Manowa Ch39 + a TL note you should check out….

School’s over, so back to our normal schedule. Thanks for waiting!

One note before we start out: This is too hard to do in English, but in Japanese, there are many ways to say things formally and informally. We have this in English too, like Farewell vs. Goodbye vs. Bu-bye. However, Japanese has a lot more of this, to the point where they can phrase whole sentences in a formal or informal way, but still have it say the same thing. In English, this is quite hard to do. We did our best to have Tiara speak more properly than everyone else, but I don’t think it comes across that well in English. So just a reminder: Tiara is speaking in formal-type speech the majority of the time. She is supposed to the the well-kept noble-type princess, after all. She slips into informal sometimes, when she lets her guard down. This is usually indicated by a contraction (“don’t” instead of “do not”) or some type of more colloquial English. I hope this all makes sense, since this will hold true in the future unless the author changes the way Tiara talks.

第三十九話 隣の国に行こう

39th story – Let’s go to the neighboring country


<<Argo Mountain Range – Foot of the Mountain – Morning>>

On the day I joined the party, I thought I became pretty familiar with how things work, but I was mistaken. I want to take back…….mutters Zinray in his heart.

“Now then, get on.” (Kazane)

Behind her stood a Hippo-kun with a wide circumference and a rectangular awning covering its back.

“This is a very odd vehicle.” (Zinray)

As Zinray looked dumbfounded at it, Tiara once again received some sort of misunderstanding: “So this is an adventurer’s vehicle.” (mllhild: at the end of the journey Tiara will be asking if common sense is tasty)

Inside the Hippo-kun are 4 chairs, designed to be sit on, not straddled. The surroundings are enclosed, providing cover from the wind.

“By wearing heavy clothing, I think we can get over the cold if the indestructible futon turns out to be lacking.” (Kazane)

While saying so, Kazane distributed a futon to each sitting individual and took her seat in the front. Everyone seemed to want an indestructible futon.

“Now, wouldn’t this be quite dangerous if it crumbled?” questioned Yumika, knowing how fragile Hippo-kun was, but…

“Because I have become able to use much more magical power than before, this has also raised its defensive power.” (Kazane)

The concern seems to have been unnecessary. Kazane studied the destruction of Mountain-kun last time. And the danger of its fragility as well.

“Well then, let’s depart!” (Kazane)



<<Argo Mountain Range – Tsuwara Kingdom side – Late afternoon>>


“Nothing happened…” (Yumika)

Zinray was astonished. Yumika and Tiara yawned in unision. The weather had been stormy most of the day, and when the sun finally shone through, the two were wrapped in their futon, only now awakening from afternoon nap mode.

“We arrived?” (Yumika)

“No, no, as one would expect, we still haven’t.” (Zinray)

And as Yumika looked at Zinray again with her drowsy eyes, he smacked her in the head.

“Itai–what is it, Shishou?!” (Yumika)

“[You reap what you sow.]” (Zinray)

Yumika became real downhearted. Certainly, her sleeping in during her guard is a really hopeless mistake.

“Now, now, Zinray-san.” (Kazane)

Kazane laughed carelessly and said, “Yumika will be taking the night watch tonight; therefore, it doesn’t matter.” (Kazane)

Yumika wanted to exclaim “Gee-”, but after Zinray glared at her, she reluctantly said “Understood” instead.


<<Tora/Tiger Forest – Near Evening>>


The party had crossed the national border, but since someone might find fault with their border-crossing, they advanced into the neighboring forest.

“Kazane, it’s over there.” (Yumika)

“Understood.” (Kazane)

In front of Kazane, a magical beast walked past. Its name is Barrel-Tiger, a ferocious beast living in this region and a harmful animal that attacks people and lays waste to livestock.

Hiding her figure with [Invisible],………..right HERE!!!

Kazane attacked its stomach with [Killing Leg].

The Barrel-Tiger raised a scream as it was blown away and soon stopped moving.

“Looks like you killed it, Kazane.” (Yumika)

“Well, ne.” (Kazane)

Barrel-Tiger fur sells for a high price. The ones without wounds especially can be traded for a large sum, so Kazane devoted herself to bringing it down without wounding it.

If it’s 1vs1 with [Invisible], I’m invincible!

As one would expect from a cheat-like ability. Plus, Kazane carried no abhorrence towards taking lives and such.

In the past, she heard that making eye contact with the Barrel-Tiger causes temporary paralysis, so that should be its ability.

“How was it?” (Zinray)

“I got the skill, ne. I think it’s those eyes that paralyze for a short duration.” (Kazane)

“Hoh?”…Zinray looked with great interest into Kazane’s eyes.

“Aah, no. Unless I invoke the skill, it doesn’t come forth, ne” (Kazane)

“Is that so?” (Yumika)

Zinray mutters, “So it’s that kind of thing”.

“Anyway, this guy is sorta like the boss around here, ne. In the places where his smell is scattered, other magical beasts won’t approach, I think.” (Kazane)

“Then, will we rest here?” (Yumika)

“Un. That is right, ne. There is a somewhat-large rocky area beyond this point. I will make a lodging there.” (Kazane)

Zinray nods. “As you order. Yumika, we are going to have a little drill since you look rested.”

“Understood, Shishou.” (Yumika)

“Well then…..ah, Tiara-san, let’s go.” (Kazane)

“Ah! Yes.” (Tiara)

Following Kazane, Tiara also advanced into the forest.


“Uwatto *the sound you make when you catch yourself from tripping*. It’s slippery, so take care not to fall down, ne?” (Kazane)

Inside the forest, it was humid and damp with moss everywhere; it’s easy to slip.

“Yes, I understa…kyaa-” (Tiara)

“Oops,” With one arm, Kazane catches the falling Tiara and hoists her up.

“Thank you. Kazane appears to be so young, and yet your power is strong.” (Tiara) 

“Hmm, but I’m about the same age as Tiara-san?” (Kazane)

“Eh? Is that so?”(Tiara)

“I’m the same age as Yumika! Well, my appearance is like this, but still–” (Kazane)

“Ah, I must apologize. ” (Tiara)

“Don’t mind it,” said Kazane at once. The fact of the matter is that there were lots of occasions when her young looks were an advantage

“Anyway, Kazane is really amazing.” (Tiara)

“Un. Yea…” (Kazane)

“It would be nice if this one was useful in some way or another, but I am like this after all. I was never taught anything that would be useful in such a situation.” (Tiara)

“A princess has no need to remember something useful for such situations, ne.” (Kazane)

Speaking truthfully, Kazane also has completely no knowledge about the situation at hand, but she has coped by learning as she watched others.

“And yet, my honorable Father went monster-hunting even in his old days. I have heard that he has spent the nights together with escorts as well…” (Tiara) (IcedTea: I’m honestly not sure whether this refers to him sleeping in the forest with his retinue, or him sleeping over with people from the “escort services”. I think it’s the former, but I dunno…..)

“Sounds like he was a rather big-hearted person, ne.” (Kazane)

“Uum *informal*…” Afterwards, Tiara smiled; however…she kept speaking. “Papa is such a person, but it seems uncle Shelkin wasn’t pleased with it, ne”

“Was that this second prince guy?” (Kazane)

“Yes. Since he was young, Uncle-sama has had a fragile body. He’s been raised while being compared to his brother because of that.” (Tiara)

Ah, competition between siblings happened, ne… thought Kazane, as her brother was so. As a matter of fact, he constantly felt a complex towards the older sister who did nothing but play games and yet was good at studying.

“To that extent, Uncle-sama makes it around with his intelligence, but in our kingdom, a character like Father is more accepted, indeed.” (Tiara)

“He isn’t very popular, ne.” (Kazane)

Tiara nods.

“Even if you say that, there is a difference in regards to the opinions of the knights and of the masses. Amongst the nobles, there are many who do not think that way. I hear that from time to time, dark rumors arise from their midst about Uncle-sama.” (Tiara)

That kind of thing is not too well understood by Kazane.

“Papa did, even if he didn’t mean what he said, that he placed his trust in Uncle-sama, but….”—tears spill from Tiara’s eyes—“Surely Father-sama is probably stricken with grief at this time.”

Thoughts of words he had spoken each year surged into her head: *quick flashback from Tiara*

”To be betrayed by my trusted younger brother, even attempting to control me by seizing my only daughter…” (Tiara’s Papa). As he spoke, tears came spilling out of his eyes.

“Truly…I’m just disappointing…” (Tiara) (mllhild: 不甲斐ない this has like 10 possible negative connotations. (weak-minded, spiritless, cowardly, worthless, tame, timid, pushover…)

Watching the silently sobbing Tiara, Kazane remembered herself from a day before, her self that was crying that she wanted to return from this world.

Therefore after weighing her words a bit…”Tiara, look over her a second…” 

“…Eh?” (Tiara)

Kazane opens her {Spell List Menu} and selects the {Fire Custom Creator Settings}. (IcedTea: Since she has [Fire Principle] and previous knowledge from her previous world, she can custom create spells from the Spell column. Remember, skills are set magic circuits; spells are created through magic power.)

「[Spell – Fireworks vr.1]」

From Kazane’s cane came a “pop” followed by a small rising flame. As it leapt into the sky, *doooooon* and lights spread outward.


“…Pretty.” (Tiara) (IcedTea: No uwaaah or anything? I’m disappointed. Insufficiently moe character.)

In a daze, Tiara gazed at the spectacle while still shedding tears.

*Ton ton ton* Kazane kept shooting them into the sky with different colors and shapes.

What Kazane had made was the Firework Joke Magic Contest winning spell. Either way, it was something Kazane made. It had no power; it was just a set of pretty fireworks.

Nevertheless, it had enough light to steal the heart of a young lady.

“I….I’ve thought that I wouldn’t be able to meet my father and mother again.” (Kazane)

The light vanished suddenly, and Tiara turned towards Kazane after hearing her sudden remark.

“Of course, I haven’t given up yet. I have enough determination to put in great effort. But Tiara is different. You have the chance to right the wrongs. I will make sure you meet your father, again. Therefore….therefore, ne, look.” Kazane presents her hand to Tiara.

“…What is it?” (Tiara)

“If we hold hands, I don’t think we will trip any more.” (Kazane) (mllhild: In case people forgot: They were walking in the forest, Tiara nearly fell and was caught by Kazane. Then Tiara had a nervous breakdown and stopped walking.)

“…Aa, Yes” (Tiara)

Looking at Kazane’s hand, Tiara hesitated for an instant, but then quietly grasped the hand.

Such small hands and yet so strong…..

“Don’t waver. I will guide you along.”  While speaking so, Kazane smiled to Tiara. (IcedTea: This line is written like a pick-up-line from one of those classic Japanese otome prince dating sim type games.)

“Kazane looks like a prince from a tale, hehe.” (Yumika)

“Yea, if you say it like that, that’s something to be yearned after.” (Kazane) (IcedTea: ie. Being a prince and rescuing people is a good thing.)

Even in the game, she had always thought of herself as being on the protected side, not the protecting one. Just as it was, it has happened to Kazane here.

So came Kazane, who was strangely embarrassed, holding Tiara’s hand while taking care to watch her step. On the other side, Tiara was in trance with a red face, but Kazane, who wasn’t looking behind, didn’t notice it.

“…My princedownload1, you saydownload1….” (Tiara)

Neither did she notice these words.

Status Window: New Equipment in Bold~~~

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swordswoman

Title: Ogre Killer Princess

Equipment: Cane [[White Blaze]], Two Handed Sword [[Black Fang]], Leather Jacket, Metal Gauntlet, Plain Clothes, Leather Trouser, Berserk Ogre Greaves , Indestructible Cloak , Pouch, Crimson Saint Casket, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring.

Level : 20

Vitality : 70

Magic Power : 114+300

Strength : 27

Agility : 22

Endurance : 16

Wisdom : 27

Dexterity : 19

Spell : [[Fly]] [[Torch]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]

Skill : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker]] [[Rush]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second chapter]] [[Air Jump]] [[Killing Leg]] [[Fear Voice]] [[Invisible]] [[Tiger Eye]]

Post Chapter Silence:

Kazane: “……………….”

Yumika: “…………..”

Kazane: “……………., huh?”


(IcedTea: Lady-killer should be Kazane’s new title……..)

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    1. That sentence fine is as is, changing it would be mess authentic. They wouldn’t call it her shift or turn or time on guard they would just refer to it as her guard.

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    2. “Therefore after weighing her words a bit…”Tiara, look over her a second…” ”
      I respect your circumstances and thus cannot fault you for disagreeing, but I suspect that Tiara is supposed to be looking over “here” rather than “her”…


  1. I hope Kazane will take responsibility for introducing the princess to the yuri :D

    Kazane also should get a “Destroyer of common sense” title too (like Satou from Death March) :D

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. thank for the chap

    about that :
    “And yet, my honorable Father went monster-hunting even in his old days. I have heard that he has spent the nights together with escorts as well…” (Tiara) (IcedTea: I’m honestly not sure whether this refers to him sleeping in the forest with his retinue, or him sleeping over with people from the “escort services”. I think it’s the former, but I dunno…..)

    why not him sleeping in the forest with his female retinue?

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  3. “…Pretty.” (Tiara) (IcedTea: No uwaaah or anything? I’m disappointed. Insufficiently moe character.)
    she goes “…kirei” well, lady like

    about that :
    “And yet, my honorable Father went monster-hunting even in his old days. I have heard that he has spent the nights together with escorts as well…” (Tiara) (IcedTea: I’m honestly not sure whether this refers to him sleeping in the forest with his retinue, or him sleeping over with people from the “escort services”. I think it’s the former, but I dunno…..)

    why not him sleeping in the forest with his female retinue?

    the words used are for escorts = guards or bodyguards and not the other type of escorts.
    It means he sits with the warriors at the campfire and shares their meal and chats with them, as opposed to staying in his tend and enjoying a luxurious meal by himself.

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  4. ugh… i was feeling dull and meh after some GUY who cannot read the mood joined a certain party for whatever reason but this Princess… even tho i am just reading quietly up to this point… now i just have to comment this…

    “This is what I am here for…lily flags…”

    thank you Princess… even tho it is kinda to be expected that you will disappear from the story sooner after this arc… i hope you dont… more like… please join the party…


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  5. “Kazane looks like a prince from a tale, hehe.” (Yumika)
    //That should’ve been the princess’ line since Yumika wasn’t with them. She’s being drilled by her martial arts instructor, Zinray, somewhere else.

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