Cat Ch14

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Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Nightmares and Anxiety
Day 4, Part 3

Suddenly, it looked like Mina’s body had gone transparent.

I can see things behind her… and Mina seems to have noticed as well.

「Hey, Mina, isn’t your body turning transparent?!」

「……..I’m sorry. I forgot to tell you something important…」

The moment I heard that, I somehow knew what was going to happen.

「Mina, please don’t go….」

「Sorry, it was decided from the start…」

To be told that everything could be made right — for something to be returned just to have it taken away again….God — no, Nekomata-sama is cruel.

I embraced Mina’s body as if holding her would keep her from fading away.

Please no.

Even though I had finally recognized my own feelings…..

….And yet, my arms passed right through Mina’s body.

「I didn’t say it before, but I can only be here for 3 days.」

「That’s horrible…….why didn’t you tell me?」

Grief and despair—these feelings overflowed and became tears.

I wasn’t so naive as to think that I’d be together with Mina forever, and yet――

I still didn’t want to believe that we would be separated like this again.

「I…because if I did it this way…I could make you smile.」

「You’re unfair Mina….」

Even though her hand reached out to pat my head, I could barely feel her touch…

「Sorry……but, I love you…..」

Hearing Mina’s voice, my tears began to fall.

「Me too…..I love you, Mina….」

Moving my face towards her, closing my eyes….
No matter how long I waited, my lips didn’t reach Mina’s.
When I opened my eyes, Mina was gone without a trace.


「…..What’s the matter?」

Opening my eyes, I saw Mina looking at me with a curious expression.

Lightly touching Mina’s body, I could feel, for sure, a person’s warmth.


As I reflexively hugged her, her smell-her softness, everything was there.

I’m so glad that was—everything was—just a bad dream.

「Did you have a bad dream?」


Through the arms that embraced me, my heart, which had nearly frozen over, was given renewed warmth.

I want these hands to touch me more…….as my mind concluded thus, my heart began rapidly melting.

「So it was a scary dream….your body, it’s shaking.」

Only after being told this did I notice: my body has been shaking this whole time.

This is how much she—how much Mina’s existence—means to me.

「Thank you, sorry for worrying you.」

Smiling with all my might, I looked at Mina’s face for what seemed like an eternity.

「It’s alright. After all, I love you Kasumi.」

It’s just before noon. I should still be able to eat lunch

「Can I also sleep with you?」

Mina, who liked to sleep when she was still cat, hasn’t changed.


My emotions were probably so strong that they were mixed into that dream.

I have become aware of this blazing passion.

For sure, as long as we don’t separate, this flame will never go out.


I still can’t sleep facing her. Feeling her hugging me from behind, I began to ask:

「What is it?」

「You won’t…suddenly disappear, right…?」

Just remembering that dream, my tears were about to overflow.

「Mou~, what are you saying?…..Of course, that is absolutely impossible.」

The hands that embraced me tightened. And inside my chest, relief bubbled out.

My tensed consciousness loosened, and I fell asleep.

This time, I hope it will be a good dream.

============Chapter 14 End==============

Author: It’s good that it happened in a dream. Really. (damn you author)

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