Cat Ch16

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Me and My Cat (My girlfriend)

Day 4(5) – The Emotion that is Called 『Love』

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I’m shy and I don’t have many friends either, so to me, Mina has always been, even before she was a human, a special existence to me.

Being attached to me, she listened to my complaints and fun stories.

Her tummy, athe defenseless side of her….she always showed  it to me.


However, that pure affection, all of it’s been stained by my love.

It’s been stained by the overflowing existence of Mina inside my chest, and the feeling I hold for Mina now has become so big that it could break me.

「Can you eat?」


「Nn, I think so…」


This meal too…I can’t taste it at all. I just absent-mindedly ate the porridge.

In my head, I can only think of Mina.

I wonder why… Why does it have to hurt like this?

This feeling that I shouldn’t have, does it have to bring me pain?

Someone, tell me please. How do I stop — stop from being torn to pieces.


Just like a vehicle with broken brakes and can only accelerate, my body’s already been screaming. It won’t stop, these feelings that I shouldn’t even have — the feeling that I should’ve understood earlier.

Supported by Mina’s shoulder, I returned to my room with her. It felt like I was being escorted. Thinking like that, this dazed heart of mine won’t stop.


「Are you still feverish?」


Whenever I think of Mina, my body gets flushed, but ―― to Mina who’s worried over me, I don’t want to make her worry anymore.
「Yeah, it’s totally gone」


「Mou, really?」
As expected, she even noticed that I had to force myself. Is it because she’s the closest existence to me?

Is it because she’s looking over me, thinking about me, that I’ve fallen for her — for Mina?

To check my temperature, she put her hand on my forehead… It made my heart beat again.


「It looks like you got a lot better. Maybe you can go to school tomorrow.」
「……It would be good if that’s so.」

Oh right, today’s Sunday. Ever since I started living with the human Mina, everything’s been progressing too quickly.

Even though not a week has passed, it feels like it’s been a long time.


…………………Is love… something like this?

Like a first love from a long time ago. Reminiscing, the heart painfully tightens; before you notice it, you can’t stop thinking about your beloved person.

The time with your beloved person was carefree, painful and sweet.

Now, I think the same things towards Mina.


「Mou, get better quickly and go to school, okay?」


「You’re right about that」


『Love sickness』, that word floated in my mind.

============Chapter 16 End==========


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  2. first, let those urgent and confusion out. and then after that, sort up the feelings and confess

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