Cat Ch3

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Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

My First…..
Day 1, Part 3

Returning home, eating dinner, finishing homework…..

Mina just like when she was a cat, was bad with water, but she still pestered me to take a bath with her.

We took the bath together.

Mina was scared of the shower and complained about it. The bath took a little longer than normal. 

Finishing the bath, when the two us us were inside my room, I asked her a lot of things.

I asked her things I was curious about, like the existence of 『Nekomata-sama』, how Mina was here, and also what kind of existence she became.

「So what kind of being is 『Nekomata-sama』?」

「Nekomata-sama is the God of Cats, you know?」

Sitting together on the bed, Mina wa hugging her favorite cushion when she was still a cat while talking….

It seems that a cat that had lived 1000 years became the god known as 『Nekomata-sama』.

I thought of asking her if it was similar to the youkai nekomata. 

It seems that the cat gained various powers when it stayed in a God’s house because it protected the God from mice.

「So then, why did you revive as a human?」

「After I got hit by the car, when I opened my eyes, it was a white world. I noticed then that I had died. But still, I wanted to see Kasumi again. And then, Nekomata-sama said something to me….」

『Do you still want to be together with Kasumi?』

Hearing that voice, Mina said that she immediately understood that it was Nekomata-sama.

And Mina said that she nodded to the God.

「And then, Nekomata-sama made me into Kasumi’s family!」

Mina became this family’s adopted child, and I am Mina’s step-sister….it seems to be like that.

「So it’s like that,  I’m really happy….」

Unconsciously, I embraced Mina.

Hearing Mina say “It hurts~,” I hurriedly separated from her.

「Mou~,  so that I can live as a human,  Nekomata-sama taught me everything from humans would know from the age of 1, you know….」

She said that she was taught everything from walking to the Japanese language, and on top of that, she was also educated to the level of a sophomore in highschool, the same as me.  

「Mou~, my head was really going to burst, you know…..」

….Though, i think that it is amazing to be taught all that in one night…

「Now that I remember it, aren’t you going to kiss me yet?」

「Wait a minute–don’t say that so suddenly!」

Knowing that the kiss is so that I could be together with Mina……something like a kiss…..just thinking about it, I think my heart is going to explode.

And moreover, unlike dramas or novels where “it” is done between a man and a woman, I don’t really know about 2 girls doing it together………

「Then…..if iIdisappear, is that fine?」

「Of course not!!!」

If  Mina is going to disappear  ――just thinking about it, my tears was about to overflow…

Unintentionally clinging to Mina, she separated from her favorite cushion and embraced me.

「Then….let’s kiss?」

Feeling the warmth of Mina, I kept thinking and thinking about it–and I finally made my resolve.

Giving my 『first』 to Mina……


Seeing her eyes so close, I felt like my chest was being squeezed….

「Mina, can you close your eyes?」

Then, looking at Mina’s face, with her tightly closed eyes…

Cat-like eyes, a circular face, a lovely face.

Even though she didn’t use any lipstick, Mina’s lips were red.

And thinking that I’d be putting mine on it, I felt idea of 『love』within me tremble.

Even though I still don’t really understand my own idea of『love』.

Gently moving my face to hers….and smellling her scent… steadily beating heart beat stronger and stronger. 

Closing my eyes and inclining my face a bit….

for an instant, our lips united.

and in a hurry, I separated.

I’ve heard that 「your first kiss will taste like a lemon」, but at that moment, my mind was pure white…I wasn’t able to think of anything.

In that instant, my heart beat so fast that I thought it might break.

But I came to love that sensation, and a strange feeling sprouted.

Feeling that sensation for the first time,  even I was perplexed…

「Kasumi, is it fine?」


My throat was trembling–I was so tensed that my voice cracked.

「So a 『kiss』 is something that goes doki-doki…」

Hearing Mina’s curious voice, I was a slightly relieved.

「Me too, I thought my chest was about to explode…」

「Mou~, are you alright?」

Lightly embracing Mina’s arm–the sensation was entirely different from our lips touching, it was calming instead.

With just 1 kiss, I became really tired, and so I stayed this way, entrusting my body to Mina.

================= Chapter 3 End ===================

Author’s Note: This time, the chapter being longer is clearly not because of the yuri kissing, ok? *sweating* 


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  1. They finally kiss! Yessss! Thank you for the chapter once again. Yuri novels are hard to look for nowadays so I’m very happy to see you guys translating some of them. Am looking forward for more releases.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter, what? i can’t accept this, girl on girl, wtf are you make me read, i can’t see lesbian relationship like this……….. only in HD man, it has to be on HD


      1. witch part of HD you din’t get it? it was only a joke sorry if i offended you i have no problems with this….. i actually had my lesbian friend send me a video FYI it was awesome


  3. typo here: wa -> was

    Sitting together on the bed, Mina wa hugging her favorite cushion when she was still a cat while talking….


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