A Message. Not that important to readers perhaps, but important to us.

The link for the Discord chat is fully active. Here is the announcements page: https://discord.gg/zTqNCn7

Anyone else interested, even if you just drop in to ask a question, request a spoiler, or say hi, we would love to talk with you. Doesn’t need to take much of your time (in fact, when you click the link, you are given a temporary account. No need to do anything. )

Of course, feel free to stay longer and chat with us. We live on the internet after all. It’s a ton of fun to talk with the readers and fellow LN/animu fans. It really helps motivate all of us.

Every post, I will be thanking people from the comments or chat (if I can) and post a short little story or excerpt from the chat.

And for the first ever insert, Thanks to:

Yuri Lords Zephron, Madokami, Pantsu, and Dark Jackel,

Snack GonZ (meatbun),

and Goblins Luziatic, All Night, twin eye nemesis, and Nuage and cl0udman in particular

for dropping by the Discord chat. And “ALL HAIL THE DEMONLARD!!!!!!!!!!”


Tea-chan, 9, and Team 9

P.S. We have YURI…………..

P.P.S. Don’t bombard us please. It’s hard to talk to everyone…..


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