Manowa has too many chapters…..

IcedTea here with a service announcement.

Manowa is currently over 1000+ chapters long. With our current speed and two TLer (colsane and Fen), it would take years to finish. We are not dropping it. We would like help tho~

So, if anyone would like to help out, please email me here:

We can talk things out after that. We are not asking for any sort of commitment really. But any help would be nice, even if it’s just a chapter here and there.



  1. Over 1000… I look forward to reading them, even if it does take years.

    Thanks in advance for both the Kansu chapter and the future Manowa chapters.

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  2. ……..over 1000? Thats awesome! Well not awesome that you guys have to do all that work……anyway I’m happy that I get to read such good work for so long, along as you and co don’t drop it(please don’t drop it). Thank you and the whole team for continuing to bless us lesser mortals(I.E to lazy, not talented/patient enough or other reasons) to translate, edit and proof read(and other processes I may be unaware of) with these works blessed with yuri goodness.

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      1. Arc Manowa After, starting from the Epilouge of the Main Story (c1106), currently have 19 chapters in total (1107~1125).
        P.s: Chapter 1125 maybe is the last chapter of Arc Manowa After because of its title:
        “アフターデイズ編 最終話 決して変わらないもの” (After Days Arc – The last story: Things that never change.).


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