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Rrelentless’ first chapter!!!!!!


Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 20

I Punished Him


≪Master Reivell/The Punisher’s perspective≫


「Haa, haa, haa….. oh how long I have waited for this moment…..」

In the main temple building of the Sacred Church in the center of the town, a horrid breathing sound sounded over it.

The moonlight pouring in through the window marked the pure white skin of the infant laying upon the altar. The infant girl was crying out of anxiety, but in this cold weather, her throat was not working properly, and you could only hear her breathing violently.

In front of the naked infant was the devout representative of miracles, the master of this temple, with a knife in his right hand and a smile on his face.

The Sacred Church’s Archbishop, Zawell Mairaha. Age 62 and still in good  health. An old, ugly body covered with a sublime gown of gold and white.  

Just as usual, he is despicable. I wanted him to die and disappear, but these kinds of people sure live long. (9: the irony of a world where evil lives longer than good)

Without any hesitation, towards the old ugly body that was about to lick the body of that baby, I fired off an attack.

It’s a [Wind Edge] with an enormous amount of magic killing power behind it, but it was deflected by his automatic barrier.

「!? Who’s there?」

Zawell-san peered over his shoulder vigilantly; I’m not there, you know.

I covered the baby with a cloth and gently cradled her.

「As always, you really are despicable. When I heard that there was a priest who had requested for a baby, I knew it was you.」

「Wha–you are…Reivell!」

「Well, after all, during the war, it was you who enjoyed killing the monster infants so much. I expected this kind of thing would happen when you got older….really, I can’t help but laugh…」

「Kuu! Are you not still the same, without any change in appearance and talking without a care……——–[Holy Jail Binding Prison -Holy grail-!」(IcedTea: This is so redundant, it’s not even funny….) (9: 聖縛獄牢: 2 kanji meaning jail and 1 meaning bind…..nearly wanted to name it Holy Jail Jail Jail……) #HolyJailJailJail

Around me appeared a 3 meter tall jail made of light. It’s an advanced level Light Magic. It’s a technique which obstructs the movement of magic inside the barrier.  

「Did you think that I would simply let you get away!? If I catch you, Julius-sama will be filled with joy. He has even readied the preparations to do so!」

「Preparations… Does he plan to do something again? Those who love big breasts should just die!」(9: Okay, master said it guys, so please prepare your suicides.)

Remembering the person who worsened my complex, my killing intent soared.

Humans, you see, in order to satisfy their lust, will do even the most evil things. Especially those with high social status…and the higher it is, the more worse it becomes—that tendency is pretty obvious. Compared those people, Rus-kun is a really refreshing and gentle “Mr. Pervert” towards the world. The wimpy part of him is sorta cute.

In Sheri’s case――she does not love big breasts—she only loves me. This is important, OK?

….For some reason, I ended up defended my beloved pupils, but for now, let’s have this pervert here leave (this world). From my assessment, this level of magic interception cannot obstruct my magic.

―――――Well, what I will be doing really is just brute forcing myself out.

I held the infant in my left arm and held out my right towards Zawell-san.

What I will be chanting is just a simple Magic Equation…..it is just going along with what I am feeling right now.

「Haa, just a Fire Bullet? It’s pretty impressive that you are able to form a Magic Equation, but with my barrier, you will only ended up burning yourself.」

「Now then, I wonder about that….even if I look like this…..I am angry, you know?」

「Hmph, how stupi…d….e…..eh?」

I saw his smile of confidence gradually start to warp.

He cannot do anything about it. After all, the Magic Equation only fired a flame the size of a fist but is filled with magic essence equivalent to that of a Dragon Breath (oh sh*t, overkill).  I wonder if I overdid it…I thought about it a little, but whatever……

With the pressure from the compressed magic, the barrier of light dissolved.

Zawell-san raised a scream and turned away from me running for his life.

「Goodbye, Pervert Archbishop-sama♡」 (9: Reivell-tan!!♡♡♡♡♡) (IcedTea: I can hear 9 squealing…)


(9: *booooooooooommm* *splat* *splat* splat* Michael Bay approves)

After that…..it was a disaster. After all, I was nearly burned by the flame I myself released…..

The temple and many of the Sacred Church’s facilities were destroyed by fire, but it looks like it did not spread to the civilian’s houses.

It was a bitter failure that I do not want my beloved pupils to learn about, but there’s no problem since the infant in my hand is the only one who knows about it.

Even if my beloved daughter heard about it, I would just laugh it off and deceive her. (rrelentless :mother of the year.)



  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Someone told me once that God called the good to His side in heaven because He loves them.
    Not that I believe her.

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  2. When this novel isn’t focused on the loli-goblin’s lust it touches on some dark stuff. Also do you have to comment suicide if you like a spectrum of chest sizes not just big ones?

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  3. So she does not care about Rusty’s lolicon perversion because she knows what a true pervert degenerate is… And even finds Rusty’s level of perversion of the cute…
    Thanks for the chapter

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