EDIT:vHey Y’all!

Edit: mllhild seems to be busy, so maybe not today. I’ve already finished editing tho, so it will definitely come out this weekend. Sorry.

Hello everyone. I would like to draw attention to the new MaNoWa glossary (see the Manowa tab at the top). It’s actually really comprehensive. We will update it every once in a while. Please thank mllhild for his hard work on that.

Speaking of Manowa, chapter 36 should be up today or tomorrow. Chapter 37 is in the works as well.

9 has been having problems with his computer, so Gob will be a bit slower for a while. Our other editors are MIA as well.

Because of those problems, I will be speeding up my editing pace. Of course, I still have to wait for the TLers, but by speeding up my pace, chapters should come out a little faster.

That’s all for now,



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