Cat Ch11

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Me and My Beloved Cat (Girlfriend)

The Leaping Heartbeat
Day 3 Part 4

Pulling myself out of the bath, my flushed body felt hot and heavy.

It was as if the feelings bottled up inside me had nowhere to go and were running wild instead.

「Kasumi, are you alright…?」

Mina put a wet towel on my forehead. Though, for some reason, Mina’s touch just made me feel even hotter.

Is it because Mina is something special, something that I『love』?

But if so, what kind of『love』is it? I still don’t know….

「Yeah, thanks….」

A frail voice….I’m not sick, yet it’s all I could muster.

「I’ll grab a hiepita (ひえピタ), it’s already lukewarm, alright?」

(google ひえピタ , its something you put on your forehead)

She grabbed the towel from my head–it certainly isn’t cold anymore.

Still, Mina sure is kind, but that kindness now torments me.

These feeling I have for Mina….Neither friendship nor familial love–this emotion isn’t something I’ve ever felt or considered before.

「Kasumi, I’m back.」

Putting the hiepita on my head, as warm as I feel, the coolness spreads wonderfully.

「Arigatou, Mina…….」

In my hazy mind, Mina was all I could see.

「Ah, that’s right.」

Suddenly, Mina’s face came closer. Reacting on it’s own, my brain closed my eyes.

The distance of our lips became zero in an instant.

And in that moment, I felt our lips meet–Mina was soft and warm.

As we parted, a “chuu” popped into the air.

「We still hadn’t filled today’s quota, so…」

The heat from my already hot body now reached new heights.

「Stop being so sudden, Mina….」

「Sorry, but… being together with Kasumi is my happiness.」

Her warm and soft body tackled me in a sudden hug.

In this heat, I had forgotten that kissing Mina was for us to be together.

「Mhmm, I’m sorry….」

I felt as if I had told Mina I didn’t feel the same way. In my guilt, an apology leaked out.

「It’s fine, after all… from the start, you said that a kiss was something important.」

Mina’s hand gently combed my hair as she said this. As she did so, my hair never got caught, a testament to how carefully she had washed it.

I ended up hurting the Mina who thinks so highly of me. Such thoughts caused my chest to throb in pain.

Geez, maybe we should just go to bed. Though, because of this pain, I doubt I could sleep.

「Nn, sorry, I’m going to sleep already, ok?」

In trying to run away from this pain, I unfairly made Mina worry.  

「In that case, I’m going to turn off the lights now, okay?」

*Pachin* (sfx of a switch)–the lights went out. For an instant, I couldn’t see anything as my eyes adjusted to the sudden darkness.

「We can sleep together, right?」

While saying that, she lay down beside me. My body instantly burned up again.

I faced away from her and lowered my head so I wouldn’t have to see the person whose causing this bittersweet pain, but despite my efforts, I could still feel Mina hugging my back.

「Oyasumi, Kasumi.」

Hearing her voice made me panic, and simply replying 「Oyasumi.」 took everything I had.

=============Chapter 11 End (Angst Arc Begin)=================

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  1. Honestly, she has so many perfect opportunities to tackle Mina, but she never goes for them! First is the bath, then the kiss, embrace in sleep, and waking up. All of these are perfect opportunities that are being wasted!

    …Granted she’s still trying to figure out her feelings, but it’s been three…scratch that, my complaints are unwarranted. Three days is not nearly enough.

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