Manowa Ch 47

IcedTea: I’m so sorry about the late chapter. I have excuses, but I won’t bother you all with them. More Kansu on the way. Thanks for understanding, all.

Mllhild: The late King’s speech sounds like that of a old man or hermit. A lot of the phrases contain particles that make it look like he is contemplating the things he talks about and he often does not speak directly to Tiara, but rather as if he is speaking to the air or to himself.
IcedTea: Some 3rd and First person switching. I tried my best. Yeah.

47th story   Let’s Wake up from the Dream

[Oi, that guy got done in at last.]

[I heard the moving dungeon [[The Huge Rockman of Kulikala] that was said to be nigh impregnable was captured.]

In every place one goes, this is the center of gossip in the town.

Ultra A-rank dungeon, [[The Huge Rockman of Kulikala]]. S ranked adventurershad  gathered together for the challenge, and they had all failed. And the enormous dungeon was naturally captured by just Kazane and me.

[Everyone, it looks like you are talking about us~] (Tiara)

[Fuun~, we don’t exactly do it for the fame, though, right?] (Kazane)

So proclaimed Kazane, but I was filled with a prideful feeling — the reason being that this wasnt some small fame. I, Tiara Tsurugu Tsuwara, am now being talked about as Kazane’s partner by everyone.] (Tiara)

[Zinray-san had some back pain, and Yumika is tending to him. I wonder if it was bad to not wait for them and accidentally capture this dungeon.] (Kazane)

[Both of them will surely be amazed and surprised.] (Tiara)

Such a situation comes to my mind. It’s unfortunate for the two of them, but only this time, let’s be a little boastful.

[Hmmm, I guess it alright.] (Kazane)

[Eeh~, Kazane. Right now, let’s rejoice at the complete capture of this Ultra A-rank dungeon~] (Tiara)

[You are right. It’s been 3 years together with Tiara by now. Compared to those early days, you really have become strong, having travelled to various places, ne.] (Kazane)

Thinking back on the several places on the continent and their continuous travelling, today is the day I return home to my own country, Tsuwara Kingdom.

It’s been 3 years since the kidnapping incident, and I had splendidly defeated Blair and embarked on a trip with Kazane.

So time went on. Surpassing all other adventurers, I finally obtained that feeling of being at Kazane’s side. And I have decided to inform my father of this feeling.

[Ne, Kazane….] (Tiara)

[What is?] (Kazane)

[I’m really glad to have met you!] (Tiara)

[Me as well.] Such replied Kazane, smiling brightly.


(IcedTea: mllhild has informed me that there is not line break here since it’s a series of different dream sequences flowing into one another. I will mark if off anyway.)

Father gave me such praise when I returned to the royal castle.

[You have done great, Tiara. I’m proud that my own daughter has become such an adult] (Alduin)

Mother also smiled. It seem that she reconciliated with Father. This is really wonderful. (IcedTea: Summarizing mllhild’s comment: where was the mom before………..)

[Um, Mother, Father. I’m truly–] (Tiara)

Just then, Grandfather came calling out to me.

[Happy, is it, dear Tiara?] (King Mefirs)

[Um, grandfather…] (Tiara)

I told grandfather my honest feelings (about Kazane).

[Is that so….] But grandfather made a sorrowful face as he looked at me.

I wonder what is wrong?

[Grandfather, did something sad happen?] (Tiara)

The me right here right now is different from me in the past. I can put an end to Grandfather’s sorrows. Right! Together with Kazane, anything certainly is possible.

[Ah, there is. My beloved granddaughter is always crying. She is always crying, always crying alone.] (King Mefirs)

That is such a sad thing. Maybe it is about prince Shelkin’s daugther Yui? I wonder if she is likely worrying about Grandfather?

[No, it’s not that. Having to part from something she cherished is sad. Therefore, she continues to cry.] (King Mefirs)

This is a awfully sad story, ne. Right, Kazane?

[It is, ne. If Tiara wasn’t here anymore, I would also be sad.] (Kazane)

Yeah, me too, Kazane.

[Kazane, Kazane it is. Then what is this thing outside the window, Tiara?] (King Mefirs)

Grandfather pointed outside the window.

There, covered in wounds, was the frenetically shouting figure of Kazane.

[Isn’t that your Kazane over there?] (King Mefirs)

No, Grandfather. My Kazane is smiling right besides me.

[Un, that is right, ne.] (Kazane)

To Kazane’s reply, Grandfather made an even more sorrowful face. I wonder what is wrong?

[……The fact is that the demon killed me.]

Ara ara, what a odd thing to say. Grandfather is right there.

[And he had an eye on you. The fact that you were alone, crying, was probably convenient.] (King Mefirs)

Please cease, Grandfather. Everything that happened before then isn’t a happy story.

[You became half-crazed upon seeing my corpse. There is no easier place than a crack in the heart for a demon to settle. You were easily entranced.] (King Mefirs)

No, no, this is wrong.

[Can’t you hear her voice? I can hear it.] (King Mefirs)

Voice? No. From nowhere is there a voice calling me.

[This girl keeps on calling you. If you stay like this, you will end up dying, and she will weep.] (King Mefirs)

Kazane is not crying. She is at my side.

[This girl drove the demon away. It is thanks to her that my soul came here.] (King Mefirs)

Grandfather is right here. Father and Mother are also right here.

[It is fact is that you cried alone. My granddaughter, all alone, is stuck in a happy dream, all the while knowing that it is a lie. Only able to cling onto the dream, she failed to stop the deception of the demon.] (King Mefirs)

No, No.

[But is this alright? You are — This girl is struggling to rescue you. She is probably truly trying to save you from yourself.] (King Mefirs)

Yeah, after all, Kazane always comes to save me.

[However, is this all right with you? Is only being rescued enough for you?] (King Mefirs)

Kazane is my prince. Absolutely, she comes to save me. This is a exceedingly lovely thing.


[………And yet, why does this feel so unpleasant…..] (Tiara)

I became aware of this feeling while running together through the plains, after enjoying th warrmth of snuggling close at that inn.  

[….And because I wanted to be besides Kazane…….to be next to this girl became my only desire…..]  (Tiara)


{{I also want to be together! Traveling together with Tiara!!}} (Kazane)

I feel like the voice has reached me.


And at that moment, she noticed that she had denied her own feeling. Rejected the part of her that wanted to end this dream.

Tears kept falling. A lone girl crying in a dark bedroom. Here, from the beginning, there was not one but me. Laughing inside a dream, crying in reality….because she was unable to forget her love.


[Did you open your eyes, my beloved grandchild.] (King Mefirs)

[Yes, fully.] (Tiara)

Tiara was self-aware. Where here was, what was happening now.

[I was manipulated by Blair. Then against my will, I contracted with the Ruby Griffon, and now I became the core of the Ruby Griffon.] (Tiara)

To Tiara’s words, King Mefirs nodded his head.

[It seems like your consciousness has recovered. Even I thought it might not have been in time.] (King Mefirs)

[Grandfather, are you real?]

[The flesh is gone, but still, the soul remains. At least that is what you wish. Though, it might just be another delusions of your. That, however, is a trivial matter for now.] (King Mefirs)

As he said this, King Mefirs pointed once again out of the window.

[Right now, Kazane is fighting to rescue you.]

Out there were Kazane, Yumika, and even Alduin-sama. Defending against the blaze with the indestructible futons, they kept calling out to the Ruby Griffon with strong persistence. (mllhild: Oh this scene. A bunch of madman running with thick bed sheets over their heads in the middle of a flaming inferno, while calling out to the monster responsible for all the fire. The troops who have no idea what is going on will question if the game bugged or if it was hacked.)

[Blair was already driven off. Yet, because your inexperience, you couldn’t control this beast alone….] (King Mefirs)

[Um. It’s as always, as the weak-minded, I exposed them to danger.] (Tiara)

If the Ruby Griffon was wounded, so Tiara would be as well. A summoner who became core became one in body. They couldn’t kill it or hurt it.

Therefore, they kept calling out for Tiara, waiting for her to awaken.


[In this case, what should I do? I will suppress this summoned beast. That is my answer.] Without a care for danger, Tiara proclaimed such.

[Hmm. For a girl that was crying until now, well said.] (King Mefirs)

[Isn’t it good? Of course, if I can’t do something of this degree, I wouldn’t be able to stand besides Kazane…] (Tiara)

Then……Tiara raised her voice [To have it end like it did in the dream is such a nice thing…..such things really are impossible for me…..]


(IcedTea: SO………mllhild asked me to remove his TLer comments, but I’ll sum it up…….he really hates most of this chapter, cause of how it portrays Tiara…sure it’s a dream sequence, but yeah……. There were ALOT of comments….here is just a taste: “mllhild: Oh, I hated this chapter the first time I read it. Was in part the reason why I almost dropped this some months ago”………I myself…….will withhold judgement….)


Post Chapter Chat:

Kazane: [This time, it was within Tiara’s inner world, so we had little presence.]

Yumika: [Well, this is alright, but hey, the indestructible futon is too mighty. Like defending against the flames of the Blaze…]

Kazane: [Yumika is an idiot. It is indestructible, so of course it can’t burn.]

Yumika: [Please have some doubts about this supposed indestructiveness…..]


Status Window:

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swordswoman

Title: Ogre Killer Princess, Shamed Girl (Yumika), Leaking Girl (Yumika)

Equipment: Cane [“White Blaze”], Two Handed Sword [“Black Fang”], Leather Jacket, Metal Gauntlet, Plain Clothes, Leather Trouser, Berserk Ogre Greaves, Indestructible Cloak (and Futons), Pouch, Crimson Saint Casket, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring, Infinite Key.

Level : 20

Vitality : 70

Magic Power : 114+300

Strength : 27

Agility : 22

Endurance : 16

Wisdom : 27

Dexterity : 19

Spell : [Fly] [Torch] [Fire] [Heal]

Skill : [Goblin Language] [Night Vision] [Crushing Blow] [Dog’s Sense of Smell] [Golem Maker] [Rush] [Fire Principle: Second Chapter] [Healing Principle: Second chapter] [Air Jump] [Killing Leg] [Fear Voice] [Invisible] [Tiger Eye]

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