Manowa Ch42

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第四十二話 病気を治そう

42th story – Let’s Cure an Illness

<<Gryphonia Royal Castle — During the Royal Audience – The Next Day>>

“… Next, Kazane, Yumika and Zinray–upon you three, the Royal Family must express its ample gratitude and bestows upon you honor and this reward.

From the mouth of the Cabinet Minister standing in front of the King’s Representative Alduin, Kazane and co. were informed of their reward.

In the end, the story of the abduction of the princess was modified into an attempt to kidnap the princess and announced to the general public. In order to not leak the truth, that the abduction had in fact succeeded, these steps were taken as a kind of wordplay.

The aforementioned Second Prince Shelkin, as expected, he was completely unaware of all the things that had transpired. It was decided that he had to take responsibility for the mess his butler made, and had his official position demoted several time. The person himself wanted to take up all the responsibility for cleaning up the problem by himself, but because Alduin was taking over for his father, the king, at the time, he receded from the public light because of his influence over parts of the kingdom. No matter what, it seems that he is an exceedingly capable figure.

This Second Prince did not appear at Kazane and co’s reward distribution ceremony because he was under house arrest.  

Though, Kazane and co would later have an encounter with the Second Prince, but…


<<Gryphonia Royal Castle — King’s Bedroom >>

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Tiara-chan. Only because I was deceived….”

A round, chubby man was prostrated himself in from of Tiara.

Not hiding anything, this plump man is the Second Prince Shelkin.

“I already said I have understood, so please raise your head.”

Tiara didn’t appear to hang on strongly to her grudge. With a cramped face, she pleaded with her uncle to finally stop. But in regard to this, Shelkin…

“Buut~, if I hadn’t employed this bastard, such a thing would~” He said this again, lowering his head. This spectacle had kept repeating without end for some time now.


Kazane could guess format of the exchange.

He resembles Tatsuyoshi-kun, this Second Prince-san.

Tatsuyoshi-kun was a little, plump fellow gamer colleague of Kazane’s.

During high school he was called rounded dustcloth by the girls. Tee-hee~

Just like Tatsuyoshi-kun, the Second Prince here is similarly hated by women.

Unable to psychologically accept Shelkin’s attitude and Tiara’s disgust with his current behavior, Alduin told Kazane besides him that it was “probably the maid’s bad influence.

“He gets pushed to do the dirty, unglamorous work. In truth, he is a good guy, but (no self-esteem).” The speaking Alduin looked somewhat lonely.

Incidentally, this Shelkin has a wife and kids. His wife is a beautiful person and understands her husband’s kindness. I would like you to accept this explanation without hearing about his daughter’s attitude towards her father. You might cry.

“Enough. Shelkin, you calm down.” The old man in the bed in front of them raised his voice.

“Y-, Yes. Father.” At this voice, Shelkin curled himself up and closed his mouth.

The name of the old man in front of Kazane and co. is Mefires Tsurug Tsuwara. Alduin and Shelkin’s father, Tiara’s grandfather. This country’s King.

“Yumika, you may have heard it from Kazane already, but this time, you have rescued my daughter from a crisis and for this, you truly have my heartfelt gratitude. Also Zinray, it’s been a while. You’ve helped me once again.”

At the King’s words, Kazane and Yumika lowered their heads as they watched Zinray.

“Yessir.” Without minding the glances of the two, Zinray bowed to the King.

“Even so, to see the Soldier of the Fang Spear bringing two young girls along on his travels. You have changed, Zinray.” (IcedTea: King may be thinking that they are his daughters.)

“No, there have been no changes in what I seek, Your Highness.” At Zinray’s retort, the King laughed. (IcedTea: He seeks a true disciple.)

“Certainly, this honesty–there is no change. So then, which one is it?”

“Yessir.” Zinray’s eyes moved towards Yumika.

“Fumu. Already, Our life is exhausted, but still, Our eyes know. I can say with confidence that this is a fine warrior.”

“For now, that’s its. But before long…” Not far in the future said Zinray.

In this moment, Yumika was watching with a blank expression, but Kazane….just like I estimated, ne….had a somewhat happy face.

“Still, did you finally capture the foe, Alduin?”

“Ha, the corpses of the thievess hired by Blair Deckerman were discovered.”


Kazane considered asking what happened, but besides Alduin, everyone in the room had the same expression she did.

The corpses were found discarded casually at the side of a road in the woods. At the moment, the inspection is still ongoing, but we know that a few days have already passed since their time of death.”

“The cause was?”

“The direct cause of death was beheading.”

Alduin imitated the slice with a natural motion.

“All members were killed without resistance. Concerning the reason for killing them, it is still unknown.”

Maybe it got out that they sold Tiara instead of killing her. Thought Kazane, but this was only speculation.

“And Blair himself is?”

“Inexcusable. As of yet, we haven’t gotten a hold of him.”

“Is that so? A fairly capable opponent that is.” King Mefires let out a deep sigh. “Thank you for your troubles. Fumu, I’m a bit exhausted.”

“Are you alright?”

Towards Tiara’s query, King Mefires nodded his head. “Umu. I was able to see Tiara’s face again. If anything, I think my willpower has returned. Still, you know….Anyway, this body isn’t able to move well anymore.”


Under normal circumstances, his already weakened old body would have been mentally overloaded by the abduction of his granddaughter. Feeling that her grandfather’s condition was her fault, Tiara’s heart hurt.

And then, at that moment, Kazane raised her hand.

“Errr, can I intrude for a moment?”

“Hey, Kazane.”

As this interruption was seemingly rude, Zinray tried to stop her, but Alduin interrupted him.

“What is it, Kazane. As you can see, Father is still exhausted, so can you keep your speech brief?”

“Rather than a speech, there is a thing I would like to attempt however…”

“Try out? On what?” Alduin inclined his head to the side in doubt.

“Perhaps, it may be possible to cure the King’s disease.”

“What!” Alduins eyes widened at these words. “Our country’s physicians and healers have all concluded that it is an incurable disease and you say you can?”

“Un. Well I won’t know until I try.”

“If I think about what you said, with this uncertainty and what might happen to the King, I can’t permit it.”

“Father~” Towards Alduin who rejected Kazane’s words, Tiara raised her voice.


“I also beg of you. If Kazane says so, if possible, can you let her try?”

“However, it is–” His daughter might request it, but the other party is an adventurer of unknown background. Even under normal circumstances, he didn’t have the intention to let his weary father be burdened with anymore.

“Alduin, it’s alright.”


“My remaining years are few. At this late hour, whatever may occur, I do not mind.”

“What are you saying!?” Alduin lamented, but King Mefires set his gaze on Kazane.

“Still, how will you do it, tiny traveler? What would be good for Us to do?” (Tea-chan: Tiny traveler….lol.)

“No, there are no particular instructions. If you could stay like this for a moment…” While speaking Kazane took out the “Infinite Keys” from the Item Bag

“This, what is it?” Alduin’s caution was exposed again.

This is yesterday’s ……Tiara remembered the item that opened up the escape path.

“Whether I can release it or not, it’s still worth the try, ne~” Without answering Alduin’s question, Kazane raised and inserted the key into the empty space in front of King Mefires.

Next to Kazane, Yumika peeked into the screen, and seeing the written contents, she raised her voice. “What is this? Isn’t he cursed?”

“Curse…….you say?” Alduin looked at Yumika. But the reply came from Kazanes mouth.

“This is a curse, ne.”

“Curse!?” Alduin raised his voice a second time in surprise.

The Ruby Beast Contract, I won’t be able to unlock the Contract this way.

The [Infinite Key] effect does not seem to extend to this one it seems.

“If I think about what you just abruptly said…..of course, we also took curses into consideration. But the healers, shamans, and everybody else weren’t able to find anything.”

To Alduin’s words, Kazane nodded while saying “So it was like this, ne.”

“It seems to have been disguised by mixing it in with the Ruby Beast Contract. So, this is to say that this isn’t a human technique, ne.” This Kazane retorted to Alduin’s surprised face. Shelkin was also making a “what a thing…..” expression.

“Th-, Then it can be cured?”

“The curse has been broken. Oryatto!”

With a *Kachin*, Kazane turned the key in midair and a resounding *pakin* combined with the feeling of something crumbling could be felt by everyone.

“O, Oooooooo!!!!!” A dramatic change swept over King Mefires.

“How…..this power is? It’s almost as if I have been rejuvenated!” As if his terrible circulation had suddenly become good, the feeling of constraints coming off assailed King Mefires.

“It seems that until now, he was in the grasp of something. I think that this is the King’s true vitality.”

Since he was without doubt weakened, upon hearing Kazane’s words to not do anything unreasonable, King Mefires laid down again with a “U, Umu”. But still, with the explosive return of energy to his body, his excitement didn’t seem to settle.

“Father, do you seem alright?” Alduin timidly asked.

“Aa–how do I say it–I feel like I am overflowing!”

“Truely?!!!!” This overwhelming change frightened Alduin. Before now, he had only been surprised.

In the rear, Shelkin was sobbing with a delighted expression. Tiara also was deeply moved while embracing King Mefires.

“It became something good.” At the side, Kazane was nodding with “yokatta, yokatta.”

Status Window:
Name: Yuihama Kazane
Occupation: Magic Swordswoman
Title: Ogre Killer Princess
Equipment: Cane [[White Blaze]], Two Handed Sword [[Black Fang]], Leather Jacket, Metal
Gauntlet, Plain Clothes, Leather Trouser, Berserk Ogre Greaves, Indestructible Cloak (andFutons), Pouch, Crimson Saint Casket, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring, Infinite Key.
Level : 20
Vitality : 70
Magic Power : 114+300
Strength : 27
Agility : 22
Endurance : 16
Wisdom : 27
Dexterity : 19
Spell : [[Fly]] [[Torch]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]
Skill : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker]] [[Rush]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second chapter]] [[Air Jump]] [[Killing Leg]] [[Fear Voice]] [[Invisible]] [[Tiger Eye]]

Post Chapter Chat:

Kazane: “By the way, TATSU☆YOSHI was Tatsuyoshi-kun’s handle.”

Yumika: “What do you think…seems like he was also flung into this world.”

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