Cat Ch5

Note: A speed TL. Done in a chat. May not be completely accurate.

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Worsening Anxiety
Day 2 Part 2

「Mou~,  5 minutes have passed, you know?」

After Mina said that, I regretfully separated with her.

「Ohayo, Mina.」

「Un, Ohayo.」

It’s a bit early, but we decided to eat breakfast.

The time we are together is alway a time for happiness――ever since she was cat.

However, there is now one exception

In school for some reason, ever since Mina has been there with me, I’ve started feeling hazy.

When Mina was still just a cat, it’s not that school wasn’t fun, but it never felt like this either.

Talking with my friend in our circle and taking classes together….

But when Mina talks to someone other than me, I suddenly get shrouded in this hazy feeling.

Even though we walk home together, and even though we spend more time together compared to other people….

It’s as if ――Mina must only be with me only…as if I am jealous….

Even when she was a cat, she was only attached to me, and now revived as a human, that hasn’t changed much.

Maybe because the 2 of us being together is such a natural thing?

That’s why saying I’ll get used to it….it’s impossible. I’m sure it will be like this forever,.

I can’t properly imagine her being with me and my 『friends』 or 『family』, having them always beside us.

Even though it’s for us to live together, but still, we are in a relationship where we kiss one another.

I–I wonder what kind of existence Mina is to me?

No matter how I think of it, I can’t really answer the question, and so I thought about it and thought about it.

Before I noticed,  it was already the final homeroom for the day. Again, I wasn’t able to get anything from lessons. Even though, Mina didn’t show anything like that.

After we finished with our farewell greetings, I thought “Finally, we can go back home.”

If it’s in our house, then I could be together with Mina again.

And starting tomorrow, we have 2 day off from school! On those days, it will just be me and Mina~

「Sorry, I was kinda spacing out, so could you show me your notes?」

「Mou~, it’s fine, but are you alright??」


It seems that I worried her, and so I acted as if nothing was wrong.

So it looks like I’m the only one worrying about this.

I let out a sigh and once again, I made Mina worry.

「Mou~, are you really alright?」

「I-I’m fine, so let’s go home?」

Our hands naturally grasped each other’s. From just feeling her warmth, I calmed down so much that the hazy feeling cleared up.

“When I was cat before, she would talk about things that had worried her……”

The words Mina murmured quietly had become stuck in my chest.

So, she noticed it. Even though I’m happy, it’s embarrassing.

Even though I thought that she wouldn’t understand it…

I know that Mina will properly listen to me. She is kind.

But still, I can’t really say it to her.

That I need it to just be Mina and me. If not, I get so uneasy that I can’t help it.


=====================Chapter 5 End=======================

Author: You there, please don’t say that it’s too jumbled…….(´・ω・`)


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  2. Try some catnip perfume and see if that helps that our you could always take a lesson or two from Yuno Gasai’s play book.


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