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Well, Project 9 has been so hype about this chapter for a while…..this is literally the best chapter of Gob so far. So here we go.

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RAW: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8969cg/23/

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9: yep It’s confirmed. Mutated species is the correct one for this WN–they are called Mutants in the WN

Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 23

I turned the Tables against the Hero


≪??Unknown??/Possible Harem Candidate’s Perspective≫


「Gyaa! Gii! Gaahe!」

「Ora! Ora! Ora! What’s wrong, goblin! For trash to pointlessly have individuality….come, hurry up and die!」


The goblin which was swinging a long wooden stick and a blond, handsome swordsman are fighting.

The bully, pretty swordsman’s sword skills are incredibly beautiful and fast. Just as you’d expect from a Hero.

Although, his real personality is rotten.

Then, from the goblin’s side, he is fighting against such a high-level swordsman…. And he has a face that looks like he is pretty much about to cry.

Even though he even grew a tail, really, it’s human-stinking-goblin.

……..Is it really a goblin?


An ikemen swordsman hurling out abuses with no sign of class.

His name is Duekakis Swornnagg. (IcedTea: WTF…..)

The world’s most blessed human――――The Sacred Church’s chosen Hero.

Very rarely, there are humans born unknowingly receiving divine protections.

The Church seeks them out and supports them, raising them to become human weapons, so-called Heroes.

And then there are Hero’s servants, raised as much as possible to be sacrifices for the Hero……..and that is me.

Using Recovery Magic to heal him, offering up my body to protect him, allowing myself to be impregnated on a whim――I am just a tool.

From the start, ever since he knew that the Church had sent him an 11 year-old redhead, the Hero hasn’t called me by my name. I’m pretty much not even treated as a human, but it’s probably easier that way.

Everyday, I pray that the day where I will be used as his sex slave won’t come.


「Hahaha…damn, this guy is as hard as an ogre! You aren’t pretending cry very well….. Hey, Useless! Put a barrier so that this bastard won’t get away easily!」

「……. Yes.」

As I was ordered, using Light Magic, I casted a barrier around the Hero and the goblin mutant.

「My ladies, maybe we’ll be able to get some rare materials. Once I kill this bastard, I’ll give the tail to you girls!」

「Kuaaa! Thank you very much, Yuusha-sama!!」 (9: note Yuusha-sama = Hero)

「How dreamy!」

「So coool!」

Earlier today, the girls that he was flirting with―――― if you can call putting your arms around their shoulders flirting―――the 3 females adventurers which are raising their yellow voices besides me.

If you look at them, they don’t seem like much, but they are unexpectedly strong people. A party of adventurers with only females in it…its seems that they are quite famous.

When I put up a barrier, it was just for an instant, but their faces suddenly warped into annoyed faces.

This Hero has a very bad reputation. By using this dungeon, they are probably planning to run away.

The Hero’s philandering is the worst. I don’t want to see anymore tattered women….


――――― I’m sorry.

My sympathy is also directed towards the goblin covered with wounds.

Originally, this boss room was not supposed to be used by high-level adventurers.

The hero ordered me to tamper with the barrier and open it.

Just to show off to the girls…….


While the lady adventurers were showering the hero with compliments, the goblin mutant assaulted him from behind, hitting him very hard with a wooden pole exceeding its height and using its nails to stab at the neck.


However………the hero is uninjured as usual.

The reason he was a hero was because of the Divine Protection he was born with.

―――――{Physical Attack Invulnerability}

A type of Divine Protection for those born to be heroes. No one can wound him. Even magical attacks are mostly useless as they are mostly realized as physical phenomenon. And then, from the start, his equipped armor is enchanted with abnormal status resistances, and he’s wearing all sorts of magic items, items gathered by the so-called “gold and power” of the Sacred Church.


「…….. You, sneaking around……You’re too annoying!」


Turning around, the Hero’s right foot sank into the goblin’s stomach and blew it away.

「Don’t ever…. f**king look down on me!」


A countless number of sword-flashes appeared.

In the Martial Arts category: [Mettagiri] (Hacking to Pieces). The flashes instantly sliced the wooden stick and the whole goblin’s body full of cuts.

In front of the wounded goblin, the Hero rose his sword overhead.

「You small fry, try screaming out-..」

「I see…. There are also those cheap-ass heroes, huh.」(Project 9: Let’s GO!!!!!)


Suddenly, the goblin who had talked in human language fearlessly smiled.

The goblin, filled with anger, threw the scraps of the wooden stick in the face of the hero.

Piercing through his eyes, the Hero avoided the rest of the splinters of wood by bending his head backwards.

When he snapped back in place, the goblin’s right hand was just in front of his eyes…..

「[Fire Bullet]!」(Goblin)

「Gobbaaa!」(Hero…even though he sounds like a goblin.)

On his face, a flower of flame bloomed. 

But still, that kind of attack doesn’t work against the Her-…. (9: i love reactions like this)

「Gahiiii! *cough*! Gohhaaaaaaa!!!」(Hero)

The hero was grabbing at his chest and rolling on the ground writhing.

I can’t believe this. The hero who was fine even if his eyes were pierced was…..

I unintentionally grinned.

Awawawa…..this is bad! If that arrogant hero knew about it, without a doubt, I would be raped and killed.

Sever my emotions (Patriarch Huyan anyone?)……I just need to be like a doll….

「Hahahahahaha…..looks like it really hurts, Yuusha-samaa! Inhaling fire! Did your lungs get grilled?」


I see, that Fire Bullet went inside his mouth…

The Hero, whose mouth was burnt, can only crouch on the ground, being barely able to breathe.

The goblin, with an unsteady body, picked up the Hero’s sword and a sliced-off segment of wood.

And then, he slashed the hero twice.

On the buttocks part of his trousers, there was an X mark from the slash, but not even a drop of blood appeared.


The specifics of the Physical Invulnerability includes overall automatic Absolute Solidity and Impact Invulnerability on the surface of his body, protecting him from harm. If he had covered up his mouth earlier, or even if he loses consciousness, you can’t kill him easily. As long as he is kept inside the barrier, depending on when the pain and inability to breathe stops, the Hero’s slaughter will begin for sure.


「It may be the fault of this odd barrier, but I can’t really contact Mezzrow-shi. And so, because of that, sadly, I don’t really have any weapons or ways that can really kill you. It’s darned disappointing, but I’ll make do with the most extreme harassment I can dole out…. 」(9: you guys are gonna love this)


The goblin painted the tip of the stick with its own blood.

I wonder if that stick has used for a long time as the tip was round. It was about 30cm (basically 1 ft.)

Looking at that, in my mind, I was reminded of something repulsive.


Maybe……no, no matter how much….but still, the goblin was about to be killed, and so the goblin has the right to take revenge……..Uuuuu….Kyaaaaa!

The Onee-sama adventurers beside me, too, had the same expression of bewilderment and expectation. Yes, we were only able to become the Hero’s victims. After we have just encountered this impossible development, and the fact that, towards that disgusting Hero, the goblin will…..

The goblin had a very unpleasant face from the bottom of his heart and stuck the Hero right in the split in his trousers.

「Hey, you bastard, what are you-!!」


It’s he-eeeeeeeeeeeeee-re!!!

Hey Goblin-kun, what’s with that face? You should have more passion on your face.

And you (Hero), your face is real pretty after all, so it’s fine to provide us with more service, you know. No, you absolutely must do so.

The hero is being abused like a juvenile vagrant, so for now, I will forget my resentment and any boorish emotions. Even your expression is fine, so please, at least feel more shame, ok? I beg you, please cry in a nice voice, ok, Yuusha-sama♡ (9: this girl is dangerous) (IcedTea: Who cares. She’s my favorite character so far. She just gets better too…))

「…..Ah…s-stop…ah, please sto…p …gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..」

Ah….. it’s a muffled scream, but the sound of it healed my heart.


So that the Divine Protection doesn’t activate, the stick was slowly pushed in, making the scream of the hero drag on. (IcedTea: If you thought this was just a spanking, you were horribly mistaken, just like I was….and no, “stuck” was not a typo….it wasn’t “struck”…..it was definitely “stuck”……)

When it was about to pushed to the base (30 cm), the scream had ceased. (9: Boku no Yuusha? or Boku no Goblin?)

I’m sure he had reached his limit from the mental damage.

As the stick pierced into the Hero’s buttocks, foam had started to spout from his mouth.


Removing the barrier, I moved towards the goblin.

Strangely, I wasn’t scared. After all, he had a kinder gaze than the Hero had.

Forcefully severing my emotion of gratitude, I lowered my head.

「On this occasion, it seems that our Hero has cause you immense trouble. We are terribly sorry for what happened.」

「Ah, no…. You too seem to be having it hard as well.」

I looked from Goblin-kun to myself and, noticing my shabby look, I blushed out of embarrassment.

The allowance I got from the Sacred Church was taken by the Hero, and I’m also stuck without food, making me skinny.

Not being allowed to use the bed, I’ve been sleeping on the floor, making my clothes dirty.

From the start, since, because of these hardships, I’ve been able to protect my chastity, I don’t think of it as something unfortunate.

But it’s quite bitter to have others see me like this.

「The hero is a vengeful person. I think it would be better if Goblin-kun would hide somewhere. You too, adventurers. I’m not sure if you are not gonna be killed just to silence you, but since the rumours will probably spread, I recommend going on a journey. Just in case, I think it would be better not to get near the Sacred Church.」

「Y-yeah…thanks」(Female Adventurers)

「Girlie, are you still going to be with that Hero?」(One of the Adventurers)

「……Yes, because if I escape too, the pursuers will come after me…..」

Moreover…..even though, in many ways, it’s a rotten organization, I was given an education and also awarded with rituals, and so, I have a debt of gratitude to them. I don’t really like being ungrateful.

In many ways, it’s probably the end for me, but let me pray that everyone will be safe. It was only a brief moment , but it was very enjoyable.

As I was thinking about those things while seeing them off, right before me…..Goblin-kun had turned back towards me.

「Um….is it fine to ask for your name?」


I wonder how long it’s been since someone asked for my name….

For someone to remember my name…. with just that much, my chest trembled with joy.

「…… You may call me Ryen. If it is fine for Goblin-kun to teach me your name as well?」

(IcedTea: That was extremely satisfying…)


    1. Well. There is some disagreement as to whether what I have counts as a soul or not. Despite that, I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. So thanks. :D

      …by the way, I’ve been wondering. When it calls out the POV in (Name:Tsukkomi name) format, is that you guys, or is that the author?

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        1. And somehow, I’m not surprised that the author is openly mocking his own characters…my personal favorite is still “≪Master Reivell/Jealous Erofu’s (Ero-waifu?) Perspective≫”. It says it all, really… :D

          Liked by 1 person

          1. The author doesn’t even seem to take his own work too seriously, which gives it a nice flair and slightly ironic comedic sense. Considering that his plot (“plot”) isnt entirely serious either, it works well….


          2. no it’s not the author, i am the one doing that cause the perspectives changes a lot of times that it would be confusing if i don’t point it out


          3. Maybe, idk. I’m a singer! Plus, my comfortable range is a higher than most guys, so I’m in a fair amount of singing groups on my college campus……its a lot of fun but so much work.

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          4. Freaking tenors, get all the leading rolls…I was a bass, back in HS choir, but I was more comfortable as a baritone. …and we have wandered way off topic. So yeah! Great chapter! ;D

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        1. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


    1. meh. this has none of that seriousness. and if it did, it would be a mass rapist pawn of a totalitarian authority who has no regard for life and has tortured people and other sentient beings being raped in jail. i sorta ok with that…..

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  1. You know there are a lot of productive things I could be doing now, like going over me readings for class, or working my own translation project (shamelessly promotes Skeleton Knight), yet I’m sitting here imagining a hero taking up the ass and in the near future that same hero asking for it harder, so thanks for that.

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    1. You have won my favorite post of the day award. (You do Skeleton Knight? Awesome. I think you do good work. The story is pretty good too!)


  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Poor Hero… NOT!!! He lost his anal virginity to a stick. *insert devilish evil laugh*
    And man the church in that world is twisted.

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    1. that might be going a little too far…..but i agree with the sentiment……well, he technically raped him, so maybe……idk


      1. Well, it’s not as if swinging a sword at someone was showing your intention to kill… if Gobu chan wanted to REALLY kill him, he could. But I agree that raping him of all his dignity was also very good in itself… although he himself must have felt pretty bad about it hahaha

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  3. Prove the same hell you made others live scum yuusha!
    From what I saw when the rust used [fire bullet] all the oxygen inside the lungs of the Scum Yuusha was burned at once and it choked a little but caused no direct burn to the body, right?
    Thanks for the chapter

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