Cat Ch8

Note: A speed TL. Done in a chat. May not be completely accurate.

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

My Burning Body
Day 3 Part 1

I woke up from the alarm sound.

Opening my heavy eyelids, I saw Mina’s face near mine.

….looks like I fell asleep while being hugged by Mina.

Noticing that fact, made my heart throb for some reason.

Mina’s hand stayed around my back, and mine remain in the same position, embracing Mina close, and feeling her warmth.  

Geez…..looks like I have no choice. I can’t get up if Mina doesn’t, after all. 

it felt like there was warm air around me and Mina.


Trying to fix my posture, I ended up distrubing the wind. Mina’s eyelid twitched a bit.


It looks like Mina ended up awake. Seeing her round, wet eyes so closely, it made me think it sure is pretty.

「Ohayo, Mina.」

「Nn, Ohayo…」

Even though we had both woken up,  for some reason, our hands that had hugged each other still won’t separate.

「Since there is no school today, can we just sleep a bit more?」

Mina’s sweet temptation…..I really was almost seduced by it.

I took a glimpse at the clock. Usually, we would’ve been up already.

Today is Saturday, a day off. And moreover, it’s warm.

「Nn…Mina, we shouldn’t….」(No, not ecchi stuffs.)


Contrary to my words, my body had sought after dreamland and Mina’s warmth.

「Mou~, it’s just a joke, ok? C’mon, wake up~」

I was relieved, but for some reason, I couldn’t move my body properly. (Mina grabbed her.)

「Mooou~, Kasumi, your body is really warm.」

「Hey, what-」

I felt the insides of my body heat up. I feel like, whenever I am together with Mina, my heart always throbs.

Suddenly, Mina’s hug got tighter. Our bodies have been glued really close, so much so that the former warmth has turned to heat.


「How was that? Did that wake you up?」

The beating inside my chest is too intense–it would be too foolish to continue sleeping.

「Un, thanks.」

With my words, I had easily hid away any other meaning behind my actions.

「You’re welcome.」

Staying close while hugging each other, we raised our bodies out of bed. Even though my chest was going crazy, I couldn’t make myself separate from Mina.

I wonder just what in the world happened to me.

It’s as if ――I’m yearning for Mina.

As if trying to figure it out, I silently told so inside my heart.

Mina, I love you. 

Just 3 words (in Japanese). With just that, it had painfully squeezed my heart.

However, inside that pain, a feeling called 『pleasure』 was mixed in it………I’m starting to not understand my emotions anymore.

Even though when Mina was still just a cat, our relationship was just as an owner and her pet.

And right now, Mina and I are not friends, not family, not lovers, but something in a suspended distance.

「Oh my~, Mina-chan, a happy birthday to you~」

「Arigatou, Mama!」

…Even though I said it last night, I had already forgotten about it.

「Mina, sorry.」

「Don’t mind, it’s alright.」

A conversation that only Mina and I could hear. Just as I thought, Mina is too kind…so kind that I could drown in her kindness.

Mina, you’re so cute. I love you.

Inside my heart, there was something that seemed about to overflow.

Just what is happening to me?

A problem that i can’t share with anyone, and a problem that I don’t understand.

The answer……how am I supposed to figure it out……

==========Chapter 8 End==========

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