Cat Ch19

9: note this is a speed translation, this is not done accurately and may have lots of grammar errors, and this was done in a chat.

Me and My Beloved Cat (Girlfriend)

The Emotion in My Heart
Day 5 Part 1

Morning came absent-mindedly, as if I were in a dream.

Since I kept sleeping, my fever has lightened too. ―― but these emotions I have towards Mina just get heavier.

「Kasumi, are you alright?」


I said it clearly, but I’m not all that fine. After all, Mina is right beside me.

Still, I want to be close to Mina. It’s like they’re contradicting each other, but these thoughts seem to be coexisting smoothly without conflict.

My body. It desires Mina. My eyes unconsciously chase her, but if she looks back, they ended up looking down.

Mina’s kind eyes — they just might destroy this rupturing heart of mine at any moment.

We have the same room, so we’ll do a lot of things together. However, because it’s Mina, there’s a certain someone who evades her. Me.

Even though we had always held hands going to school together before, I can’t do it anymore.

Whenever we hold hands, my heart throbs so much that my body gets weird.

After all, I can’t do anything about the love that I ended up discovering anymore.

Whether I’m awake or asleep, I can only think about Mina.

“Mina and I have to kiss.”

Compared to when I thought that at first, the situation right now might be more severe.


Kasumi, are you spacing out?


Hya~!? Y-yeah…


It’s impossible for me to stay calm hearing Mina’s heart gripping voice when I can only think about her.


Mou, what’s the matter?


Having my head petted…Doing that, with Mina being extremely close to me, I’ll just get nervous on my own.


I-it’s nothing, so don’t worry


It is something… But that thing, Mina shouldn’t be able to notice it.


Perhaps, is your condition still bad? Your face is red you know?


My face is red because the person that I love is close to me. This fact makes me feel so heavy that it just breaks my body.


N, it’s alright. That’s why…


My body heats up on its own. The worried face that is coming closer, it’s so close that I could end up kissing her.


Your face is red, did your fever come back again?


Mina’s hand touched my forehead. With just that, I get really weird.


Sorry, even though you’re not really recovered, I forced you to come with me


It’s fine….. After all, it’s my fault for not being able to recover…..


My feelings for Mina just keep growing.

If I don’t do something about this, I think I might break.

Maybe I already broke. The feeling that i must not feel, it’s expanding within me.


Should I take you to the infirmary?


O-ok….Please do


“Okay” as Mina said that, she lent me her shoulder.

Even though she’s about the same size as me, her back seems bigger.


While feeling the heat through the clothes, we went towards the infirmary.

I can’t help my heart from beating loudly. I feel pained but I also feel happy.

“Please let us stay like this forever, please let us never reach the infirmary.” i ended up thinking that.

Despite that, my wish was in vain.

Compared to the usual, it felt that the trip took a lot longer, yet it also felt that it took an instant.

Being entrusted to the infirmary’s doctor, Mina went to class.

Even if she measures my temperature, it should not be very high.

You should sleep for a little i was told that, and so I gratefully took a nap.


Bored, I looked at my watch to find that it’s already lunch. Spacing out, I started to think.

Ever since the first day Mina was at school, i thought about only her.

Another thought arises; it’s been a long time since I haven’t able to sleep with Mina.

It’s making my heart beat. Rather than sleeping, it just wakes me up.


……I love you.


As words go, it’s just 3 words, but with just that, it makes my body weird.

Having this emotion while living with Mina….just thinking about it makes my body just boil over.

Still, I don’t know what I should do after. It’s impossible for me to know.

After all, I love her so much that I’m breaking.

==========Chapter 19 End============


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  1.      ∧_ ∧
        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
       ,ノ^  yヽ、  Nepu!!
       ヽ,, ノ==l.ノ    Pudding???
        /  l |

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  2. Damnit Kasumi! EMBRACE IT. Love is beautiful! In all forms! Just tell her how you feel! I’m pretty sure it’ll end up sweaty, naked, and covered in lewd fluids! Reality can seem cruel, but this isn’t reality! It’s fiction! With a CATgirl that require KISSES to survive! Or rather, think about it, why kisses? That sounds like matchmaker cat spirit-yokai-god-whatever pairing you up. Or maybe it’s Mina that that became a catgirl because she wanted all of you in a nswf kind of way but she doesn’t want to freak you out so she settles for daily smoochies. Have you ever thought about that Kasumi? Huh!? Have you!?!? While you’re wasting time being all ”oh no what if she doesn’t love me in that way” your poor catgirl is just happy she can spend the rest of her time merely cuddling and licking the inside of your mouth ala ”oh sorry that was an accident tehepero” BUT SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO SETTLE FOR SECOND BEST. NOW GET OUT OF THAT INFIRMARY AND BE A REAL MAN I MEAN WOMAN AND MARK THAT KITTEN AS YOURS IN MORE WAYS THAN A COLLAR though a collar would be nice too and that’s not just a fetish of mine i swear SO BOTH OF YOU CAN LIVE HAPPILY, LEWDLY, AND EROTICALLY TOGETHER FOREVER or however long you actually live for i mean Mina could probably live forever as long as you’re around to make out but you’re still just a regular human so that wont be more than around 90-100~ more years maybe more if you live healthily and maybe even more if science invents some longevity upgrades. I seem to have lost my train of thought… now where was i…

    …oh wow i didn’t intend to write that much.
    I’m sorry for rant? Please forgive me?

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  3. YOU’RE KIDDING RIGHT…..she’s straight out acting like a saint in every single fantasy, and she does it in a really wrong time, there’s nothing wrong with you being selfish or should I say, I’m sure that most of thus that declared themselves as anti selfishness, they’re telling a lie. as long as you’re living things, that even need something else to survive. then, you’re selfish and you need to admit that

    thanks for the translation


  4. Oh god, girl just fuck*ng accept it. Either way she accepts you or rejects you (I don’t think mina is going to reject her tho xd) she will still love you, she came from death just for you xD.

    As always, mc is a useless lesbian.

    Pd: thx for the translation uwu


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