Cat Ch21

Me and My Beloved Cat (Girlfriend)

A Hopeless Emotion
Day 5 Part 3


After school, with only the two of us in the classroom, we ate my bento together.

I was really surprised you know, geez….

 Ehehe, sorry, Kasumi.

I had slept through lunch in the infirmary. Though I have to eat it, I still don’t have much of an appetite…….

However, this situation, it might be a failure. My mind’s overreacting, “since we’re alone,” or “we might be able to have an indirect kiss,” thinking those things — my heart has been beating fast.

Even though we’re always alone in our room, and we kiss every day, it’s strange for me to be like this.

Since it’s a bit later than the usual time, the rice had hardened up and the side-dishes had cooled down. Despite that, I felt it was delicious.

The emotion that islove, so much of it had overflowed from my heart that, no matter how much I tried to ignore it, it’s useless.

After eating, not much time has passed, and the sky had already darkened.

Kasumi…..can we hold hands?

Bikun~, my body twitched when I suddenly heard this.

If we did that, I feel that I would get too excited and collapse for sure. Still, I can’t refuse her.

Ever since I met with Mina, the only time we separated was that night.

Even though I’m the closest to her, what if — what if it made Mina hate me?

What if I won’t be able to kiss Mina today?

That means separation for eternity. In my dream, I had tasted that feeling so much that I hate it.

I — if I’m not with Mina, I might break in some way.

A relationship that is more fragile than a normal one, but more important than anything….even if it’s just a little, I don’t want to hurt her at all.


Taking my hand out, the cold wind slips inside the gaps of my thick clothes.

My freezing hand, uncovered in the night air, was grasped by Mina’s hands.

Just having our hands connected, it sure is warm, right?


The warmth from Mina’s hand permeated through my skin.

With my coat and muffler on, it’s become oddly hot.

The heart inside me clenches as if it was shrinking. It’s impossible to get used to this sensation whenever I touch Mina — is it a punishment for my hopeless love?

Seeing our house, I was relieved. If this goes on, I’m worried that my heart might burst.


Okaeri, dinner is about to be done

Un, okay

Continuing upstairs, alone together, we walked up as if it was something natural.

Even though my heart is turning weird by just being together with her, if I am not with her, my heart gets even noisy.

My body, which has gathered  more love than it can handle, is screaming so much that I feel I might break soon.

 This emotion I am so aware of….if it’s agitated even a little, this relationship will end for sure.  

Even though I understand this, that part of me just can’t stop.

=======Chapter 21 End=========


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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    Some slight errors:

    With my coat and muffler on, it’s become oddlyhot.
    With my coat and muffler on, it’s become oddly hot.
    Space between oddly and hot.

    Even though my heart is turning weird by just being together with her, if I am not with her, my heart gets even noisy.
    Leaving “even noisy” at the end sounds weird. Changing it to either just “get noisy” or “get even noisier” would be better.


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