Gob Ch24

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9: kids, each job has its own troubles


9: changes

mid-boss -> mini-boss (can’t really think of a good one, its basically a boss type that is for newbies)


Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 24

The Part-time Training is a Life or Death Matter


≪Rusty/A Part-timer Trainee Waiting for Death’s Perspective≫


「Well then, we had some trouble in the morning, so I think we should go slow on the first day of training. This time, I will be the one deciding the opponent, so please be relieved.」

Mezzrow-shi just shelved that the fact that the Hero’s barrier outwitted him.

It’s your fault I had to go through that after being thrown into the mini-boss room.

My injuries? Already fully healed using a high-class potion.

It may be because of swallowing magic stones, but the injuries didn’t reach my bones. I’m much tougher than I thought.


Just that right now, I’m a bit curious about the servant girl. Maybe like “a loli with no luck?”, and she talks like she’s raising a death flag…..(IcedTea: I’m assuming you people are either gamer/otaku enough to know what a flag is…..)

For her sake too, next time I meet that Hero, I will definitely kill him.

Though, I don’t have any chance of success.

For that reason, I really need to get stronger.


While taking me along in the vast armory, Mezzrow-shi is continuing his lecture.

「You can choose anything here to be your main weapon; though….if I had to give my real opinion…..it would be more ideal to change weapons depending on your opponent.」

「……I understand that theory.」

「Fufu… Even if you say so, you still don’t really understand it. After all, it is only something that you can only pile up while having bitter experiences.」



Really, I don’t get it. This guy is just like a philosopher.

There is some evil mixed with in his intellectuality, but I can’t really hate that. Despite being a demon, he has a personal virtue.


「We will have Rick-kun be your sparring partner for now. He is inexperienced in battles being still like a child. Please don’t go too hard on him~~」


I’m still kinda don’t wanna use clubs, so I choose the most powerful looking rapier.




Trembling, I stood facing my opponent with rapier in hand.


「Excuse me, but Rick-kun really looks like a massive dragon!!!」

「Rick-kun is a half-year old infant. Please gently fight with him.」(IcedTea: How are you supposed to fight a dragon……actually, how are you supposed to “gently fight” with anyone?!?!)

「I can’t fiiiiiiiiiight!! Physically or mentally either!!」





「Gyaaaaaaaa! Rick-kun, please move! I’m gonna get crushe—I’m gonna get crushed!」

「Gyarururu, gugyao」 (9: i don’t really know what Rick-kun’s gender is, but from the name he might be a shota ED: Japanese for Little Boy)

「Fufufufufu, for the moody Rick-kun to get attached to someone this way….Rusty-kun, would you like to be a childcare worker here? There are lot of children here who are hard to care for….so many so that it’s really worrying.」

「I refuse with all my might! Aaa, my innards are….s-p-i-l-l-i-n-ggggggggggggg!!」

「Guuruu, gururun♡」 


The second afternoon.

With my huge hammer sliding off my shoulder, I screamed in despair.

「Bees!!!!!!!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!」

「Please be relieved. The stings of the Killer Bees are deadly against humans, but it won’t affect monsters much………….in exchange, you will feel some pain.」

「Youuuu Deeeeeeeeeemoooooon!!」

「Non~non~ I might be a D-e-m-o-n, but I am also a just and upright Dungeon Master, you know. I do not use such pretense like playing favorites――――― Though I play some light pranks.」

「Gyaaaa!! It hurts—-owowowowowowowowowowowow——it hurts too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」

「Kufufu….yes, it really is enjoyable♡」

For 2 full hours, I was only doing nothing but running away from the bees desperately.



Gacha, gacha….gatsun! (*metallic sounds*)

Fufu… This time, I am different.

The formerly human part of me learns from mistakes.

I have donned full-plate armor, a bow and quiver of arrows are on my back, along with a war hammer and a great sword. On my waist, I’m armed with a one-handed sword, a rapier, a katana. In my right hand is a long spear, in my left a gladiator’s net.

Without a doubt, I am perfectly armed!

If it’s with this, even if Rick-kun steps on me, I probably won’t die. If there is also a beehive today, i’ll get a big haul with my net. My mastery on these weapons is still at the novice level, but I have physical strength, so as long as I have affinity with the weapon, I can still fight somehow.

This will work…….I’ll make that long horse-faced demon say uncle.

「Now, come out whatever you are!」

「Hou~ by any chance, are you this opponent of mine?…..」



Looking behind me, I saw a skeleton wearing a robe.

In that moment, a chill ran up my spine as if it had froze the blood inside my body.

A primal fear that shocks you awake instinctively……..an overwhelming magic power…..the spec differences is way too big.


「I am the {King of the Undead, [Lich]}. You may call me Galbararl. I hath heard from Mezzrow-dono…perchance, art thou the warrior who shall challenge me?」

「Aaaaaa, um…you might be mistaking me for someone else. It looks like I got off on the wrong floor….」

Coming from me who has bathed in cold sweat, my cleverness was easily destroyed by the usual obstruction.

「You took the right floor, Rusty-kun. Today, I have especially asked Galbararl who is normaly busy with his magic research. So please, go slowly and make full use of this time to be his opponent.」

「Hou, I heard that there was an odd goblin but….I see. What an interesting mutation. And more than that, his intelligence is really high, which is, indeed, very interesting…..」

「Thi..th-this is fraudddddd! Weapons won’t work on those bones, right!?? He’s too strong!! And more than that, he looks really interested in me, so much so that I feel uncomfortable! It’s scary, you know!! Help me, I’m gonna get dissecteddddddddddddd!!」

「Muu, what a child with a bad tongue…」

「Mufufufu…..the weapons won’t work? How weird, there should be weapons enchanted with [Purification] in the armory? Perhaps you only considered the weapons by their form and didn’t notice the magic power within them?」


「Incidentally, that tail of yours…. if it’s cut off, does it regrow like that of a lizard? If possible, may I cut a bit to sample…..haaa haaa……」

「Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!! Don’t come near me, you peeeeeeeeerveeeeeeeeeeeert!!」 (9: On that day, Rusty became unable to ever call himself a groom nor a bride again……Rusty, my condolences.)


I fought insanely as if I was going to die.

I was able to obtain a technique which enables me to enchant my weapons with fire.

But I was still annihilated.

I cried and begged for forgiveness, and because of that, I was able to get away with my tail intact.

However, during free times, I was worked hard as the Lich’s assistant with his research.
Recently, I think I haven’t really slept much.


  1. Thanks for the chapter :D
    Who had that picture of the gentleman in the horse mask? I imagine that’s the way Mezzrow sits while rewatching the surveilance footage of Rusty’s part-time “work” during these last couple chapters. lol

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  2. You see kids this is way you do research before you take up a part time job. Rusty it may be painful now, but just imagine how much of a better fighter it’s going to make you…, that or your death will be relatively painless… hopefully.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. The hero has an immunity against physical attacks, and most magic actually deals physical damage too. But maybe it is different for an enchanted weapon? …though I’m dubious about whether it would work if it’s fire…


          1. ……………shit………….that would hurt…………..his anus would be seared off………….


        1. yeah. when you read enough light novels, you realize that a fire-enchanted weapon and a fire-clad weapon are totally different. A fire-clad sword literally has flames on it. A fire-enchanted sword has fire-type magic essence on/inside it. So technically, an enchanted sword should do magic damage.


          1. I don’t think so since a fireball would then deal damage, right? as it’s magical. But what was pointed out is the fact that fire is physical, even when created with magic…

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          2. a fireball is a physical manifestation of fire-type magical essence. a magician would manipulate the magical essence around them/in them to create a fireball. However, if they directly shot out the magic essence, then it would be “pure magic” and thus be magic-type damage. Does that make sense? Sorry for the confusion……


          3. I understand what you say. If they were to do that, it would definitly work !!
            But it wouldn’t be a fire-type attack anymore right? ;p Can our MC manage to do that? We’ll see~

            Liked by 1 person

          4. it wouldnt really be a fire-type attack……it would just be a ball of magic with the fire attribute……..its gotta be pretty hard to stabilize magic in the physical environment…..well, we’ll see indeed….

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  3. Thank you for the chapter.

    These last few chapters have been hilarious. I wonder how long Rusty will continue to suffer for Mezzrow’s/our pleasure.

    Also, was I the only one that thought of this during the bee torture scene?

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  4. 「Muu, what a child with a bad tongue…」
    No, other than the part about dissection, I don’t think he said anything relatively foul though~


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