Gob Tensei Ch19

Iced: As mentioned last week, this is the last Gob for the next week or so… I hope you enjoy it. For people waiting for Kansu, sorry, it’s really long, so it’ll take some time.

RAW: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8969cg/17/

9: gyaggaugegyoooooo!!

IcedTea: What he said^



Knight Troupe -> Chivalry

Holy Knights -> Church Knights

9: For those who want to cast magic in goblin language:

風刃(Kazeha) →  [Wind Edge]: Goblin Version →  Gyageoo (A Blade of Wind emitted from within Gob’s body (not materialized from thin air like other magicians. Power of a Knife.))

火弾(Hidan) →  [Fire Bullet]: Goblin Version →  Gyaregyoo (An Orb of Fire emitted from within Gob’s body (not materialized from thin air like other magicians. Power equated to that of a First Grade Magician.))

Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 19

We Invaded


≪Rusty/Gob bastard’s Perspective≫

Late at night, at a time when everyone except the security guards were asleep, we infiltrated the Barnam Residence.

The infiltrators included me, Loli-sama, Arishia-san, and Saron-anego.

With the exception of me, the rest of us are masking their appearances.

After crossing over the wall by climbing a ladder, a dog’s bark and footsteps approached us from somewhere.

Loli-sama killed 2 with her bow, and I killed 2 with my claws.

First things first, we had to secure the underground basement where the kidnapped kids were kept. Creeping towards the window closest to the underground basement, we noticed the presence of a person behind the closed window, but we didn’t care.

Saron-anego raised her large hammer and struck at it with all her strength.

After making the screaming person faint, we advanced along the route towards the underground basement.

I remained still just before the stairs to the underground basement.

「Rusty, I leave the rest to you.」

「Sure, I will go wild awesomely…..a monster-like wildness.」

Right after seeing the three of them off, I rushed exaggeratedly towards the guards.


「Wha- why the hell is there a goblin here!?」

「Don’t lose focus! It’s a mutated species. We don’t know what kind of power it has!

Fuu, I made it in time.

With these idiot guards, they would probably think that a mutated goblin went on a solo raid.

After that, all I have to do is lure these guys away from here, but—-

Ooo! After the guards, the Church Knights came. With full plate-armor and tower shields, aren’t they perfectly equipped?

Crap, they look so difficult…..

According to Arishia, the Church Knights do not guard the priest’s private home. It’s probably because they’re accomplices of the same crime. Well, from the beginning, I won’t be holding back; rather, there is no time for such idiocy.

Maybe killing humans is a monsters’ instinct….

Licking my lips, I smiled according to my true nature.

「Gegyugyogegyoooo!( Now, let the massacre begin!!)」o_0


≪Arishia/Blockheaded Younger Sister’s Perspective≫

While going down the stairs, I realized that the jails were more legitimate than what I had imagined them to be.

I had never thought that this would be so bad…..

Thinking that I worked for such evil really irritates me.

While I was surprised in that moment, Sherina fired arrows.

The jailers, after having their legs pierced, fell down.

Saron-nee rushed towards the last jailer and pulverized his head with her hammer.

As I was about to knock out the 2 jailers who were begging for their lives, Saron-nee said something.

「Out of the way. If you don’t have the resolve to do it, I’ll do it.」

「No…just, I thought that as it….」

Isn’t it fine to not to kill them. I still ended up thinking about it.

As long as the higher-ups are rotten, even if you tie up the kidnappers and present them to the higher-ups, they would say that it wouldn’t even be a crime. If there is even one person, somewhere, that is going to be a new victim, then it would be better to stain our own hands. Rusty and Saron-nee told me this many times, and I consented to it.

Originally, it should have been my job. After all, I am the one who involved them.

「…….Arishia. The reason I wanted to become your sister was because I wanted you to say what you depended on my without any hesitation. Making a younger sister’s wish come true depends on the older sister’s guts and ability to win arguments. I wanted our sister-sister relationship to become like that.」

「……Sorr-….no, thanks. Nee-san.」

Saron-nee, you’re too cool. I’m really about to fall in love.

But yeah, that’s right. If I am going to panic in this situation now, however pathetic it may be, it would be better to have Saron-nee do it. I’ll have to make you allow me to abuse my privilege as a younger sister

――――――afterwards, I might get preached to for a long time.

But still, for some reason, when I imagine Rusty or Saron-nee scolding me, they look happy while doing it…I wonder why? Like somehow, they are looking at me with warm eyes…

as if they were not really serious about fixing this part of me…..wait, that is impossible. Yeah, impossible, impossible.

I stole the keys the jailer had on his waist and released the captured little girls.

「Wait a minute, definitely…shouldn’t there be a baby that can’t cry?」

「there was….the baby was taken two hours ago…」

Damn it! We were too late.

What should I do? I have the job of guarding these girls. Then, let Saron-nee choke Barnam for the answer….no use. We already have low war potential. Decreasing it would be bad. Even though I definitely have to take these girls out to safety.

Just as I thought that, in this bad situation, all we can do is give up–

At that time, a little masked girl looked towards who-knows-where, and by gestures only, she received information with a smile,

「Arishia-san, no need to worry. After all, everything is done/」

「Sherina-chan, what do you mean?」

「Kaa-sama is just about to go out. She knows that pervert, she says♡」


≪Rusty/Gob Bastard’s Perspective≫ (IcedTea: Leggo!!!!!!!)


「Gaa- gaaaaaaaaaaah!」(A Dying Person)

I slashed at an unprepared man. Just one swing of my claw was enough to pluck out his guts.

Right after extracting my hand and swinging again, I was stopped, with a blunt sound, by a Church Knight’s sturdy shield.

Oooo~Just as I thought, their defensive power sure is strong! Although I look like this (scrawny goblin), I have as much brute strength as an ogre. But, didn’t Master say that, because my body is lightweight, it decreases my overall attack strength….?

If that’s the case—

「Gaaaaaaaa!」(Probably a Person who is About to Die)

「Oh, guoooooooo!」(Probably Goblin Speak)

Using my free right hand, I held the waist part of the knight’s armor, lifted him up towards the sky, and threw him into the corner where they were encircling me.

Jumping through the opening created by the knight, I ran through the vast halls according to the rough sketch of the house in my memory.

At the time I was running through the halls, as if to match my timing, guards came running from the entrances in every direction.

「You can’t run away anymore, you goblin bastard!」(Not Gob, clearly.)

「Man, it’s a lynch…」(Gob)

There were dozens of them. I don’t know whether if it’s for money or whether all of them are connected to the illegal stuff, but there are way more of them than I imagined. Among these, there are five church knights. As if cornering their prey, the encirclement started to shrink.

Now then, let us talk about how I am a mutated species.

Ever since I met Loli-sama and Master, it has been seven months, but my body hasn’t grown even a bit. My appearance has stayed at that of a 10 year old boy.

Probably, if I was the same as I was in the past, according to my prediction, I would have grown into an adult ogre, and I think I would have met the peak of my quasi-evolution. However, I, who had previously sought only strength, changed my objective ever since I met those 2.

As a student and as a friend, I desired to live in same time as the 2 of them.

I continued to swallow magic stones, but my desire became totally opposite to growth….it became growth delaying.

Of course, I shouldn’t be able control my growth. My evolution might have stopped, and the piled-up magic essence might have gone on a rampage.

So?….Who the hell cares!

I want Master to advance my magic and being rivals with my fellow, cheeky, elder student….those days are my true dreams. I don’t want to be a monster who is strong. I want to be Master Reivell’s pupil who is strong. And along the way, I want to become a grand magician with Loli-sama and become known as the 3 wise men.

――――――Someday, for sure!

I released Wind magic essence from my tail and silently released words of power.

「Gyageoo! [Wind Edge]」(Gob)

Mowing my tail horizontally, an elementary grade Wind Magic was released from it.

It’s strength is equal to that of a knife. And without any delays, I shot more of it in every direction.

「Gyageoo! [Wind Edge]」(Obviously Gob)

「Gyageoo! [Wind Edge]」(Same)

「Gyageoo! [Wind Edge]」(Same again)

「Hiigiiiiiiiii!」(Not Gob 1)

「Gyaaaaaaaaaaaa–」(Sounds like Gob, but not Gob) (9: man, it’s kinda confusing, who is the goblin.)

「Iigii! Aaa–my intestinessssss!」(Definitely not Gob. Gob’s intestines are safe.)

「Guu, this bastard!? Is it a goblin mage?」(Not Gob 4)

「Idiot, goblins don’t have tails!」(Not Gob 5)

「This guy bastard is not even chanting much at all! How the fuck is this bastard doing it!?!」(Not Gob 6)

There were quite a number of guards who had received fatal injuries, but the guys who were wearing tough leather armor and the guys farther out mostly received only minor injuries. If it was Master, they would have already been cut in half.

Continuing to attack, I inserted Fire magic essence into the claws on both of my hands and then condensed it in my palm.

「Gyaregyoo! [Fire Bullet]」(Gob)

「Gyaregyoo! [Fire Bullet]」(Still Gob)

「Gyaregyoo! [Fire Bullet]」(Yep, still Gob)

「Aajjiiiiiiiiiiii!」(Oh, no. Definitely not Gob.)

「Eeeek! The heaaaaaaaat!!」(Captain Obvious not Gob)

「Gaaaaaaa! I’m burniiiiiiing!」(Not Gob 7)

「Wa-waaa, don’t come closer! You’ll burn me!」(Not burning ‘Not Gob’)  (9:BURN!!)

After a while, about half of them died in the hall, and the heavily equipped Church Knights prepared their shields and pushed through the crowds to stand in front.

「That bastard’s Magic is equal to that of a First Grade magician! We will be the vanguard. You guys attack from behind our backs!」

「Oooooooo!」(A Group of Non-Gobs)

Hey, I can hear your strategy, you know. (IcedTea: No, they don’t know.)

Well…..just for this type of situation, I pretended that I didn’t understand human words.

But you know, the scariest thing about me is not that I am a mutated species which is able to use magic, okay? (IcedTea: I am really fed up with this ‘you know’ stuff….)

Then, let me teach it you. The foolishness of fighting a beast in this enclosed area.

「Gyaa!」(To be honest, we have no idea whether this is Gob or Non-Gob.)

「Wha!!?」(Non-Gob, for sure.)

I used a feint and pass through the Church Knight’s big blind spot while running on four-foot.

As I passed through, I slashed the legs of two guards.

With the momentum I had gathered, I climbed the walls and teched off it, and kicked the head of a Church Knight who couldn’t see me from above his head. The robust helmet rotated 360 degrees.

「What the hell, its fas-..!?」(Not Gob 8)

The man who was shouting stopped as soon as I slashed at his throat, and in an instant, he died.

Since that moment, I was peerless, a beast who was using everything in the area as a foot hold and, with brute strength equal to that of an ogre, I rampaged. No one was able to take on the pure violence of the storm.

During the moment when I rode on top of the last standing Church Knight, he was blasted away while I twisted his head.

After the hall had become silent, behind a guard, there was an old guy leaking his pants.

I knocked the guard down, and I held the old guy’s head and slowly crushed it.

I wonder if the experience I received this time was tasty. Compared to swallowing a magic stone, something deep within me felt like it had leveled up. Just as I thought, killing a human and sucking up his magic essence gave monsters some kind of reward.

After a short while, I trembled with my monster-like instinct.


W-who the hell is it–who the hell said “muscle brain!!”

I’m a monster, so it’s hard to hold back okay!?

If you spread that false charge, then I’ll beat you up!

E-eventually I’ll become a Grand Magus in the future, okay!?

(IcedTea: Who the f**k are you talking to….)




  1. Thanks. Your efforts to identify everyone who wasn’t Gob were quite amusing, as were the constant editorial tsukkomi. Keep up the good work ;)

    (Does ‘tsukkomi’ get a final ‘s’ when plural, I wonder…)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. thanks! i had a lot of fun putting those in. it actually was quite hard because there is literally no difference between gyaaa (goblin speak) and gaaaa (human shouts) and context really doesnt help.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. sorry about that. in the raws, its really hard to tell the difference, especially since gyaa (goblin speak) and gaaa (human shouts) aren’t very different. I tried my best to make the notes funny and worthwhile. i hope it helped somewhat. thanks for reading!


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