Manowa ch 36

Iced: Sorry for the delay, guys. mllhild had malware issues and had to back up his computer, so he’s been unavailable for a while. Well, here’s 36. 37 is on its way.


第三十六話 特注品を受け取ろう

36th story – Let’s receive a Custom Order


<<Winlard Town  –  Trading District>>


The party, having welcomed a new member, suddenly gushed motivation. After the meeting, Kazane went towards the Batoro Workshop to receive the equipment whose creation she had requested.

So, I wonder what state it’s in.

An exquisite piece made from the horn of the Berserk Ogre….combined with skills to bring out even more destructive power, it can’t be helped….I want to get it as soon as possible…that is the expectation, but….

“Oh, Gyao and Mello-san.”

“Geh-, Kazane….” (Gyao)

“Ara~, if it isn’t Kazane. It’s been about a week, right?” (Mello)

“Yea. Long time no see~. Looks like you managed to make peace with Gyao.”

As Kazane spoke of this Mello made an ashamed smile. “Yeah. Well, I must admit, this fellow seems to be reflecting a bit…right?”

“Y-, yea-. Of course!” Replied Gyao with a pale face. Afterwards, he started frantically gesturing in a way not visible to Mello.

Ah. What the hell is….Ah…. frowned Kazane, and yet she ended up noticing a certain thing.

This, this is not like Nina’s … Ha-!?

As Kazane noticed the scent of a different woman coming from Gyao, she caught the attention of Mello.

“What is it, Kazane?” Mello approached her while the light in her eyes diminished.

“N-, No, its nothing…”

Eyes dark as an abyss followed Kazane, and then turned to Gyao.“It’s nothing, eh?” (Mello)

Scary–What is, this frightening person? How should I put it–these eyes…they seem to doubt me as well!?

Kazane wanted to think that this was not the case, but if she didn’t speak here, she felt that her life would be in danger.

“Eh…erhm…well, I was wondering why Gyao–for what reason it may be–has the smell of another woman on him again.” Kazane stiffened and cold sweat started running down her back.

“Ah, you son-of-a-” (Gyao)

“Heh~, I wonder why….right, Gyao?” (Mello)

“Please wait, Mellon-san–This is, without doubt, a lie from this brat.” (Gyao)

“Kazane, thank you. Also, this time again, please take care of me” (Mello)

“Roger, ‘Sir’!”

“This brat, YOUUUU——!!!!!!!!!” (Gyao)

“Be quiet. My life is precious, idiot. If you don’t want to be exposed, don’t approach me when another woman’s scent is sticking to you.” 

While hearing to Gyao being dragged along, Kazane put aside what just happened and went towards the workshop.

By the way, since the people present at the occasion only transmitted part of the『Don’t approach me while having the smell of another woman stuck to you』story in their rumors, it caused another incident, but that is a story for another time.


<<Winlard Town  –  Batoro Workshop>>

“Yo! It’s been a while, Kazane.” (Mondorie)

“Yea, Mondorie-san, been a while…. “

In the Batoro Workshop, Mondorie came to the shopfront to receive Kazane.

“Master is not here today?”

“3 days ago, he was called to the Royal Capital and left. From his words, it seems that he will be able to come back with the thing Kazane requested.” (Mondorie)

“Fuu~n. This is a enjoyable story.”

The things Kazane requested were the ingredients needed to make a support item for golem users. At the present time, the golem-related craft is treated as a military secret, but since she already knew the ingredients for the support item, she requested them from the Batoro workshop.

“What type of armor is this? The dwarven craftsman took it for investigation. I told him that I could guess the purpose of the armor, but I don’t think that it is a crafting technique from a thousand years ago.” (Mondorie) (IcedTea: Remember, Mondorie is the craftsmen who researches old stuff. She gave Kazane her sword and cane.)

“Good grief. Really……”

It was possible to produce the object to a certain extent according to the blueprints which Kazane drew from her memory of the design. Still, Kazane thought that her own design for armaments was somehow not very beautiful.

“And the other one, did you manage to finish it?”

Kazane has been, since a while ago, staring intensely at the object lying next to Mondorie. Calmed by those eyes which were looking around restlessly, unable to hide their excessive interest, Mondorie placed the object in front of Kazane.

“Yea. This is it.” Mondorie opened the bundle and presented its contents. Inside was a pair of black shin guards.

“Shin guards made from the horn of the Berserk Ogre: 『Berserk Ogre Greaves』. These are harder than the horns of normal ogres. While processing the material, we met some unexpected difficulties.” (Mondorie)

“Oh~~” The eyes of the honorable recipient sparkled like a child receiving his birthday present….except that the gift was a dangerous weapon meant to kick monsters to death. (mllhild: my favorite type of girl) (IcedTea: I have now learned that mllhild is a potential yandere fan…..or at least likes the violent type…..hardcore tsundere maybe?)

It increases [Killing Leg]’s power, and with this, I won’t have to avoid opponents which are armed with blades……As a matter of fact, her thoughts were also dangerous.

“With this, I’m getting really excited for the Ogre subjugation!”

“Yea. Go for it, right!” (Mondorie)

The workshop also couldn’t shut their eyes to the stagnation in the flow of materials and goods. Mondorie also had high expectations for Kazane’s efforts.

Afterwards, Kazane received a referral to a clothing shop styled for adventures, and there, she received a cloak which made from the indestructible futon. It looked like a snow white cloak made of high class materials, and on top of that, it couldn’t be dirtied or slashed. As well as defending against bladed weapons, flames and the like couldn’t penetrate it either. And because they couldn’t cut it, it was necessary to use metal latches to hold the cloak in place.


<<Winlard Town — Rikardo Inn>>

“So this is the rumored ‘indestructible futon’?” (Yumika)

Kazane came back wearing the high-class-looking cloak………….

“So it did become a rumor, huh?”

“Yea. It’s said that while capturing the Coral Temple, you obtained the indestructible futons.” (Yumika)

Rumors are fast, naa…..Kazane thought, but this was only natural since this rumor came from the bar in Conrad town, and the ones who spread the rumor are the adventurers with whom Kazane made the escort mission.

“And here, I have also prepared Yumika’s portion.” Kazane takes out another former indestructible futon, now an indestructible cloak, from her item box.

“R E A L L Y !?” (Y  u  m  i  k  a  ~  ~)

In a flurry, Yumika put it on, enjoying the texture of the cloak, really pleased with it in every way.

“It’s better than the futons from this inn, naa. I can wear this and sleep in it, naa. It truly won’t get dirty, ne? There are no other problems. It REALLY won’t get dirty, right?” (Yumika)

Well, it’s a mystery.

After Yumika finished pleasured herself =) with the feeling of the indestructible cloak, Kazane was finally able to finish the discussion.

“So, this is the Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring?” Murmured Yumika while gazing at the ring on Kazane’s index finger.

“Simple is best. This is also my second playthrough. I wanted you to do it by all means, if you can visualize such a situation. Well, besides us, there seem to be other players; however….ne…”

“There were traces of 5 artifacts.” (Yumika)

“Un, one I found immediately. But there was also a skeleton of someone who looked like a player.”

Yumika became quiet.

“As I thought, the situation seems to be that upon death, you don’t return to the former world, is it?” (Yumika)

“At least our body doesn’t seem to return, ne. This is even more so of a possibility if our appearance is based on that of the game characters, but if you think about it, it seems to be related to our actual appearance.

“Figures….haa…” (Yumika)

Kazane did give quite a quick explanation. It was pretty clear, but it did not seem to be for Yumika.

“I think the remaining 4 artifacts were taken away, without a doubt, by other players. The problem is that the last time a player visited the Coral Temple was probably a year ago.”

If someone else had entered after that, he would have taken the Infinite Key from the body as well, concluded Kazane.

“I came here a week before Kazane, correct?” (Yumika)

“But in my memories, I have met Yumika before the day I was thrown here.”

“That also occurs in my memories.” (Yumika)

And then, there was the day of the encounter with Yumika

“The last time a player visited the Coral Temple was 1 year ago. There were also 4 other people who visited….either way, much time has passed since they came here. The first player to be thrown into this world….just when did he arrive, ne…..”

Yumika didn’t have an answer. Kazane also didn’t either.

“Since we’ve come from our former world, just how much time has passed?”

This the two didn’t know either.


Status Window: New Equipment in Bold~~~

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swords‐woman

Title: Ogre Killer Princess

Equipment: Cane [[White Blaze]], Two Handed Sword [[Black Fang]], Leather Jacket, Metal Gauntlet, Plain Clothes, Leather Trouser, Berserk Ogre Greaves (instead of Leather Shoes), Indestructible Cloak (instead of Fur Coat (with Hood)), Pouch, Crimson Saint Coffin, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring

Level : 19

Vitality : 64

Magic Power : 107+300

Strength : 25

Agility : 18

Endurance : 14

Wisdom : 27

Dexterity : 19

Spell : [[Fly]] [[Torch]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]

Skill : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker]] [[Rush]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second chapter]] [[Air Jump]] [[Killing Leg]] [[Fear Voice]] [[Invisible]]


Post Chapter Chat:

Kazane: There may still be the possibility of having a setting with a clocked-up virtual world on a quantum computer.

Yumika: How about the setting where this is a different dimension and we must return to our former world?”

Kazane: We are actually copies, and the real ones are living their lives normally.

Yumika: “Because, we cannot return, I reject it!”

Kazane: “Even if you say that, it’s rejected already, nee…”

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  1. thanks for the chapter

    “Be quiet. My life is precious, idiot. If you don’t want to be exposed, don’t approach me when another woman’s scent is sticking to you.” (Mello)

    isn’t that Kazane saying that line and not Mello?

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  2. Crimson saint coffin is an accessory like gem? I forgot its appearance.. If it’s literally coffin…I can imagine a girl carrying a miniature coffin on her back but that’s rejected since that doesn’t look cool about an accessory which is shaped like a small coffin-like brooch or something~~ welp, it’s up to the creator/owner to give it any name. Just like how an owner can name a normal cat, dog.

    Thanks for the chapter~~

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    1. i think…..i could be wrong…….but I think its a necklace. you know how priests and such have necklaces with crosses on them. same but with a small coffin instead….something a vampire might wear…….thats my image……i hope that helps.

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      1. But she carries it in a pouch right … And her other self also was said to carry something that looks like a glowing blue orb that had a similar name (she might have got it while she was playing that character) … So in summary, it might be a non-equipable orb which can only be carried in a pouch…

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  3. Thanks for the chapter 😊
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  4. How about a setting where they arent really themselves. Only given copies of memories from the original. Like a certain reincarnated cute spider having memories of the class beauty

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