Cat Ch20

Tea: This is a longer one….so just one today~

Me and My Beloved Cat (Girlfriend)

The Emotions They are Facing Each Other With….
Day 5 Part 2

Kasumi-chan, are you awake? 

It’s not Mina. Surprised, I yelped in the direction the kind voice came from.

Facing the infirmary doctor, our eyes met. Her gaze made my brain overlap her with Mina for an instant, and my heart raced a little.

Eh, ah, hai…   

Mou~, it’s the infirmary, so please be quiet. Okay?  

Yes…..I’m sorry. 

Unintentionally, a loud voice had popped out of me. I had even forgot what this room was. 

It’s fine, I surprised you after all……However, I have something I’d like to ask you.

(Tinky: She’s gonna say it!!! @.@) 

…….What is it?

Since it’s a teacher, I can’t refuse. Plus, I bothered her quite a bit. 

Kasumi-chan. A person you love — you have one right?

(Tinky: She said it!!!!!)

 …That was so accurate, I can’t respond to that.

…..It seems that she took my silence as a yes. It seems that Sensei understood something.

 I’m sure you have one. If not, you wouldn’t have become this strange, you wouldn’t be acting so oddly.

 Am I that strange…?

 Mina-chan is really worried, you know? She really, really loves you, just like how you love her…(9: my guess this is nekomata-sama in a hot doc uniform) (Tinky: I second that notion)  

At those last words, I went pale.

The emotions inside my heart…it felt like everything had been discovered.

Wh….why, such thing…

When Mina-chan came, you were really conscious of her, right?  

For it to be noticed so easily, did I really act that weird?

My cheeks heated up. It’s scary thinking that my bursting emotions have overflowed so much out of me. 

If you are ok with me, I’ll listen to your worries, ok? If you don’t want to, then that is also fine. 

The emotion that I had been holding in had grown too big — these emotions that I couldn’t tell anyone….for sure, Sensei must have noticed it and sent me a lifeboat.

Sensei, you won’t tell anyone, right?

Of course.

Sensei sticks out her chest. Finally, I had the courage to face my emotions………but it’s only a little.   

I, Mina…..Mina, at the beginning, I only thought of her as a a special member of my family.

In this world, Mina is a girl calledManabe Mina. I nearly forgot.

There’s no way that I could tell her that Mina was a cat. After all, the only ones in this world that would believe it are just me and Mina.

Ah……. the matter of the kiss, how should I explain it? I’m sure that the reason I became like this was because of the kisses with Mina.

……If it hurts to speak, then it’s fine not to, you know?

My long silence…it seems that she took it as something I found hard to say.

No, it’s not like that.

Rather, I want to tell it, and make myself more at ease. 

……..Earlier, when the both of us slept on the same bed, Mina rolled………….. and then, we ended up kissing…(note: kasumi forgot to use Mina) 

That first time — the moment of when our lips connected — I can still vividly remember it. Every time I do, my heart starts to throb painfully. 

Ever since then, Mina….I’ve ended up steadily falling for her…….and I became like this, yearning for her…(Note again: she forgot to use Mina again)

The whole time, Sensei just nodded her head and listened to me speak.

Kasumi-chan, you thought something like, “Even though I shouldn’t love a girl”, and became like this, right?

Swiftly, the painful heavy emotion untangled like a string unwinding and made me feel much more at ease.

That’s… right. After all, something like that — it should be done between a man and a woman….

It’s alright, you know?(9: Godoka in disguise?)   

I just couldn’t believe Sensei’s words.

Why….is it?

For sure, 2 girls can’t marry each other, but……2 girls loving each other is not forbidden, you know?(9: wise words) (Tinky: preach)   

My tensed nerves started to loosen up, and then the corners of my eyes has started to tear up too.

Thank you very much, Sensei….

My tears, before I had noticed it, began to overflowed. In a panic, I wiped them away with the sleeves of my uniform.

The emotion that I held for Mina — it was not a mistake ―― just knowing that, I felt like I was saved 

Hmm, it’s alright, okay? A nursing doctor also takes care of the heart of her students~  

The way she does things so gently…it was just like Mina. With that, the face that I had imagined softly floated back into my mind.

No……thank you very much for listening, I’ll be going back to class okay?

If something happens, come back here again, Ok?

After her kind words, I returned to the classroom.

Ah, Kasumi!!

Noticing me, Mina hugged me.

Because of this sudden action, I wasn’t able to catch her properly, and we both fell.

With Mina’s back towards the ceiling and me seeing her face, I was pushed down. That, I understood. 

――I want to be kissed in this situation and continue even further after that.

A sudden but strong impulse swelled up in my heart.


 My head was filled with a fantasy I couldn’t tell anyone.

 Kasumi?…… Sorry for being sudden..

Being lifted by up her arms, I felt something more than the warmth of her skin. The insides of my chest boiled up in such a way that I couldn’t say to anyone else.

I — I want Mina to touch me more. So much more, even lewd things.

This emotion, to be able to properly face it―― the thought of whether I will be able to bear it or not scares me.

===========Chapter 20 End===========

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