Cat Ch0

Note: A speed TL. Done in a chat. May not be completely accurate. 

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

The Beginning
Day 0

I cried.

I cried so much that my tears dried up.

Hey, Mina, wake up…

I gently patted the bell on her collar.

*ring* *ring*

The bell rung, but only that.

No more…I can’t I spoil her or brush her as I did when she was alive.

When I tried touching her, she was cold.

Even though it’s the fall season, her body was much colder than it should’ve been.

Mina is already…Even I know that Mina is not alive anymore.

That is, was, only an accident that could have happened anytime.

It was just like what I had always done, feeding her, cleaning her lavatory,

and walking with her outside.

Just your usual day.

The door opened, and Mina separated from me.

That was the last time I saw Mina move.

And now, I’m right before her body which has tumbled across the road.

She was a girl that had only lived for less than a year.

It was just when I was thinking of having her get surgery. 

Mina, won’t be back anymore.

The days with Mina won’t return anymore.

At least, you want to rest in our place, right?

Saying in my heart to Mina, my orange tabby cat.

I embraced her cold body.

I‘ve always carried you in my arms right?

Even though I know she won’t hear it, I called out to her inside my heart.

Since you weren’t that attached to Mom and Dad, it has always been me who brushed your fur, right?

We always played around in the living room, right?

When I was studying, you always sat on my lap, right?

On cold days, you would always sleep inside my futon, right?

But, Mina is not here anymore.

She is way higher than the fence that she always climbed, higher and higher still.

My unstoppable tears dropped even onto the cold Mina.

I buried Mina beside the tree where she had always sharpened her claws.

When I returned, I told my parents about it and went to my room without eating dinner.

I embraced the cushion that Mina had always sat on.

Just a bit….it had the smell of Mina on it.

On the bed sheet where she had slept with me, there was small odor left and also a few pieces of her short fur. 

She would’ve dived inside the futon on cold days like this.

I’m sure of it.

Even though my mind understood it, within my heart, I felt that Mina was still near me.


I want to be with you more.

As if chasing after the faint smell of Mina, I fell asleep before I knew it.

Prologue End

(IcedTea: To anyone like me who has lost a pet or a dear friend, I should apologize for any sad memories recalled. I teared up a bit to be honest.)


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          1. I used not to be heartless… but life is hard… and a few pets of mine died… forst a dog… I was little… cried loads… a cat… was a little older and just cried a little… then a parrot that was really friendly died of a heart attack… I was around the age I am now and my tears were almost none… but the pain I felt was huge

            Liked by 1 person

        1. people can be VERY attached to their pets. In fact, I think most people who properly care for their pets would. When you take care of a living thing for years, they are no longer simply “for fun”, they are an extended family member.

          Losing them would be as sad as you losing your best friend or very close sibling or child, its that sad. Sure, you would eventually get over it… most of the time at least, but the memory and reminder that they are gone would never disappear.

          Liked by 3 people

    1. Yup, contrary to my pic, I had some dogs in the past, I cried for a week or two when they died. Even now I can’t get over it, I want to get a dog or a cat again, but I’m still afraid that they’ll die on me again…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. its hard, isnt it. i feel your pain. my condolences for your loss. and thanks for reading. it gets much better.


      2. It is inevitable that they will eventually, which is why you make the best of the time you have, and surely a person who cares as much as you would provide a loving home to any pet.


    1. all wrong. a full chapter’s worth (the chaps are shorter) of a GIRL wanting to KISS his DEAD, BUT CLEARLY WILL COME BACK TO LIFE cat.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. ………..γ ̄ヽ………Thanks!…………
    …….r’-‘| O |…~……..Nepu!!……..
    …………| ,|……~…….(´・ω・`)……..
    ……..,,-/ ̄|、…………O旦と )……..

    Liked by 1 person

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