Cat Ch1

Note: A speed TL. Done in a chat. May not be completely accurate.

Kasumi = Girl. Mina = Miho = Cat.

I recommend reading the prologue again for the flow. Here is the link.

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Day 1

I saw a dream…

A dream where Mina was talking and living together with me.

「Hey, Kasumi, play with me, please?」

「Not right now, I’m currently studying, OK?」

「Eeh? Who cares…」

It would have been fun if her purrings had those meanings.

Well, she is not some sort of Cheshire Cat that can talk.

Not to mention, she is not here anymore.

Waking up from my dream, I felt someone shaking me….

waking me up in the same way Mina does, by lightly rubbing my stomach.

「Nnn, Mina….?」

「Kasumi, wake up. You are going to school, right?」

Hearing a voice I’m not used to, I opened up my eyes.

And when I opened it, it was not father, nor was it mother.

It was not a face I did not know, an unknown appearance. 

My half-asleep mind, unable to process what was happening at first, snapped awake.

「Kasumi, ohayo~」

B-but this unknown girl did the exact same thing as Mina would…

「O-ohayo, Mi-…」

I was nearly about to say Mina.

Her movement was just that similar to Mina’s.

「If you don’t hurry up, Mom might get angry, you know.」

Even if I wait….her appearance….I can’t help but overlap it with Mina’s.

「Mou~~, why didn’t you notice that!?」

When she said that, I immediately embraced her.

「Mina. I wanted to meet you….」

Compared to yesterday when Mina died, I cried much more right now.

「Really, Kasumi, you’re such a crybaby..」

Ahe said so while shocked, and then, she murmured something.

「Well, I wanted to see Kasumi too, so I asked Nekomata-sama.」

Who is this『Nekomata-sama』, and why has she come back as a human….there are a lot of things I want to ask her, but at this rate, Mom’s anger might fall upon us. 

「Then, let’s eat breakfast.」

Going downstairs, I saw my family.


「Ohayo, mama.」

「Ohayo. Kasumi, Miho, breakfast is ready.」

Hearing “Miho” from Mom, Mina secretly whispered into my ears…

「Nekomata-sama made my name 『Manabe Mina』 so that I could be in this family」

Manabe is my surname. In short, Nekomata-sama must have made Mina human and made her a child of this house.

「If it’s about human rules, Nekomata-sama taught me about them, so don’t worry. After all, cats remember things fast.」

After that,  we say 「Itadakimasu」 as if that converstation didn’t happen.

The way Mina held her chopsticks…it looked good enough to me.

It’s hard to believe that she was the cat that died yesterday.

It seems that because I didn’t eat anything yesterday, I quickly finished my breakfast and put on the same uniform that Mina was wearing besides me. 

After wearing the uniform, I heard Mina say “That’s right!”

「For me to be here, Nekomata-sama said that there is one condition.」

「What is it?」

As expected they wouldn’t just revive Mina like that

If I was calm, I would’ve thought of that.  

「They said that I have to kiss Kasumi everyday~!」

At Mina’s words, my brain to a moment to process everything….


My originally calm mind instantly boiled over.

———End of Chapter 1———

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      1. I’m writing a story similar to My Pet is A Holy Maiden only the MC is summoned by a Dogkin girl, who is his puppy reincarnated, to help her family survive a attack from the human supremacist army. Oh, and she’s a commoner in a remote village on the outskirts of a Beastkin Kingdom

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        1. That sound like it could be fun! Novels with human supremacists are alway fun to read because of how annoyingly arrogant the humans usually are……lol


          1. I’m working on a story called Surviving Without Cheats in Another World, and the MC just goes ballistic when he sees an army killing villagers and winds up (spoiler alert) killing everyone except for a single person on the army side

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    1. Thanks a lot for reading! We were hoping this would really hit the spot for some people. Glad it worked out.


  2. You forgot to translate this line :D

    Even if I wait….her appearance….I can’t help but overlap it with Mina’s.
    「Mou~~, why didn’t you notice that!?」


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