Your Attention Please~

Ah, uh…..yeah……..not much really……..I mean, we have a new site design…….yay~? We totally didn’t make a post just for people to praise the new design our Demonlord 9 made……….nope. Would never do that……….

–The Lazy 9 Team


30 thoughts on “Your Attention Please~

  1. What a wonderful new site design! It’s beautiful! I especially like the design part! Although i feel a distinct lack of lilium performing libertine feats akin to tactile collision of appendages, or agnate actions. (I don’t know if i did the grammar right, please forgive me if i didn’t)

    y no yuri action happening on background of yuri site?1? Are you trying to keep the yuri in text??one

    Anyways, thx for the chapter!

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    • b-b-baka! I didnt ask for our praise….its not like I’m happy about it or anything……….DONT GET THE WRONG IDEA!!!!!!!!! *runs away*


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