Cat Ch9

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Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

If We Are Together…
Day 3 Part 2

「Mina, I’m really sorry, OK?」

「Don’t mind, it’s fine.」

I wanted to get presents for Mina, so both of us went out. Our first 『walk』together outside.


When Mina was still a cat, she would just walk around aimlessly and then suddenly come back.

Holding tightly onto Mina’s hand, so tight that we wouldn’t be able to separate….it seems that somewhere inside my mind, I might have been deeply traumatized by what happened on that day.

「Kasumi, my hand hurts….」

「S-sorry, I just…」

My chest hurts inside. The whirling feelings I buried deep have hurt Mina.

And because of that, for some reason, it also hurt me.

「Kasumi, it’s alright. Smile.」

Smiled at by Mina, my heart leapt for a moment.

I wonder if I’ve already become weird?

「Mina, is there something you want?」

「Hmmm….I can’t think of anything, so I’ll decide after checking a bunch of things out, k?」

With just that, I ended thinking I can be with Mina even longer……even though we are always alone together at home.

Holding hands in a more gentle fashion than we did earlier, in this season of thick clothes, the feeling of her warm touch is really soothing.

With heat of our hands, even in this crowd of people, I ca still feel at ease.


Entering the department store in the neighborhood, we looked around starting from the lowest floor.

「Ah, this is cute!」

The one Mina pointed at was a 30 cm cat plushie.

With light brown colored stripes, ah――I suddenly remembered back when Mina was still a cat.

「Uun, you’re right.」

To be honest, saying that it was cute made my heart throb a little.

Because, Mina is――even though she looks different now, she is here.

Mina as a cat, I think she was cute. Just like what I think of Mina right now.  

And then, my chest leapt ridiculously.

「Then, I’ll go with this, k?」

“Onegai~” Mina asked.

Just like when she was a cat, she let out a sweet voice.

I would always lose to that 『Onegai』.

……Well, from the beginning, that’s what I was planning to do, but having her ask me for it makes me feel like a sore loser. (9: Love Live…to those who get it…)

On the way home, attracted to Mina’s good mood, I also ended up smiling.

The price was a bit high, but if it lets me see her happy face, then it’s a cheap investment.


Returning home, we gathered back to my room.

「Thanks for today, Kasumi.」

「Me too, thanks Mina.」

It wasn’t even dinner time yet; moreover, the sun hadn’t even set yet.

Mina’s hand removed the plushie out of its bag.

No matter how much I look at it, it’s still the splitting image of cat Mina.

「It really does look just like me.」

To Mina, just three days before, she had such body…. No one would be able to believe it.

The time I’ve spent with Mina as a human has been filled with so many things.

Eating meals together, going to school together, kissing one another, and sleeping in the same bed together….Those days were very short, it seemed like an eternity to me.


「Mou~, Mina is a human, right?」

When I tried teasing her, she said 「I’m talking about the time I was a cat, you know~」 while pouting her cheeks.

The moment I thought that she was cute, my chest panicked a little.

「Okay, I’m sorry, Mina…..」

And then, those were the only words I could think of.


「If you pat my head, then i’ll forgive you~」

Being able to touch Mina is happiness. So much so that I can’t find any better alternatives. (IcedTea: Those yuri drugs….)

Calmly brushing her hair as I combed it, my fingers ran through Mina’s smooth hair.

「Ehehe~, Kasumi….」

I tenderly touched Mina’s body, and, as if trying to enjoying the sensation on my fingers properly, she leaked out a sweet giggle.


Just like the times when Mina was a cat, I could pet her like this forever.  

A weird thought entered my head…….


=============Chapter 9 endeth==============

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  2. Yessssss Kasumi. Pet her. Pet her forever. Pet her everywhere. If there’s love, who cares about what others deem immoral. Pet her in all of the places. All of them. Pet her like ehehe~ and fufufu~ (*¬*) *swallows*

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