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第四十三話 襲撃を受けよう

43th story – Let’s get raided.

With his complexion improving, one could clearly see King Mefire’s vitality returning.

And seeing this, Shelkin and Tiara cried happily. As expected of Alduin, his self control was still working, but even then, a couple of manly tears seeped out of his eyes that couldn’t be hidden.

What a sight. Really a cherished grandfather-chan.

Kazane calmly watched this scene; however, it really would be better to inform them of the discoveries she had made as quickly as possible. While looking for a good moment to speak up, King Mefires directed some words to her.

“Fumu. The last few years seem like a lie. Kazane, you have my profound gratitude.”

“No no, rather than your gratitude…”

To her side, Yumika mouthed the words “You should know better.” But, of course, they didn’t reach Kazane.

“Therefore, your Highness. There is a question I would like to ask.”

“What is it? Whatever it is, let’s hear it.”

“Your Highness, can you still feel, at this moment, the link to the Ruby Beast?”

At Kazane’s question, King Mefires knitted his eyebrows a bit; however, understanding the conviction of her words, he judged that there was nothing to be hidden and frankly answered.

“It is only a feeling. Still, with this weakened body, summoning it would be a foolish act and would only bring forth half of its presence.”

“Are you serious?” came from besides them. It seems Alduin also had not known.

“No Your Highness, I think this is a fairly accurate estimate. In fact, at least half of the Ruby Beast seems to have already been altered, ne.”

Upon hearing this, King Mefires closed his eyes, trying to sense something, and when opening his eyes again, directed them towards Kazane.

“Fumu. Certainly, now that you mention it, such a feeling may be there. Does this have a relation to the curse from before?”

To his question, Kazane replied with a nod.

“As for the curse placed on Your Highness, it seemed to be a tool to overwrite the Ruby Beast’s principal origin, the Flame with the Darkness attribute, ne. Because of this burden, Your Highness was weakened. Therefore, to be precise, rather than a curse on Your Highness, it may be more correct to call it a curse on the Ruby Beast.”

“Wait. So to say, the aim of this curse wasn’t Father’s life, but our Kingdom’s Guardian Beast?”

“Seems like it, ne” was the reply to Alduin’s question.

“Well, the curse could be lifted, and if ti’s His Highness’ own vitality, it should gradually return to normal.”

So, Kazane brought it to an end. At least, this was it for the information acquired from the the Infinite Keys. Also no matter on how much vigor he regained, King Mefires old body had long lay ill. Since he should rest, this occasion came to an end.


<<Tiara’s Bedroom  — Night>>


While Kazane’s group was still finishing their meal, Tiara returned to her room and slid into the Futon. Her excitement still hadn’t subsided.

Having merely saved me, and now even grandpa ended up saved by her. Kazane is really amazing…

When Tiara had lost her consciousness, from the onset, it could be said that it was Kazane who saved her from the ogre.

 And without me saying anything, she decided to escort me to the Royal Capital.

The journey was very fun.

This Futon as well. It’s good and fluffy to the touch.

Besides her, a crystal ball containing a flame was glowing. It looked handy, so Kazane had brought them along. They showed it to a Court Magician, but he had been quite astonished by it. They say that, while it’s only specialized for being bright, the structure itself is said to be that of a God Class treasure.

I still don’t understand the meaning of Hippo-kun’s name, but still, riding it felt pleasant.

Tiara had travelled in carriages before, but never on horseback. Next time she planned to attempt it.

When the two of us were alone, was it called fireworks? I didn’t knew there was such a beautiful thing.

And later, the angry Kazane was also cute. Kazane being consoled was also adorable.

The two of us were always together at the inn. I was so happy that I wanted to hold her tight.

It was so fun. I was so happy. I’m really glad that I met Kazane.

But now……Unnoticed, Tiara couldn’t stop the tears anymore.

The fact is that “this’ already came to an end.

Continuing this way, Kazane will leave this country as an adventurer. Tiara has to fulfill her duty as this country’s royalty. It seems that their lives won’t cross again.

Sometimes, Kazane may come to visit, telling the princess of her travels, teaching Tiara about many things she doesn’t know, and if called for help, she would surely come back.


But it’s only to that extent.


They couldn’t return to being together like this time. Certainly, they wouldn’t walk side by side while holding hands again.

“…….why can’t I be together with Kazane?”

The answer was much too clear; she understood completely that there is no way. So Tiara could do nothing but keep on crying.


This is until the room was engulfed in black flames.


<<Royal Castle Griffonias – Central Floor – Guest Room – A Few Hours Prior>>


Kazane lay sprawled out on the bed.

“As expected, the Indestructible Futon’s snugness is still better.”

“It’s snugness is truly memorable, ne.” Yumika agreed with Kazane.

“But still, the meal was delicious. There were also several kinds of seafood.”

“Even if it’s medieval-ish, it must be because there is magic. They can get their hands on cold storage, right.”

If seen like this, there are areas where this world isn’t outdone by their former world.

“And now, about the current quest? Step by step, we’ve come here, still … hmm. Did we clear the quest with this?”

“Now, this isn’t a game, I think there are also things without an end.” Kazane replied to Yumika’s question.

“Then, from tomorrow on what should we do?”

“We have the option of sticking around here for a while, but our current base in Winlard is good. Master is there and weapon creation requests are also cheap.”

“Ah it is. I also have the dojo, it’s nice there.”

“Well, let’s explore the town tomorrow. Should we return around the day after?”

“Yea, looks so…….but what to do about Tiara-sama?”

Yumika thought that, with the current degree of attachment, troubles seem probable.

“Hmm, adventuring together with her is fun~”

But the returned answer was just a wish. Towards the speaking Kazane, Yumika smiles. As ever, a character that easily succumbs to loneliness.

“Well, although it’s rare for you to be so invested…”

“Hm, maybe. Perhaps it’s because she looks like sister Yuko.”

Sister Yuko is a fellow gamer of Kazane’s. A university student from the neighborhood with a quiet character; however, in game, she was the opposite, being a user of Extermination Magic. A good acquaintance to both Yumika and Kazane.

“Looking alike, hee?”

Nevertheless, Tiara’s atmosphere is very different, thought Yumika.

“Nn. Yep, sorry. I lied.” And so Kazane withdrew her previous statement.

“There aren’t many reasons. I simply wanted to be together.”

With Kazane expressing this reason frankly, Yumika was a bit jealous, and for some reason, while letting out a short remark, embraced her.


However this calm time came to an end.



Suddenly Kazane with eyes wide open, stood up on the bed.

“Hey Kazane, what is it?”

“……it smells of blood.”

“What?” For an instant, Yumika couldn’t grasp what had been said.

“This, is it the soldiers outside?” Having said this, Kazane jumped of the bed, opening the door.

“Honored guest. What happened all of a sudden?”

Outside were two guards on patrol. Surprised by the door being flung open, they ran up to Kazane’s position.

“Hey, wait, Kazane. What is this all about, mou~”

Yumika also butted in from inside the room.

“Enemy maybe. Yumika, call Zinray, prepare for combat. Call out to the other soldiers as well, ne.”

While talking, Kazane had already pulled out from the Item Bag the Immortal Futon and was putting on the Berserk Ogre Grieves. The Sword and Cane were also retrieved along with them.

“This is a bit troublesome. Inside the castle…”

Confronted with Kazane suddenly taking up arms, the soldiers became confused.

“Stop it, get it together and listen. Two have probably died already.”

At Kazane’s words, the soldiers’ expressions changed.

“Where and who died?”

“Don’t know. For now, if you could come along quickly. Alone, I would be treated like a criminal.”

The soldiers look at each other and confirmed it with a nod, following behind Kazane.


<<Royal Castle Griffonia – Court Yard>>


If you came here, even if you weren’t Kazane, you could smell the blood in the air. Then, the group finally reached the source of the smell. 

“Reys, Cail!”

They had been acquaintances. Seeing the two crumbled down on the other side of the yard, the soldiers who came along with Kazane voiced their grief.

“This is bad, na…”

Kazane’s mouth formed a grimace upon seeing this.

“What is?”

Another soldier was trembling, but still asked with composure towards Kazane.

“There is no killing smell next to this corpse. This way of beheading is the same killing method found on the robbers employed by Blair Deckerman.”

At these words, the soldiers’ neck muscles tensed.

“This means, then, Blair came?”

To the soldiers’ question, Kazane replies with a nod.

“Also his aim is the King’s Summoning Beast. This is bad.”

“Is this true!?”

The soldiers staggered at the shock delivered from those words. As expected, they weren’t aware of things to this degree.

“What a night. Contact Knight Order Commander Reigel about it at once.”

“This incident” would have been the next words, but he didn’t continue beyond that because….


The castle’s best room was razed in black flames.


Clad in dazzling, shining black flames, out of the collapsing wall appeared the Tsuwara Kingdom’s Guardian Beast. Besides it, the man Kazane passed by in the corridor: Blair Deckerman stood there.

“That guy-!”

Kazane raised her voice, and in response, Blair faced towards her.


Their eyes met. Blair recognized Kazane’s figure, and his lips split into a warped smile, and he jumped together with the floating Ruby Beast.


In a straight line towards Kazane.


Post Chapter Chat:

Kazane: “Our eyes met.”

Yumika: “Ruby Beast arc, at last. The climax.”

***Trigger warning?

第四十四話 悪魔と語ろう

44th story – Lets talk with the Demon

<<Royal Castle Griffonia – Inner Yard>>


And thus, Blair Deckerman descended into the courtyard.

Behind him, the enormous griffon landed as well. His appearance intertwined red and black, not matching the hue that Kazane had seen in game.

“Blair Deckerman ……. I assume?”

In response to Kazane’s words, Blair broke from a grin into laughter.

The soldiers behind Kazane finally caught on and prepared the spears, but still, their faces were white as a sheet. Naturally, with the country’s Guardian Beast glaring at them, this was an understandable thing.

[Are you Kazane? Indeed, your appearance is only that of a child.]

[The contents are also only that of a child, so I wish you could turn a blind eye towards that, na. While you’re at it, it would be nice if you returned Tiara, but…]

[Tiara? This young lady is somewhere here?]

Kazane gazed at the Ruby Beast.

[The King, you killed him, didn’t you?]

A inquiry devoid of emotion. Even if forcing to keep her consciousness calm, anger revealed itself on her face. Yet, this only seemed to please the opponent in front of them.

[Then who was it that called forth the Ruby Griffon?]

Blair smiled fondly at Kazane’s question.

[To understand it to this extent.]

The smell of King Mefires’ blood leaked from Blair, and at the same time, Tiara’s scent emanated from inside the summoned beast.

[Good grief, indeed a capable young lady.]

[Praising me won’t get you anything. So, won’t you return her?]

As this came from Kazane’s mouth, with a shake of his head, Blair retorted [impossible na.]

[You know, I’ve bet 5 years of preparations on this.] Spreading his arms, he declared.

What sort of……Kazane didn’t even ask. It goes without saying that they will hear what he has to say. To keep talking like this is rather convenient in this situation.

[The curse developed me is meant to permeate little by little. Little by little, little by little, sticking to the earth vein, all throughout the means of the food and water until permeated the King’s body.]

[It went well that it wasn’t uncovered, ne.]

[Each single component of the composition is harmless. Humans aren’t ones to notice such things. Actually, until you came, didn’t no one notice it, after all?]

This was a fact.

[Well, I don’t know how you did it. I guess you are in possession of some contemptibly powerful Curse Purification arts. You are quite something despite being humans]

He was praising Kazane with admiration from the bottom of his heart.

[Hmm, I won’t reveal the trick.]

[For now, it’s good. This conversation is enjoyable.]

Towards the talking Blair, Kazane directed her question. [The reason for at the side of the Second Prince was because it was easy to observe?]

[Ah, as one would expect, without being close, it’s not possible to know the harvest time, na. Naturally, it was outside of my predictions that a hindrance would appear just before the best time.]

[Sorry about this.]

[Really, it did give me troubles. Thanks to this, I ended up harvesting it halfway. Also a substitute had to be procured.]

Blair looked at the Ruby beast.

[You intend to do the same thing to Tiara as you did to the King, right?]

[Clever kid. That is right. This time, I will properly control it. Already half is overwritten. The remaining won’t be done in 5 years.]

Still…….Blair continued.

[Also important is the so-called will of the contractor, ne. Supplying despair, inducing themselves to abandon their determination…If I didn’t aggravate it personally, there would be only bothersome things, so to speed things up, I created this incident, and then I intend to promptly leave this country, but….]

Turning back towards Kazane.

[You know, it was really troublesome. If it was only this weakened old man, I thought that, if, for example, during the needless dispute of his sons, the killing of his granddaughter woulbe be sufficient to corner his mind; however,]

So this was the motive for the kidnapping…

[However, about this young girl called Tiara….She has quite a strong spirit; to throw this one into despair would require much effort.]

[If that’s the case, then give it up. If it’s a pet, isn’t a dog fine too?]

Kazane’s words brought Blair to laughter.

[I see, a wonderful proposal. Hmm, but I decline.]

So it got turned down.

[For example, let’s see. How about you? You are the hero that saved her. If you got cut up, hit, tormented, raped, gouged…]  

To these words, Kazane did frowned in discomfort.

[First from the fingers, then hands and feet, carefully crushing the joints, biting off the nipples, then, while tearing of the eyeballs, I would drag you in front of Tiara. Thereupon, just what would she say?]

[Nn, I think this is called bad taste.]

To this answer, Blair raised his voice and very pleased laughed.

Uhg, I’m somewhat worn out….

She knew that the opponent’s words were all serious. Kazane understood instinctively that he would put his words into practice without hesitation.

[Ku ku ku…no, I’m sorry. Truly a pleasant young lady you are. Will you also be so happy the in face of your impending murder, I wonder? Still, since it’s a bluff, I think that soon I’ll will rip your mask off.]

These are his true thoughts. Even if Kazane screamed now, she can’t escape, nor has she any chances of winning. From the smell, Kazane could tell that the soldiers were gathering. The gathering of soldiers seemed excellent. Understanding that Kazane was stalling for time, they arranged the soldiers in order to surround Blair.

[Now, now, please know that the normal thing is to scream and flee. The man behind you has already suffered from unconsciousness and collapsed.]

[Filthy, ne.]

Playing ignorant to her own predicament.

[Showing no mercy, hey. Well, maybe it can’t be helped if such a young girl is preserving while the adults show this pitiful condition.]

So, Blair started to inquire.

[Then now, is it about time that we start?]

Kazane felt cold sweat flow in the surroundings. [A bit longer……. maybe?]

It would seem he comprehends, ne. Staying in such a brazen way in the middle of the courtyard….

The man in front of her seems to have the confidence to oppose and win against the soldiers of the castle. It’s probably not simply from having the Ruby Beast in at his back.

[Is that so? This country’s soldiers, especially the ones inside of this castle, are, to my eyes, a rather skilled bunch. It’s already time to have finished the warm up exercises.]

[Ah—— this, ne…]

Blairs perception was roughly correct. Next was the timing for the offensive. Still, while perceiving the surroundings by the smell and, for now, stretching out the talk, Kazane became aware of a presence approaching from behind.


Blair looked with great interest behind her.

No way-!?

Having also noticed the smell….No, in fact, she had noticed from the beginning. Still, she had thought it was really alright, believing that he would be able to bear this.


However, Kazane had made a miscalculation.

The one remaining there with the selfishness to fight here, uncaring of prediction or of victory, a true man.

A man having regained what was stolen from him, and yet…

A man immediately after that had just about everything stolen and exhausted, and yet…

A man having his beloved father murdered, and yet…

A man having his beloved daughter stolen, and yet…

Not a shred of hope for victory, only hatred alone overflowing, and wielding a sword…

Having become an existence only wishing to kill…

…this Kazane did not realize.

So the love of a parent, the love of a child, to put an end to everything to start anew.

All of this combined, how should it be expressed? The answer is simple.


With bloodshot eyes, rushing at Blair with a sword was Alduin Tsurug Tsuwara.

(IcedTea: Sorry for the cliff…)

Status Window:
Name: Yuihama Kazane
Occupation: Magic Swordswoman
Title: Ogre Killer Princess
Equipment: Cane [[White Blaze]], Two Handed Sword [[Black Fang]], Leather Jacket, Metal
Gauntlet, Plain Clothes, Leather Trouser, Berserk Ogre Greaves, Indestructible Cloak (and
Futons), Pouch, Crimson Saint Casket, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring, Infinite Key.
Level : 20
Vitality : 70
Magic Power : 114+300
Strength : 27
Agility : 22
Endurance : 16
Wisdom : 27
Dexterity : 19
Spell : [[Fly]] [[Torch]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]
Skill : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker]] [[Rush]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second chapter]] [[Air Jump]] [[Killing Leg]] [[Fear Voice]] [[Invisible]] [[Tiger Eye]]

Post Chapter Chat:

Kazane: [Scary~]

Yumika: [There, There] (soothing sound while stroking her head).

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