Gob 21

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9: Yep, Loli-sama AKA Chibi Demonlord is still going strong with her awesome techniques!
IcedTea: Also, holy crap. Horny Sheri = Harem King.
Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~
Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 21
I Became Jealous
≪Master Reivell/Jealous Erofu’s (Ero-waifu?) Perspective≫ (9:erofu means an erotic elf, the romaji for elf is erufu, changing the u to o makes the first part ero, meaning erotic and thus you get the holy meaning of erofu the erotic elf)

There were a lot of things that had happened tonight; however, you can still call the plan a success.
Rus-kun and I might have overdone it, but it wasn’t much of a problem.
The town is in a pretty big uproar now, but, I placed a barrier so they didn’t hear it.

The rescued children are staying at Saron’s house.
We brought the blankets during the afternoon, so there should be no problem now. In many ways, doing this is illegal, so we cannot rely on the guild.

Ah….I left the baby to the children too. It seems that her sister is (there) among them, even though she seems young.

Tomorrow then, Saron-san and Arishia-san will be sending the children back to their homes. Even though there is no reward, really….they are such good people.
Arishia-san and Sheri went back to the same inn as they were in yesterday.
There are some spurts of blood on Arishia’s armor, but both of them were uninjured.
…..So, after that, we will just go to sleep but….

「Kaa-sama, Kaa-sama…why won’t you come out?」 (9: Just a note to those who forgot: Reivell is using concealment magic.)

My daughter is sobbing in big drops–my heart is squeezing hard.
But still, there must be a distinction of right and wrong as a mother.

*punsuka* (something like this: http://lohas.nicoseiga.jp/thumb/4623512i?)

I am angry, and I have to show that I am angry right now.
And more than that…yesterday, I was really embarrassed.

Moreover…I do not know how to face Arishia-san.
I’m sure she is thinking “Aren’t elves with big breasts a mutated species called Erofu?”.

You are wrong. This erofu thing is something recent. I am being swept away by the circumstances. (9: Accept thy fate, dear erofu!)

―――――Yeah, I should not get easily swept away. I know I should not, OK?…….haaa….

「Sherina-chan. Reivell-san is probably trying to say that she just wants you to reflect on what happened yesterday. Let’s endure it for today ok.」


「Ah, that’s right. How about I become your hugging pillow in exchange? Come here♡」

What did you say!?
Ah, no…. I am grateful to you for being kind to my daughter, ok? But leave the exclusive-hugging-pillow to me. Somehow, I cannot overlook that…that….um….It’s not that I am jealous, OK!!! (9: KITTAAAAAAAAAA!! TSUNDERE REIVELL-TAN!!!!)

As I was in agony from the conflict within my heart, my beloved daughter happily jumped onto the neighboring bed.
Yo-you, cheater――!!

Sheri buried her head in the valley of Arishia’s breasts and was happily enjoying the elasticity of her valley.
I felt that my stress got bigger.
She was burying her face as long as she lik-….ah, that demanding, teasing, spoiled gaze is—

「Arisha-san….i want “oppai”」 (9: *inserts “i know what you mean” mister bean face*)


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh!? Am I unneeded, child!? Am I fired as an exclusive hugging pillow!?
Sheri, please don’t throw your mother away!!
I-It looks like I was surprised and stunned.
I-It is alright that strict Arishia-san would not think rashly and agr—

「…….If it’s just a little bit, then……okay.」

You! Are you planning to steal Sheri from me!!?
Uuuuuu~, I am really really sorry!
I….became weird.
Arishia-san’s gallant face kindly smiled, and brushed Sheri’s head.

「I…I was fascinated by the loveliness of Reivell-san, and that made her so embarrassed that she cried. That’s why, me too…that….if I feel that embarrassment, I think Reivell-san will be in a good mood again.」(9: Rusty you are losing your harem candidates!! be serious you goblin)

「Arishia-san, thanks!」

So Arishia-san was thinking about that….she certainly was staring hard, but in the first place, the two of us who did it in front of others are the bad ones….
And moreover, Arishia-san… you are taking our Chibi Demonlord too naively.
Even though she had not allowed her to “oppai”….
Nipples! No, no, no! Absolutely noo!……..*trembling* *purupuru*…

Sheri, who was looking really happy, stripped up Arishia-san’s tank top.

Two big white hills came bouncing out.
It sure is a pretty body which was properly trained.

「I love you, Arishia-san….that’s why, I will “massage” you♡」

「Eh? Massage…no way, the one from yesterday!?」

Okay, the “massage” was declared.
For the following…..tragedy……and for Arishia-san’s honor, I will hide the details. (9: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)
But still, being the one doing the looking……it feels really perverted. My daughter did such a perverted thing to me………..once again, I was blushing from the embarrassment.
Awawawa! Oh Sheri, for a girl to have such tongue techniques before being married…..

Arishia-san, too, is desperately trying to hold back her voice, but the shame doesn’t end with just your tears. After all that, she was in agony from the pleasures of a woman.
The curtain of the Chibi Demonlord’s assault fell as Arishia had fainted. It was about 20 minutes.
Although, in my case, in a horny mode, she violated me about an hour……*trembling* *purupuru*…

After Arishia’s reactions were gone, Sheri cheerfully put her tank-top back on her and covered her with the blanket.
Sherina lay down besides her, but her situtation seemed a little strange. Her small body was curled up and shaking. And my beloved daughter whispered as she was crying:

「Kaa-sama, kaa-sama….Kaa-sama feels much better. Kaa-sama, I want to hear your voice. I want to sniff Kaa-sama’s scent. I want to talk with Kaa-sama….」


Before long, my beloved daughter tired herself out from crying as she went to the dream world.

When the two of them had starting to quietly snore in the bed, I dissolved the concealment magic and stood by the side of my beloved daughter.
I took of my robe, and entered the bed in my lingerie and gently embraced my daughter.

「Sheri….I wanted to see your smiling face. I wanted to hug you. I wanted to tease you.――――Kaa-san loves Sheri very much♡」

The next morning, while exchanging morning’s-greetings with my daughter, we teared up, reconciling with smiles.


    1. the full title of Gob tensei is :”I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status”. This is taken very literally…..this story is just as much about Sheri and co. as it is about Rusty……and Rusty will generally always get the short end of the stick, no matter the subject

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  1. What’s happening here? First I though it would be kind of perverted, now it seems to only turn around sex, like magic/sword/adventures/etc doesn’t exist.

    Rather disappointing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wait for it, my good friend. i agree that the story is sorta slow, but it is only arc 2……so yeah……..and wait ’til arc three gets started…….i promise you’ll be at least partially satisfied.


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