Cat Ch13 (Best Chapter 10/10)

Tea: This is actually something called a Sanic TL…no care for grammar and was so fast that it might be NSFW….

DNE: (the lewd pic was his)

Me and My Beloved Cat (Girlfriend)

A Troubled Heart…
Day 4 Part 2

My heart, my mind, my body….everything hurts.

Did having these impure thoughts for Mina make me this way?

Even so, I can’t stop these feelings.

“I love you, Mina.” Such words are almost leaking out–a forbidden emotion I should hate for ruining everything.

These feelings, however murky, show no signs of stopping. Rather, I can’t stop it–trying to control it is silly since there is no effect.

Immersed in such emotions, my mind fantasizes…… want to corrupt Mina.

I reach for my body— with just a light touch— *zokuri* —  that pleasant feeling ran through my body again. And just by imagining that the finger which touched me was Mina’s.

This blanket, for my still burning hot body, is nothing but an annoyance.

I know that I shouldn’t think this, you know—so much so that it hurts. But for my body and heart, it is already too late.

The desire for more――more heat, more pleasure――has only continued to build. (9: I think she is doing it) (Iced: No shit bro)

And at that moment, the door creaked open. In a panic, I dove under the blanket and frantically rearranged the clothes I had nearly pulled off.


「Kasumi, what’s the matter?」

「I-it’s nothing…..」

It’s not nothing. These feelings I have for Mina, the desire I have for her body…

「Your face is red, and you’re all sweaty… are you sure you’re alright?」

Mina’s face crept closer, and her hands gently touched my hair.


Thinking about Mina, my body reacted strongly.

The person I love–she’s touching me! My body leapt so much that it was uncontrollable.

Before I could react, my heartbeat and breath became ragged.

Inside me, this tightly squeezing sensation… I’m not so innocent that I don’t understand what it is.

I want to be touched by Mina more.

Even though it may have been better to never have had this feeling, it’s too late now–I can only see Mina with my impure eyes. I hope that Mina never sees this side of me…


「Are you alright? It’s hot, right….?」

You’re the cause of my heat, Mina.

This endlessly flowing emotion…it’s made me more and more strange.

Hey, please stop it.

If it doesn’t, I―I might end up doing something horrible to Mina.

「It’s hot, please help me….」

My voice leaked out— it was neither an exaggeration nor a joke.

I am slowly melting in this heat while drowning in Mina.

My troubled heart has shaken everything about me.

A feeling where I may lose myself… terrifying.

I mean, the desire to corrupt Mina… is about to become a reality.

Even though I’ve known from the start that doing so would only hurt her…

================Chapter 13 End===================

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