Manowa Ch34

IcedTea: Enjoy!!

—————————————————————第三十四話 デマを流そう

34th story – Let’s spread a false rumor


“She came. A toast to our princess of victory!” (Gyao)

Kazane, now in the bar, has been entangled in Gyao’s cheery mood.

“You stink of sake…” Kazane sent spiteful gazes and rejecting faces toward them, but was ignored by the drunkards.

“Don’t be so cold, Kazane. We are comrades, right?” (Drunk Gyao)

This beastman. Getting unusually and overly familiar.

Drinking might be the trick to be popular among them. So thought Kazane, but she wasn’t especially attracted to the idea. Well, lines like “We, who tomorrow will be diving towards the jaws of death, shall share our courage together!” weren’t Kazane’s favorites.

“Yo~ Kazane. Quite the atmosphere, right?”  (Conrad Adventurer A)

“Long time no see, Kazane-chan. Want to eat some tart?” (Mattsunniyan)

“Ah, Mattsunniyan-san, long time no see. And yes, I want to eat tart.”

Ignoring Gyao and going towards the center of the inn, some people called out to her. They were the informants who had helped Kazane gather information in Conrad town. In addition, surrounding them at a distance, several adventurers who came with Gyao from Winlard were watching. Something akin to yearning was mixed into their gaze; the Conrad town adventurers noticed this, but didn’t understand what it meant.

“What’s going on?” all the Winlard town adventurers were wondering with questioning expressions.

“Really…Just before, you guys (Kazane and Yumika) were just a bunch of okay bastards, but aren’t you now most remarkably successful, nee?” (Conrad Adventurer B)

“You guys aren’t just bastards, and it hasn’t even been ten days since you left this city.” (Conrad Adventurer C)

“Watch your words, you stupid idiot.” (Conrad Adventurer D)

Well, they were all this type of person.

With this and that, the discussions that Kazane had joined with enthusiasm transitioned into the Ogre Subjugation. When it became clear that the rumors about Kazane were the truth, the conversation began to draw in all of the Conrad adventurers. Some people were subjected to the Fear Voice by Kazane and were reduced to an unconscious state.

Afterwards, the talk turned towards Kazane’s objective in Winlard, to which Kazane recited, with the same excitement, the speech she had given to Pran while taking out the futon. But, the reaction was the same here. Expecting a dreamlike treasure, but in reality, it was this futon–was not how Kazane had planned for the talk to progress.

Informing the public about exceedingly powerful artifacts and rings was not a good thing, Kazane decided. Although some people were surprised when she told them that the indestructible futon couldn’t stain or even wet when splashed with sake, the surrounding became really quiet when a pushover tried to spew over it. He received a kick and sank into the opposing wall. By the way, this pushover’s name was Gyao.

“Eh, by the way, this wasn’t brought up during our talk before, but what was the role of this Jirou guy?” (Random A)

““Ha?”” (Group of Randoms)

At the time when the talking had more or less calmed down came this sudden bombshell question, making Gyao and Kazane having to respond to a mass amount of questions.  

“This guy joined Garra’s party and made great efforts, isn’t that right?” (Random B)

He did? (Kazane)

Unbelievable. (Gyao)

The two communicate eye to eye, as they were actually on quite good terms.

“I heard that, together with Iron Horse Garra, he faced that really brutal Ogre.”

Eh~, that’s not a lie, right? (Kazane)

Well, it’s because he went on Boss’ Hippo-kun with Garra. But why are they asking? (Gyao) (IcedTea: Gyao refers to Kazane as Boss.)

“Even though it was a C-rank party, they were elected into the surprise attack force. He could have abnormal skills.” Remarked a Winlard adventurer.

It seems very likely that Kimberly-san was at his wits end after not having noticed the rumor. (Gyao)

After the fight, Jirou did immediately kneel down and apologize. (Kazane)

Jirou must have been extremely uncomfortable. (Gyao)

“I heard he had suffered a really large wound in the fierce battle.” (Random C)

Ah, it’s about that time when he fainted before the fight. (Gyao)

(IcedTea: This, of course, is all one large misunderstanding. Jirou had actually fainted before the fight, but people thought he had been injured in the battle.)

Aa~ (Kazane)

“This guy is the star of hope for us from Conrad.”

Aa-aa-aa (Gyao)

They stopped. But Jirou-kun’s HP is already zero. (Kazane)

“““Then what happened?””” (Group of Randoms)

Feeling the surrounding men’s expectations, Gyao filled himself up with alcohol. However, Kazane…

“This should be kept from the person himself. But since you all already know everything until that point, it can’t be helped, right?”

Suddenly, interest was there. You could even say desperation.

“Hey Kazane, what are….” Even before Gyao could say “It’s better to stop…”, it was already too late. Kazane’s mouth went on performance before the audience.

Then, the adventurers who received Kazane’s story gradually spread it out to the adventurers of the place. Ferried and dramatized by several people, it became a magnificent saga and, before long, had become well known throughout all the continent. (IcedTea: Wow, that was quick. I wonder if they have social media….)

Oh. Jirou’s time as hero did exceed his own expectation at the beginning, but it was nothing but a mistake. So he broke down crying and sobbing from stomach pains (a symptom of stress).



<<Arkana Highway (Winlard→Conrad Town) – The Next Morning>>

(IcedTea: Kazane ditzy, gossip, and random mode re-activated….)

“Pakara~Pakara~it’s a big crowd~”

“What song is this?” (Gyao)

In the center of the caravan of assembled traders, on the roof of a carriage sat Kazane singing happily.

“Pakara travel~Pure heart faction~” (IcedTea: wtf is this….)

“I don’t get it.” (Gyao)

“I don’t either~!”

“What is it?” (Gyao)

“No idea!” (IcedTea: Seriously, wtf is this….)

While the also-present Gyao yawned, Kazane held an inconsequential chat.

“Really, how can you keep doing such things…..” (Gyao)

“These things? I don’t know! Good grief…really why is it?

Kazane herself didn’t understand what kind of power she had.

“As if we could know something that you don’t know!” (Gyao)

“Ah, that’s right.”

Well then, who knows it? complains Kazane in her heart.

“By the way, spill it, Gyao.”

“What is it?” (Gyao) 

“Did you break up with Mello-san?”

*buffooo* Gyao spat out what he was drinking.

“Wha—wawa—-wawawah—What are you saying, you bastard!” (Gyao)

“Iya, it’s because there was that disturbance. Because you weren’t together, it spiked my interest, that’s all.”

“We aren’t really separated, I’m sure. We’re just taking a little cooling-off period, I think. Right? Right.” (Insecure, flustered Gyao)

Aya, are you for real? Thus thought Kazane, but it wasn’t something to particularly worry about.

While the two people were having such a carefree talk, no one else could tell whether they were doing their jobs or being negligent.  

“This….is this really happening?” (Adventurer A)

“I also thought that Gyao was a scary guy, but…” (Adventurer B)

Gyao was a man who puts on an aloof character on a whim. While he did not start fights by himself, if he was in a bad mood and got entangled with something, he would leave the other adventurers in a half-dead state. But, like some sort of miracle, that was not happening now.

“It’s only the Ogre Killing Princess that he can’t go against.”  (Adventurer B)

Between the two people who are holding a conversation side by side on top of the carriage right now, there are some ogre horns they obtained just some time ago. Seven sets in all. 5 sets, or 10 horns, were Kazane’s share. The remaining two sets, or four horns, were from the Ogres that Gyao had brought down. Among Gyaos’, one of them was one Kazane defeated but didn’t cut down, so actually, it wouldn’t be strange for Kazane’s share to be 6 sets.

This had just occurred a moment ago.



<<Arkana Highway (Winlard→Conrad Town) – “A Moment Ago”>>

Seven ogres suddenly exited the woods, and at this time, the adventurers and merchants had prepared themselves to die.

One or two ogres was already a serious matter. Everyone thought that this was far beyond what their number of adventurers could deal with. The traders too, who, on the guilds invitation, were pushed to rely on the single child on the roof of the carriage, were cursing their carelessness.

However, just as if they already knew of the ogres’ arrival, Kazane and Gyao had already rushed out. Before the ogres even could come in front of the caravan, they had  killed them all. After that moment, seeing the dumbfounded look on the other adventurers’ faces, the merchants understood very well that this was by no means normal.

“Oh, setting your delicate circumstances let aside (sarcastic, I presume), Kazane, you had a hand in this, as I thought.” (Gyao)

“What about it?”

Kazane suddenly started acting oblivious.

“I don’t know. I don’t know, but it’s something.” (Gyao)

“I don’t understand your meaning?”

Kazane noticed that she had been exposed, but she kept feigning ignorance.

“First, just now, you didn’t kill that confused ogre, you–” (Gyao)

Kazane shrugs her shoulders, declaring that she had no intention of answering. Well, I don’t think there is anything to tell after all.

It is normal for people with ability to not reveal the full scope of their power, so Gyao didn’t take Kazane’s answer with displeasure. Fellow adventurers are, while being comrades, are also, at the same time, rivals. Rather, after thinking about it, Gyao recognised the other party as equal.

Gyao didn’t know what Kazane went to obtain. But, some time ago, when she shot six Fire Vortices, it seemed as if her magic power hadn’t decrease at all. (IcedTea: Gyao realized that Kazane is hiding her strength and that she is now able to kill more ogres than she used to (about 4x more by mllhild’s calculations), but he doesn’t know what happened specifically.)

However, being able to decipher his partner’s body, physiological condition, and by her smell, Gyao understood. (IcedTea: He f**king sniffed her. Sexual assault???)

And then, there was something inside the bag hanging over Kazane’s back–that thing did not yet have Kazane’s smell and it seemed to be the cause. (IcedTea: Refering to the Crimson Saint Coffin, as she just got it, so it doesn’t smell like her yet).

“Maa, growing day after day into adulthood. I do that too!”

“This is just too much.” (Gyao)

(IcedTea: So Gyao deduces that she has reached puberty…….at least he recognizes her OPness.)


Status Window:

Name : Yuihama Kazane

Occupation : Magic Swords‐woman

Title : Ogre Killer

Equipment : Cane [[White Blaze]], Two Handed Sword [[Black Fang]], Leather Jacket,

Fur Coat (with Hood), Metal Gauntlet, Plain Clothes, Leather Trouser, Leather Shoes, Pouch, Crimson Saint Coffin

Level : 19

Vitality : 64

Magic Power : 107+300

Strength : 25

Agility : 18

Endurance : 14

Wisdom : 27

Dexterity : 19

Spell : [[Fly]] [[Torch]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]

Skill : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker]] [[Rush]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Air Jump]] [[Killing Leg]] [[Fear Voice]] [[Invisible]]


Post Chapter Chat:

Yumika: ” You and Gyao really get along well, ne.”

Kazane: “You said something rather unthinkable as a close friend.”

Yumika: “To be frank, I received Mello-san’s consultation. It’s still in question whether this companion of your is in the lolicon faction or not….”

(IcedTea: Everyone who enjoys anything on Project 9’s site is at least partially in the lolicon faction, let’s be real.)

(mllhild: I can’t deny that.)

Kazane: “You said something awful. Please call a lawyer. I demand apology and reparations.”

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