey, a short little girl carrying a sword and a cane while using golems… Unh?” (Chris)

“Golem?” (Bob)

The two people looked at the mound of soil. Then, both made a face saying “Aa~”. Kazane also made a face saying “Aa~” with the meaning “Did you get it now?”


Suddenly, Chris turned toward Kazane with a timid composure.


“May you perhaps be Kazane Yuihama?” (Chris)

“Yes, that’s right. What’s the matter?”

Not feeling the need to lie, she responded honestly. And then, before Kazane’s eyes, two people’s faces turned very pale very fast. And same as before, she looked upon this as someone else’s problem.


<<Conrad Town – Adventurer Guild’s Office>>

“Good grief. There was no particular need to send out a (missing persons) report.”

“Well, because you didn’t return from the mountain hike after 3 days, I became pretty worried!!” (Pran)

To Kazane’s sulking face, Pran responded with a bitter smile. Originally, it was true that Pran’s worry caused Bob and Chris to go to the mountains, and that the merchants were waiting anxiously at the town entrance. It seems the question if she really would return had caused quite some anxiety.

“And then, are some strange rumors about me running around? Like Ogre Killing Princess?”

This was the origin of Kazane’s pouting.

Bob and Chris were frightened on the way back, the source of the fright being Kazane. All the more so, especially when she showed off her kicking by felling a large tree after Bob’s remark along the way: “Did you really kick the Ogre to death?”.

Or perhaps the two did become completely frightened when the two realized that the rumors they heard were actually true.

When Kazane was seen at the entrance, a lot of questions and rumors floated around: “This child did?”, “This human brat”, and so on. Meanwhile, that slave dealer oji-san, whom she had met before, was trying to convince people of the rumor’s truth, while being the source of the news as well. Since the battle was practically witnessed by no one, a mistrust of the story that no one could confirm still lingered in the air.

“Ah~, if that’s the case, just talk to the Beastman called Gyao at the bar. I will warn you though, he is very talkative when drunk.” (Pran)

“Ah! This person? He came here.” Kazane frowns.

“You, seem to be highly favoured by him, ne. And also to the merchants whom he brought along.” (Pran)

“Haha…” (mllhild: I suppose this is a tired expression)

In this world of few excitements, the story of the Ogre Killing Princess driving away 300 Ogres is a exceedingly precious source of entertainment. Already, independent of Kazane’s desires, the rumors were sure to propagate themselves… this Kazane understood now.

“I was thinking about how this is not a bad way to stand out, so, I had decided in Winlard that I would change my attitude and work hard towards this.”

“It’s a bit delayed, but it’s a good thing, right?”(Pran)

“That is so, right. Fuu~”

Kazane attaches a sigh while suddenly remembering something.

“Ah yes, Pran. What is this?”

Kazane takes out 4 guild cards.

“What… is, this is!?” As Pran gazes at the cards her eyes open.

“When I discovered them, it was already too late.”

The escort abandoner, Ruu’s group’s guild cards.

“It seems that they failed at trying to cross the national border. They died in a cave on the mountain.”

“Is that so…” Pran received the things Kazane handed over into her hands.  “In this season, the Argo mountain range to……..” 

And then, Pran slowly shakes her head many times over. “They were truly stupid children. Truly.” 

Pran, after looking in a daze at the cards for a little while, put the cards together and stored them away inside her desk.

Guild cards are similar to dog tags, and the adventurer who brought them back would receive a reward. Pran diligently went through this process.

And so, Pran placed 8 kirigia in front of Kazane and lifts her downcast gaze to look at Kazane.

“Well, to be a member of this trade, they must have this sort of resolve. Kazane, you too, please be careful. ” (Pran)

With eyes full of kindness, Pran gives such a warning to Kazane.  (TL: damn, so close, just delete a kanji and we have yuri)

“No matter how strong they are, people still die.”

“That is so, right.” (Pran)

Then, Kazane recalled the bleached, white bones of the similar ‘player’ in the Coral Temple.

“I’ll take that advice into my heart.”

Kazane nods, and then produces one more flat object.

“This is…?” (Pran)

“Sorry. There was another card. This is a different one.”

“…Yohan Simpson?”

Pran receives this guild card and reads the name.

“Do you know this person?”

“Y-Yes. I think I have heard it somewhere before. Please wait a moment.”

Pran opens the register book, searching through several pages for validation.

“Yohan Neruma…Yohan Warushawa…Ah, found it. The registration was made one year ago.” (Pran)

“One year…”

Kazane now realizes that there were considerable timeslips before Yumika’s.  

“My memory is a bit vague, but after registering, I think he did come here twice.” (Pran)

“Did this person have black hair and black eyes like me and Yumika?”

“No. Golden hair and eyes…did he have blue eyes? But, I can’t remember very well.” (Pran)

As I thought, it seems it wasn’t he wasn’t Japanese.

“So, I assume he also died?” (Pran)

“Inside the Coral Temple.”

Pran made a dumb expression, with her mouth hung open.

“Impossible–did you enter it?” (Pran)

“Well, yes.” Kazane nods easily.

“Never–really …so, what was there? Treasure?” (Pran)

As one would expect, Pran inquires about it while being somewhat excited.

“Fufufu, how admirable of you to have asked.”

While saying so, Kazane takes out from the item box a single futon.

“Futon?” Pran lets escape a disappointed voice, and Kazane stand up violently.

“Not just a simple futon. An [Indestructible Futon]!!! It was left there for a 1000 years, but there is no dirt, it’s not worm-eaten, dusty, or smelly!”

“Wha-!? This is …amazing…yes, right?” (Pran)

This is somewhat different from my expectations though. (Pran)

“Of course, at any time and in any place, being able to sleep on a moffumoffu futon (refer above for meaning) is the best! 1/3 of a person’s life is spent sleeping, so if I have this, isn’t it like winning 1/3 of my life?”

“Eehm, well, it’s a necessary item.” (Pran)

Inside Pran, thinking about Kazane and the Coral Temple had put her into high tension, but after this, the Coral Temple received a drastic downward adjustment. In reality, if she properly understood the properties and materials of this futon, it would bring about a different impression, but…..

“So I conclude that the coral temple is now completed?” (Pran)

To Pran’s question, Kazane shakes her head. “No, I think that I too can’t enter any more. It seems like it is such a place. I broughts the futons I could, but maybe I should’ve brought more.”

“Ah, is that so.” (Pran)

{Coral Temple – the treasures are indestructible futons – still exists}…notes Pran on a memo for later reporting to the guild.

“And then,  what did happen with the escort quest?” (Pran)

Kazane’s original business here: confirming this quest.

“There is supposed to be a large number of people, but…”

At the town’s front gate, a considerable number of merchants and carriages assembled.

“Unexpectedly, they have all gathered. They would like to depart together with Winlard’s escort [Gyao] group tomorrow. Is this alright?” (Pran)

“There is no problem. I also want to return to Winlard as soon as possible.”

Kazane says this, nods, and signs the designated request handed to her by Pran.


Character Screen:

Name : Yuihama Kazane

Occupation : Magic Swords‐woman

Title : Ogre Killer Princess

Equipment : Cane [[White Blaze]], Two Handed Sword [[Black Fang[[, Leather Jacket,

Fur Coat (with Hood), Metal Gauntlet, Plain Clothes, Leather Trouser, Leather Shoes, Pouch, Crimson Saint Coffin

Level : 19

Vitality : 64

Magic Power : 107+300

Strength : 25

Agility : 18

Endurance : 14

Wisdom : 27

Dexterity : 19

Spells : [[Fly]] [[Torch]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]

Skill : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker]] [[Rush]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Air Jump]] [[Killing Leg]] [[Fear Voice]] [[Invisible]]


Chat Room:

Yumika: “Indestructible futon, ne~”

Kazane: ” With this and the bunk bed made by the golems, it’s my win”

Yumika: “What’s this?”

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  1. I think she’s way more excited about the futons than the MP booster or the game breaking cheat ring ;)

    By the way, I’ve been wondering for a while now, but why is Torch listed in her spells? Isn’t it part of Fire?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Torch is solely for utility. It’s like [Wash] or [Laundry]……sure, those might be considered [Water], but they are neither generic nor attack based.


      1. Right, but its still a created spell from the first chapter of Fire. So why is it getting special treatment compared to all her other created spells? Quite a few of them aren’t really combat oriented.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. [torch] is not a created spell. In fact, according to the raws, none of her fire magics are truly spells. spells are magics that have specific activations. all those flame vortexes and lances that kazane makes are just manipulating the flame summoned through [Fire] with the skill [Fire Principle: Second Chapter]. Same with those golems. the different golems arent different spells, just her manipulating the [Golem Maker] skill. [Torch] then, according to the raws, must have an activation outside of manipulating fire. Think of it like the spell [Fly]. Kazane doesn’t have wind manipulation. She just knows the specific activation sequence for [Fly]. It’s probably the same with [Torch]. There is a specific activation sequence that has been fulfilled. Things like [Flame Lance] are supposed to be above the second chapter, so she probably hasn’t fulfilled the conditions for it to be considered a spell. That’s me guessing based of the raws. It’s in the raws, we didn’t put that there arbitrarily.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Never said you did. Just wondering why its there. From what I remember of the chapter where it was introduced, it was stated to be something from the first chapter of Fire Principle. Which, to me, implied that it was just a simpler version of her other created spells that relied on the second chapter.

            Liked by 2 people

          2. The reason it is simplified is because it is a spell. I think that’s all there is to it. Honestly, I’m not very sure and I really had to think about it. Thanks for bringing it up. If you see anything else, please tell me.


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