Cat Ch18

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Me and My Beloved Cat (Girlfriend)

Boiling Emotions

Day 4 Part 7

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Mina may have kindly given me this opportunity but… I can’t sleep at all.

Try as I might, I think I’m only being further cornered; the only thing on my mind is Mina.

But you see, I can’t help but let this emotion called『love』overflow.


Just that drowsy voice alone nearly made me leap from the bed. It’s as if her sweet voice, a music to my ears, had coursed through me like electricity.


With such a stutter, I clearly haven’t recovered at all. My heart is racing again… I fear I’ll have health problems in the future.

「Sorry, you couldn’t sleep?」


「Well, Kasumi has already slept a lot right? Kasumi is not a cat after all.」

「Hmm, it’s fine…?」

So sweet… both in temperament and scent. So much cuter than me… and I’m surely the one who hurts her the most.

And yet… excluding our obligatory kisses, she stays by my side even though she’s free to do as she pleases.

“I want you to get better, so sleep as much as you need.” Even if I know that it’s so…
why… why can’t I dutifully sleep? This emotion called 『love』 , seems to have broken my heart.

「I’m sorry too….」

「No, it’s alright.」

Even through all this kindness, all my heart feels is pain.

Even though Mina is just petting my head, all my body does is ache.

My chest tightens to the point that I fear something will fall out…

「Nee, Kasumi… can I kiss you?」

Sliding under and over, her arms encircle me.

「E-eh!? …Okay…」

I had already kissed her as I pleased, yet even if it was only a single moment, I still can’t mention it. I most certainly can’t speak of it.

At the same time, in more ways than one it’s good for my heart that she seems to not have noticed.

It’s a bit inconsequential though, considering that no matter how many times we do this, I can’t get used to the sensation; it always feels like it’s going to drive me mad.

Our faces are so close. Mina’s faint scent… it stimulates my senses.


Because of the tension, my voice leaked out.

These lips of mine were blocked by Mina’s.

And to keep us together, Mina’s left arm moves up from my back, and I feel the warmth of her hand on my head.

In this position, my heart rate just keeps rising and my mind has gone blank…

*Dofun,* a dull thud resounded.

Without realizing it, our lips had separated. I have no idea what happened; my expression is blank.

I’m on top of Mina… I… what was I about to do…?

I don’t need to think hard on it; this faint breathing, this boiling fever, everything was caused by Mina.

「S-sorry, I…」

I might have done something unforgivable. Such bottomless fears have conquered me.

「It’s fine; after all, I might have forced you a bit.」

Lightly dusting her head, it was as if her hands was saying 『Don’t mind it』.

My breaking heart might have been able to bear it because Mina had held me so dear, but.

These swelling emotions, if they had escaped from my body… what might I do to Mina?

For me, that is the scariest thing.

================Chapter 18 End===================


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